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General manager of Zylia Tech since 2011, I started my professional activity in a turning-bar company as Quality Manager. In 1997, I continued in Arve Informatique as Administrative Manager, and since 2000’ I was also in charge of the export department before managing the company.

Company’s activity: Software and services, management engineering for the continuous improvement of the industrial processes quality, from conception to production.
Skills: control of measuring, automatic data recovery from heterogeneous devices, steering of robot for the data recovery, SPC for the steering of manufacturing processes, risks analysis: process FMEA…
Know-how: collect manufacturing data in real-time to calculate indicators for help in decision. An efficient management to generate financial gains through the continuous improvement.

The company is a member of the Competitiveness Clusters Mont-Blanc Industries, LUTB and Aerospace Cluster.
We are certified ISO 9001:2008, we are also engaged in the Mont-Blanc Excellence Industries Label approach. Established by the Mont-Blanc Industries Competitiveness Cluster, its role is to speed up companies' strategic development in relation to criteria for excellence and to promote the Haute-Savoie's regional industrial network, made exceptional through both its sheer density and expertise. The road-map for 2 years is defined after a 360° diagnostic with a largest area than the ISO standard.
Member of the Air Mont-Blanc, I’m currently its president, since July 2013. This network has the ambition to group together the companies in Haute-Savoie working for the aeronautics. The aim:
- facilitate the merging of activities or companies of subcontracting in the aeronautics and prepare the setting up of a plan adapted to this environment.
- promote the industrial excellence of the territory, the know-how and the expertise with the purchasers.

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  • Zylia Tech - Manager sales

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