En résumé

My record of academic achievements and professional career history, demonstrates attributes that make me a valuable employee with a career professional and extensive Marketing/sales experience since 2004 in various operational posts, which has gained me an invaluable experience in international sales, Marketing skills and providing managerially leaderships. My great organizational skills have been a key asset in current and previous professional assignments.
Extensive product knowledge coupled with creative ideas for product applications and a solid history of sales success and dedicated account management. Providen ability to manage large customers and improve customer relations. Excellent multi-tasking capabilities within a challenging cross-functional work environment. Strong analytical and planning skills, combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational and customer goals. Productive and efficient work habits without supervision.

Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:
Professional, hardworker and intelligent
Understand the business and with my analytical skills I bring added value to optimize processes and improve performances + KPI Implementation
Strategy understanding, Strategical Thinking
Very good facilitator of Budget Process
Anticipation mind and Ability to identify key opportunities and risks

Mes compétences :
Hospitality management
Coaching professionnel
Sales manager
Commerce international
Leisure Tourism
Public Affairs
Community management



    2015 - 2015 Solar Med Energy Group, the official journal of the International Solar Energy Society®, is devoted exclusively to the science and technology of solar energy applications, Solar photovoltaic electricity, Projections of long-term changes in solar radiation based on CMIP5 climate models and their influence on energy yields of photovoltaic systems..etc
  • Ozeol International Trade Company - International Purchaser

    2013 - 2015
  • Hotel,SPA&Resorts - 2012, Director of Sales&Marketing of Hotel,SPA&Resort

    2012 - 2012 2012, Director of Sales&Marketing of Hotel SPA&Resort.
    I am an experienced professional with a strong initiative and willingness to succeed, Very
    cooperative, Open-minded, easy to adapt, creative, positive, dynamic, highly motivated marketing
    with background in the field of hospitality, marketing communications, Branding, Event Planning,
    Leadership skills, Public Speaking, Promotions, Very ambitious, always go for tough projects and
    looking for challenges where i can always come up with new and different ideas, fighting for my career
    I supervise and train our staff to meet customers’ satisfactions. I’m also responsible for coordinating activities with Sales and Marketing to generate revenue through the retailing of spa products and treatment packages.
    I give advices to the guests about the various opportunities a SPA & Wellness zone has to offer. I help them get reliable information with the finest products at the best prices and ensuiring optimium performance.
    I do sales conversation with customers and take over organisational parts like creating a working plan, setting up packages or arranging the teams.
  • SECOMI - Director of Sales & Communications

    Tunis 2012 - 2013
  • Sales Executive in the craft of hotel - Sales Executive in the craft of hotel

    2010 - 2011 I worked as a seasoned sales Professional in the craft of hotel, highly motivated marketing professional with experience and knowledge in corporate sales, advertising, branding, distribution, business development and skilled in all facets of the marketing process with a spectrum of international experience in team leadership, public relations, sales promotions/partnerships and corporate communications.
    Relishing distinctive communications, negociation and presentation skills, possessor of strong interpersonal, leadership and team management proficiencies with high capability handling and managing multiple tasks independently with exceptional attention to detail and an ability to produce high quality of work with minimum of supervision.
  • San-Lorenzo Italie - Sales Executive & Team Leader

    2009 - 2010 I worked on behalf of "G & G Network Service" as an Executive sales operator&Trainer.
    I sell organic food products that produce "San Lorenzo" (an Italian company) for French, German, Swiss and Austrian customers.
    A 360° marketing and corporate communications proficient relishing distinctive communications, negotiation and presentation skills, possessor of strong interpersonal, leadership and team management proficiencies.
    My dedication, my excellent communication and language skills were all major contributors to my success.
  • Professional National Tour Guide - Professional National Tour Guide

    2008 - 2013 The responsibility of a Tour Guide include all activities related to the tourist activities started from tourist arrival to a country, tour activities until departure activities.
    Furthermore, The tourist guide's main role is to:
    Guide multinational tourists around historical places, monuments, sites and museums of a city or region interpreting in a clear and entertaining way to inform the visitor about the cultural and national heritage and environment.
    Planed the program of excursion.
    Received the groups and organize the check in.
    Supervised the services made to the groups.
    Assured the groups are safe and fascinated with the places we met.
    Resume the final travel opinion for the travel agency.
    In this case, I believe that a tour guide is the front liner in developing tourism who is expected to give the best services to the tourists and considered to create a good on their mind, so that they are feel satisfied and have willing to come back to this tourist object in other time. It is hoped that they can come back to the tourist destination not only come alone but also invite their friends, families or colleagues as a prove that they are really satisfied and impressed with the tourist destination that they visit. There is a very strong reaction on a world of mouth publicity on current tourism industry.
    This is a real duty of a tour guide and this is not an easy duty but a heavy duty.
  • Hotels&Resorts on the zone of Mahdia - Guest Relation

    2004 - 2007 I started my professional career as a seasoned in the post of Guest relation in hotel Thapsus-Mahdia in Tunisia.
    I have a background in Customer Services, specifically resolving their Issues, Complaints & to providing or Suggest them the best Alternative Solutions. I love working in Customer Services, Service Quality, Human Resources & Operations & Complaints, Guest & Clients relations and Guest Satisfaction-oriented in order to build customer loyalty: satisfying and going beyond customers’ needs and expectations.


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