Louis Philippe HENRIQUES


En résumé

Others see me as customer orientated, stress resistant with proven ability to take decisions and lead using communication skills gained in international teams.

Developing and managing Services business, recognizing opportunities and aligning customer needs within financial constraints are my strengths. Fast learner, analytical and future orientated thinker, I believe in sharing my knowledge and coaching. My personality has been praised for building credible business relationships.

Mes compétences :
Analyse de risque
Direction de projet
Gestion budgétaire
Marketing produit
Gestion de la relation client
Négociation contrats
Gestion de projet
Gestion du risque
Prévention des risques
Centres de profits
Gestion de contrats
Avant vente
Contrôle des coûts


  • Ericsson France - Director NRO Delivery Strategy

    MASSY 2017 - maintenant
  • Ericsson France - Establishment Director

    MASSY 2016 - 2017
  • Ericsson France - Customer Project Executive

    MASSY 2014 - 2016 BUGS Global Competence Hub, Network Roll Out
  • Nokia Solutions And Networks France - Directeur de projet

    Nozay 2011 - 2014 3 years as Build Director Orange Switzerland (OCH) “Lead Project Business Manager”

    Main projects:
    2013 to 2018 OCH 2G/3G/4G, EPC and transmission Turnkey Projects:
    Rollout turnkey of all OCH radio and core projects (Network planning, Site acquisition, civil works, telecom implementation, initial operations) 70 million euro per year project.
    2013 Orange Switzerland LTE Launch:
    Fast & successful launch for 300 sites covering the Swiss top 10 cities done in 4 months. Project including the core EPC, radio LTE and transmission (full IP migration) rollout.
    2011/2012 OCH Ran renewal project:
    3000 GSM BTS + 33 BSC + 1400 UMTS Node B swap in 21 months incl. pilot. 50 million euro project.

    • Participation on the sales phase, negotiations with the customer, contract finalization, RFQ won against ZTE for the Ran Renewal; RFQ won against Ericsson for the Build rollout (including the LTE launch).
    • Project built from scratch: organization including resources located in more than 10 countries, creation of customized processes including ALU and Ericsson interfaces (OCH Managed Services partner), selection of 5 partners from all Europe, work with 4 remote operation centers (Austria, France, Portugal and India) covering the full scope of services (Network planning, integration, operations)
    • Budget and sales follow-up: project costs on target despite limited budget due to ZTE competition. Successful centralization of all remote operation centers in Portugal. Efficient contract management: Up sales negotiated and agreed with the customer during the project (+80% of the total project initial services sales done)
    • Fast delivery: Planning preparation phase stretched from 6 to 3 months, first swap done after 2 months. 2300 swaps done after 12 months. 350 swap per month in Switzerland (never seen before in the country). E2E LTE rolled out in 4 months.
    • Customer relationship: Interface with CTO, program director, congratulations received from CTO, Engineering Director and Program Director for the Ran Renewal and LTE launch.
  • Nokia Siemens Networks - Project Director

    ST OUEN 2006 - 2010 5 year as Project Director for SFR radio projects

    Main projects:
    2010 SFR capacity program 2G/3G:
    Network capacity increase: 3600 sites (1700 sites swaps, 1900 site upgrades), 2G & 3G rollout (1600 Node B/BTS), validation and generalization of SW (RG10 & RU20) and HW (RNC2600, Flexi Rel2), Iu over IP, U900 rollout, RAN sharing (335 node B) improving SFR Quality of Service.
    2009 - 2010 SFR 3G modernization (L4L):
    2800 Node B swaps in 10 months maintaining SFR Quality of Service and in parallel with 2G & 3G rollout (2400 Node B/BTS, 2900 upgrade Node B/BTS).
    2006 - 2008 SFR 2G & 3G network rollout:
    2G & 3G rollout (9000 Node B/BTS, 10600 upgrade Node B/BTS); Reference cluster, validation and generalization of BSS13, RU10, improving SFR Quality of Service (SFR 3 years best Network ARCEP 2006 to 2008).

