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4G Networks
2G Networks
3G Networks
Optimization Expert Training
Field Site Planning


  • ENSEEIHT - Etudiant

  • Nokia - Senior Engineer

    Nozay 2012 - maintenant  Responsible of the 2G/4G optimisation of the South East Region of the UK, for EE Darwin RF shared swap.
    • LTE1800 live trial
    • LTE800 Live trail
    • Carrier Aggregation live trial
    • VoLTE LTE800 live trail
    • VoLTE live trial
    • Optimisation of the 4G network
    • Monitor the 4G KPI’s including the LTE session Setup Success Rate, LTE Session Drop Rate, and Handover Success Rate.
    • Identifying PCI/RSI clashes.
    • Checking the Neighbours and optimise the ANR created list.
    • Identify eNobe with congestion.
    • Investigate any Hardware or transmission issue, including MHA, System Module or RF module
    • 4G drive test analysis using Actix.
     Perform RL60 Live Trial on EE Live Network, where I had to monitor the performance using both the KPI’s and Drive Test analysis results.
    • Monitor trial area site before the implementation of the RL60 software.
    • Working on optimisation of the trial area to improve the KPI’s this to make it ready to the trial.
    • Post process the Drive test logfiles using Actix, analysis the KPI’s and produce a final trial report indicating the customer experiences improvement with the new software.
    • Investigate any KPI’s degradations, propose solutions or report it to the product lines in case of software issues.
     Monitor statistics (performance monitoring) to determine any possible problems (accessibility, retain-ability, mobility, and quality). Radio Network Quality Improvement :
    • Checking counters of the BSCs
    • Prepare the Worst cell list.
    • TCH/SDCCH availability check.
    • Random Access performance analyzing.
    • TCH/SDCCH drop analyzing.
    • TCH/SDCCH congestion analyzing
    • HO success analyzing
    • Call setup success analyzing
     Support the design team during the design of the new EE Darwin 2G and 4G network, where we discussed the features and parameters with the customer to build an optimum network.

     Responsible of one cluster of 3G network in Vodafone UK swap project
    • Monitoring & Analyzing WCDMA/HSPA radio network statistics on daily basis.
    • Achieve & maintain the Radio Network Performance as per the contracted KPIs (Accessibility, Retainability, Mobility and Service Integrity).
    • Taking ownership of network problems, detailed study of RF environment and suggesting necessary RF change
    • Identify SC clashes, pilot pollution and cross feeders.
    • Responsible for reducing congestion and drops, improving the IRAT Handover, Soft Handover, RRC Connection & RAB Establishment Success rate.
    • Identifying overshooting cells and proposes solution tilts/power back off.
    • Drive test analysis, reporting and investigations.
    • Handling corporate customer complaints , including council authorities and NHS (National Health Service)
    • Give suggestion to improve Paging success Rate (LAC splitting, parameter adjustment)
  • Orange T-Mobile - Senior Integration Engineer

    2009 - 2012 Part of FT-NSN Operational Skill Centre for live End to End validations for both GERAN and UTRAN hardware & software releases.
    Working with other business areas, to integrate new products with Core and OSS technologies, which has significant dependencies for GERAN & UTRAN operability.
    Create and manage tracking fault cases detected during the test and validation campaign.
    Investigate potential RAN defects with Orange Group and NSN team utilizing logs from variety of sources.
    Creating and updating business object report for 3G to analysis the performance of the RNC's new software.
    Perform Capacity check analysis for different bottlenecks: Iub utilization, Transmitted Carrier Power, Code Tree Utilization.
    Test and validation NSN RAN software and features RU10/RU20 and RU30.
    Upgrading RAN nodes, which involve upgrading the OMS Image (using Linux), the RNC software, WBTS and AXC software.
    Carrying out regression tests on several RU10 and RU20 WBTS, AXC and RNC change deliveries and major software releases.
    Deliver several projects in parallel such as the validation of E2E RG10, RU20 features.
    Perform rehost of WBTS'es between RNCs and troubleshoot WBTS'es (MetroSite, UltraSite and Flexi) and RNCs (RNC196, RNC450 and RNC2600) to maintain a stable testing environment.
    Own and validate a number of NSN RU10 and RU20 features, creating test cases and producing the resulting test reports.
  • Alcatel-Lucent - UTRAN Test & Validation Engineer

