Résultats examens 2022

En résumé

More than 4 years’ experience as a software engineer, in web development; back end and front end, development and implementation on different projects with World Companies.

Proven abilities to adapt to work with high constraints and standards, with people all over Europe, to be in charge of applications, work with a team of 15 people or with different services.

In Australia for 1 and a half years, working and traveling all around Australia. Able to manage and adapt to various situations and circumstances, organize long term projects, and being outgoing and communicative with meeting people throughout my work and personal experiences.


  • Airbus Group - JAVA EE technical responsible

    Blagnac 2013 - 2016 Technical responsible on MIRTool, Java EE tool, for manage issues (monitoring, reporting, provide dashboards) on all AIRBUS programs (A380, A400M, A350, SA, LR)

    Missions :
    - Proposing changes
    - Define technical chooses
    - Develop
    - Define tests
    - Manage deliveries
    - Manage development, integration and production environments
  • Airbus Group - JAVA EE PLM ENGINEER

    Blagnac 2012 - 2013 Missions :
    - PLM development (PDMLink) on NECTAR project, tool for manage certification on airplanes and helicopters (AIRBUS and AIRBUS HELICOPTERS)
    - Development on a data migration tool from JAVA EE version to JAVA EE PLM (NECTAR project)
  • Natixis - JAVA EE ENGINEER

    Paris 2011 - 2012 JAVA EE and Linux shell development on PICASSO, project for receive, analysis and format data bank informations from NATIXIS bank.
  • Celad L'ingenierie à visage humain - JAVA EE ENGINEER

    Toulouse 2011 - 2016

    Levallois-Perret 2011 - 2011 Be in charge of a JAVA EE internal project for manage peoples and projects.

    Missions :
    - Be able to explain and share the development between myself and the other software engineers who joined the team in the short or long term,
    - JAVA EE development,
    - Write the tests



    Perpignan 2008 - 2011 informatique


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