    Management of radio 3G & 2G Mobile Network roll out and validation projects: 80 million euro per year project
    Scope (50 projects including Turn Key rollout management, Hardware & Software validation and implementation, Network optimization, Quality of service improvement, Maintenance),
    Time (overall coordination, overall planning management & long/midterm evolution),
    Cost and Revenue (cost baseline, management board, costs improvements, order financial Key Performance Indicators follow-up from start to invoice/payment: 1 600 invoices per month, profitability tracking at a project/region level, backlog management, overall stock and residuals control),
    Quality (project metrics follow-up, process & tools standardization, high quality operational level for customized expectations),
    Resource (management of 3 Senior Project Managers, 2 Senior Technical Managers, 18 Project Managers, average of 200 resources fully allocated per year and 17 partner companies),
    Communication (internal reporting NSN region service lines, Customer Team, International Vodafone Customer Business Team, management boards, master planning management),
    Contract (contract management, risk management, change and claim management, Liquidated Damages mitigation follow-up, participation in new contract negotiations and Customer Team strategy)
    Customer Relationship Management (high level of customer satisfaction).

    Best practice: Financials/Order flow improvement (inventories/stock reduced from 20m€ to 2m€ in one year; invoice backlog reduced from 30m€ to 4m€, International cash award, 15% cost reduction in 2009, Implementation Lead Time improved 50%, Project Accuracy improved 60%…).
    Project swap in 2009/2010: 2800 Node B swapped on time (10 months), with SFR high satisfaction and financials results above maximum expectations.
  • Nokia Siemens Networks - Project manager; pre-sales and marketing

    ST OUEN 1999 - 2004 1 year as Service line Cost & Progress Mgt Manager and Program Office Manager

    Service Line Management: Management & leadership of the Cost & Progress management team for France. Responsible for contributing and implementing the strategy. Global responsibility for goal setting, operations, resourcing, results and competence development. Providing frame and support for success within the organization. Ensuring good co-operation across organizational units and continuous development of the operations. Ensure a consolidated CPM follow-up within the organization (financial reporting & follow-up, productivity program, tools & process standardization, global cost control (project cost baseline, internal & external invoicing, project inventories, residuals control, Actual vs Estimates follow-up …).

    Program Office Manager: Provide Project Management tools and processes; European best practices sharing; implement program management for SFR; improve contract management (risk, claim & change management, …) and financial skills for senior project managers (Latest Estimate process, financial reports, order management …).

    Best practice: Service lines financial results; SFR project financials stabilized.

    1 year as Services Sales Solution Manager Orange worldwide

    Services Sales Solution manager for all Orange worldwide affiliates: Understanding of Service Concepts and Service Product Management; Proficient in contract cost analysis techniques to gather and evaluate price and cost data; Supplier Base Management; business environment understanding and Customer business understanding; Cost, profitability & risk management; Project Management, Supplier business understanding, Sourcing Tools and Processes, Supplier Quality Assurance. Services tender coordination at the CBT level, local teams support, tender guidelines and team management. Main tenders: BSS and UTRAN renegotiation, MSS global Request for Quotation (RFQ), Spare Part Management global RFQ, emerging markets RFQs.

    Best practice: GSM & UMTS market share maintained in all countries. NSN market share rank #1.

    1.5 years as Project Manager Region IDF for SFR projects

    Management of radio 3G & 2G Mobile Network roll out: Scope, Time, Cost and Revenue, Quality, Human Resource, Communication, Risk, Procurement, Contract, Integration and Customer Relationship Management at the region level.

    Best practice: New organization setup & customer satisfaction improvement (congratulations from SFR Regional Technical Director and SFR operational management).

    1.5 years as Project Manager cost and progress for SFR projects

    Sales support (tendering, pricing, case studies, Partner & customer contract support …), Cost and progress management: consolidation, control, reporting, Monthly Resource Allocation follow-up, costs Latest Estimate for short, mid and long term, Work Time Registration control, Project Planning consolidation for 3G & 2G activities including risk management and main issues (master plan consolidation for the SFR radio project director, customer interface)

    2 years as Services Sales & Marketing Product Manager (Roll out marketing manager) for all French customers

    Tendering support for roll out services (Pricing, Project Planning, Share of responsibilities, Service Descriptions, Partner RFQ and contract support, market price benchmarking …)
    Services Scope: network planning, site acquisition, civil works, equipment implementation, and project management. Creation of new services for GSM (BSS/NSS), TETRA, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS (UTRAN/CN-PS/CN-CS), microwave, ADSL/SDSL, circuit switch, for all Nokia Networks France customers (SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Dolphin, 9 Telecom …)