    Paris 2008 - 2009 Test & validate different software levels of NobeB xCEM, iCEM/CEM.
    Test & validate different RNC software levels.
    Define and monitor Alcatel-Lucent default values of RNC and Node B parameters.
    Stability and Charge/Load Test campaigns execution (Radio tests single & multi user DCH/HSDPA/HSUPA).
    Monitor the agreed KPI's ``with the customers/operators''on new releases of RNC and Node B.
    Perform problem & Issues Investigation and tracking (CR/PR) with design teams.

    Technical environment: NodeB, RNC, OMC, Debug tools for iModules & xModcules (iCCM, iCEM, xCCM, xCEM ...), Putty, PROPSim C8 Wideband Multichannel Simulator, QXDM (modifying the Category of the Ue's), spectre & protocol analyser, CR tracking system.
  • France Telecom - HSDPA Optimization Engineer

    2008 - 2008 NSN equipments
    Selecting new KPI's introduced within RA06 software to monitor HSDPA throughput.
    Analysing HSDPA statistics and detecting the problems causing low throughput.
    Defining a set of KPI's with thresholds to detect a low throughput problem in the network.
    Perform HSDPA drive test analysis and compare the results with the new set of HSPA KPI's.
  • Wataniya Telecom - Radio Planning and Optimization Engineer

    2007 - 2008 Ericsson equipments
    Tuned propagation model of Algiers city the capital of Algeria.
    Simulated the coverage objectives and propagation, of some cities and national roads using Atoll 2.5
    Planned new GSM 900/1800 site for coverage expansion and capacity.
    Manage the technical sites survey; prepare RF reports for live deployments.
    Frequency planning 900/1800 using Atoll 2.5
    Study and plan the co-localizations sites with other operators.
    Monitored and optimized Ericsson BSC releases for R10, R11 and R12.
    Performed and analyzed drive test, identify missing neighbours, using TEMS 5 & ACTIX 2.1
    Identify interferences problems, handover problems, and solved these problems using RNO/FAS/NCS
    Solved problems of congestion, and proposed some extensions
    Supervised of counters, and performed traffic balance `Business Object'
  • Consortuime Algérienne - Radio Planning & Optimization Engineer

    2005 - 2007 Consortuime Algérienne de Télécommunication /Orascom Algerie
    Huawei equipments
    Planned new Radio CDMA network in Algeria, using simulation software. Surveyed more than 300 planned sites in the north of Algeria.
    Mange two radio engineers in the radio department. Assigned tasks and provided support to them.
    Selected various equipments, antennas mast position and hight.
    Simulated the coverage objectives and propagation using Planet EV4.2.
    Negotiated and evaluated the optimization KPIs (OMC statistic and Drive Test) with the vendor.
    In Charge of optimization and initial tuning for the new Planned Network.
    Defined coverage map and proposed solutions for the uncovered areas.
  • Algerie Telecom Mobile - Radio Planning and Optimization Engineer

    2004 - 2005 Optimising Ericsson GSM network in the East part of Algeria.
    Optimising Ericsson network for the special events projects.
    Analyzed traffic concentrations (population concentration) and RF planning.
    Frequency planning & radio parameters implementation.
    Simulated the coverage objectives of some cities and the national roads using Atoll.
    Planned new site GSM900/1800 for coverage expansion and to improve capacity.


  • Institut National Polytechnique

    Toulouse 2007 - 2008 Master 2 Informatique & Télécom
  • Boumerdes University (Boumerdes)

    Boumerdes 2001 - 2004 Diplome d'Ingénieur d'Etat

    Engineering degree in Electricity and Electronics Communication, highest honours
  • Ecole Nationale Polytechnique D'Alger

    Alger 1999 - 2001 Hons

    Engineering degree in Electricity and Electronics 1999-2001: Preparing classes for entrance exam into national engineering schools.
    National Polytechnic School, Algiers Algeria.