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Mes compétences :
Naval Architecture


  • Piriou Ingénierie - Head of Hull and Accommodation Section

    2008 - maintenant
  • D.V. Offshore - Consultant engineer

    2006 - 2008 SAR (Dakar, Senegal): Feasibility study for a new LPG terminal with conventional mooring system.

    TOTAL (Honfleur, France): Study of the safety increase of a wharf and previsional structural upgrading.

    EXMAR (Nantong, China): Site Engineer for construction survey and engineering in COSCO shipyard for 120 m accommodation barge.

    TOTAL (Congo): Supervision of pre-commissioning operations for MOHO BILONDO project

    EXMAR Shipmanagement (Belgium): Technical support for FPSO FARWAH maintenance and repairs (quotations and contracts).

    TOTAL (Congo): Supervision of FPU mooring lines laying for MOHO BILONDO project.

    EXMAR: Design review of a 120 m accommodation barge (structure and stability aspect) to be built in China.

    TOTAL (Congo): Supervision of a 16” pipe laying (beach pull in) for MOHO BILONDO project.

    SIR (Côte-d’Ivoire): Redaction of a technical specification for a 17 m workboat (general arrangement, stability, propulsion, machinery, deck fittings).

    SRPP (Ile de La Réunion): Study of the transfer of the oil and LPG terminal onto a new harbour quay.

    TOTAL (Cameroon): Aboard FSO SEREPCA 1, hull structural assessment and preparation of important tank structural repairs without production stop.

    EXMAR (Cameroon): Preliminary general specifications for the replacement of FSO SEREPCA 1.

    PUMA ENERGY (Côte-d’Ivoire): Modification of an oil terminal and study of its 75,000 tons tanker’s mooring.

    TOTAL (Angola): Financial and technical updating of the polymer supply chain proposal for FPSO DALIA.
  • Bureau Veritas - Head Office, Paris (France) - DRCC Technical advisor

    2004 - 2006 Technological innovation watching and knowledge for rudder damage and repair. Management of technical documentation for BV “resource centre”. Supervision of rudder modification in yard. Project of rules updating and local offices training.
  • Bureau Veritas - Head Office, Paris (France) - Hull surveyor

    2003 - 2006 Design and engineering approval of hull structure and outfitting (tanker, cargo ship, container ship and lashing, fishing vessel, supply vessel, small passenger ship, pontoon, steering gear, ballast water management plan, mooring and anchor system, full ship 3D model calculation, local reinforcement, rules updating, military ships, pleasure yacht rules…)

    Training: Construction survey (passenger ship, military vessel and ocean survey vessel), metallurgy (mechanical testing, material specification, welding basic knowledge and certification scheme for materials), stability (theory, study and rules application).
  • Assistance Ambulance - Junior EMT

    2000 - 2003



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