En résumé

Manuel Derler is a French industrial and interior designer based in Guangzhou China and France.

He studied at Strate Collège in Paris and graduated in 2003 after an exchange program in Japan at Tokyo Communication Arts – TCA with a Master degree of design.

He feeds his creativity through his curiosity about the world and people around him; his work is to adapt his design to the specificity of the context, the cultural tradition, the economic aspects and method of production. In his designs, he seek poetic inspiration that invoke an emotional connection between people and their environments, objects and places that blur the borders between people.

At his early career, Manuel worked on some advanced projects at Peugeot, Citroën and Faurecia in automotive design for a while to enrich his global design experience.

As merchandising designer in 2004, working with brands in the luxury, cosmetics as l’Oréal, Lancôme, Darphin , before moving to China in 2007, where he was product designer at Zoo Design Ltd, designing Electronics Products and Home Appliances for USA and European market.

After having designed the well-known and prestigious place, such as The Lang Club, The Moment Club, as well as Model-Apartment, Model-rooms, Hotel and Resort, during his time at Métis Agency since 2008 at Guangzhou, which he was the co-founder, Manuel decided to challenge himself again in 2013 and creates his design Studio ColinDerler Design in Guangzhou and in parallel, he leads personal projects.


  • Colinderler design studio - Interior Designer & Co-founder

    2013 - 2015 Interior design for Model-rooms, Offices, Showrooms, Shops .
    Interior design for Hotel.
    Design Furnitures
  • Métis Agency - Interior Design Director & Co-founder

    2009 - 2013 Interior design for Model-rooms, Model-houses, Offices, Resort Hotel, Creative Zone/Office & Showroom for different Estate Company.
    Interior design for The Moment Club, Lang Club.
  • Zoo Design Interforce Groupe Hong Kong/ Xiaolan China - Industrial Product Designer

    2007 - 2008 Consumer electronic (Dock-Ipod/ MP3/ MP4/ Hifi/ Baby Camcorder/ Photoframe/ HD Radio...) and Homes Appliances (Kettle/Toaster/Air Conditionning…) for US and European markets.
  • Studio Cédric Gournay Paris - Designer Merchandising

    2004 - 2006 In charge of Y.Rocher, Darphin et Lancôme Corners in Department Stores (Shop-in-Shop).
    Animation : staging concepts for glorifiers (PLV, Glorifier, Smart, Podium) Y.Rocher et Lancôme.
    Perfumes Packaging.
    Range of products for Universe of Cigars.
  • Design Performance Trappes - Internship Designer Transport

    2003 - 2003 Graduation project “A tout bout de champ”, farmer vehicle in partnership.
    Design for Motorcycle.
  • DSNJ Car Design Tokyo Japon - Internship Designer Transport

    2001 - 2001 2001 Academic Exchange at TCA Tokyo Communication Art with Partnership DSNJ car design 3 Months
    “Kai Car”, car design project for Tokyo City.
  • PSA Advance Design Poissy - Internship Designer Transport

    2001 - 2001
    PSA Advance Design (Peugeot-Citroën)
    Exterior/interior car design


  • TCA Tokyo Communication Art (Tokyo)

    Tokyo 2001 - 2001 Academic Exchange 4th year
  • Ecole Strate College

    Issy Les Moulineaux 1999 - 2003 Master degree of Industrial Design