En résumé

I'm co-founder and CEO of IoTify, smart IIoT and analytics startup based in Paris-Saclay, the research-intensive and business cluster in the south of Paris, France. I'm also co-founder and CTO of Arkangel , security and threat intelligence startup based in Paris-Saclay.

My credo: "Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships." Michael Jordan

In a nutshell
- I leverage on a 20+ years' experience in start-up launch, research, innovation, new technologies introduction in the field of National Security, Government Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

- 15+ years' experience in IT including 10+ years in R&D committed to academic-industry partnership model acting as Solution/Products manager, Projects manager and Platform Architect.

- Occasionally, I'm requested as expert and advisor to governmental agencies or think tanks such as France Stratégie, ANR, ANSSI, Conseil National du Numérique, CyberLex, ... on Cybersecurity issues, IoT, Connected Car, Blockchain, Blockless, Artificial Intelligence & GDPR, IP law, ...

Mes compétences :
Java JEE
Speech to text
Intégration de solutions
Architecture logicielle


  • Arkangel - CTO co-founder

    Palaiseau 2019 - maintenant We are working on a new and exciting solutions that we think you'll really like, stay tuned!

    I design behavior-based security models and develop predictive intelligence for security issues.
  • Iotify - CEO co-founder

    Palaiseau 2018 - maintenant IoTify is a Paris-Saclay based startup delivering end-to-end IoT solutions to enable asset tracking and predictive maintenance for industrial companies, by leveraging a combination of smart sensors and AI-based analytics.

    IoTify is a startup that came out of Paris-Saclay, as one of the top 8 innovation clusters in the world, defined by the MIT Technology Review. The IoTify smart sensors represent the culmination of over five years of research into ultra low-power embedded technology, machine learning algorithms and cybersecurity.
  • ENSIBS - Part-time lecturer "Discretion and furtivity for Cyber Threat Intelligence: theory and programming"

    Lorient 2015 - maintenant Module in the final year of engineering study of Engineer degree "Cyberdefence" @ Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Bretagne-Sud (ENSIBS).

    Subject: Architecture and best practices to enhance the discretion and anonymity on the web.
  • Institute for Technological Research SystemX - Head of Cyber-security Labs & CHESS Platform Architect

    Palaiseau 2014 - 2017 During 3 years, I have designed and set up from scratch with Flavien QUESNEL, Renaud SIRDEY, Anthony ROGER, Aymen BOUDGUIGA, Vincent SOLLIER and Nicolas PEIFFER a unique cyber security-focused research environment relying on 3 workspaces spread over more than 160 m². Thanks to the #DreamTeam!

    ► Creative Hacking Lab (Ideation step)
    It's the workspace to boost #people and #innovation process thanks to #creativity tools & methods : Makestorming, Lego Serious Play, Lean Startup, Design thinking, CK, CPS, ... particularly through operational #Demonstrators, #PoC & #Prototypes

    ► Cyber Hacking Lab (Making step)
    It's the physical facility that #people need to #make their technical works providing electronic components and raw materials for hacking: tools for electronics fabrication and creating things, development boards (Pycom, Raspberry pi, Arduino,...), electronic instrumentation (oscilloscopes and signal generators), machine tools, TV & audio equipments, etc

    ► Cyber Analytics Lab (Predictive step)
    It's the workspace to experiment data analytics technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning,...) in order to response to significant cyber incidents. It covers all the data mining processing (collect, store, transform, enrich, visualize) to support analysis of threat trends and to build situational awareness during cyber crisis (Cyber Threat Intelligence)

    ► Cybersecurity Hardening Environment for Systems of Systems (Experimentation step)
    CHESS is a research and experimentation platform created to study the most serious and sophisticated forms of cyber attacks. It provides a range of cyber capabilities that deliver robust and resilient defense against large-scale cyber compromise and attacks around 4 critical system-of-systems below:

    ■ Smart Grids
    ■ Connected Vehicle
    ■ Factory of the Future & IIoT
    ■ Information Systems & new services associated to IoT

    This platform is part of French Government "Nouvelle France Industrielle", Cybersecurity plan, action 8: set up testing and demonstration cyber security platforms.
  • ESILV - Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Léonard de Vinci - Part-time lecturer in "Systems architecture for processing multimedia information"

    Courbevoie 2013 - 2018 Part-time lecturer in charge of "Systems architecture for processing multimedia information" module in the final year of engineering study of Engineer degree "Informatique et Sciences du Numérique"/ Master of Science in IT & Data Mining.

    Subjects: SOA, ESB, Middleware, Integration frameworks, Orchestration Engine, Multimedia services integration (video, audio/speech, image and text processing) for Media Mining.
  • Bertin Technologies - Architect & Solution Manager

    Montigny-le-Bretonneux 2011 - 2014 As Architect & Solution Manager, I provide presale supports including bidding, system design, technical proposal, price quote, presentations, presale testing and others etc.

    I lead design and development of several solutions for competitive or military intelligence purposes specifically focus on analysis of multimedia & multilingual contents with special emphasis on :

    ► Middleware & Data Exchange Architecture in order to provide cutting edge solutions based on the latest advances in open software design and integration ;

    ► Innovative & advanced content processing to automate the search process and to increase operator efficiency ;

    ► Multimodal Interfaces for ease accessing multimedia information.

    Complete management from idea to architecture and implementation of an adaptive platform, called MediaCentric®, to acquire, filter, organize and manipulate large collections of open source multimedia and multilingual documents.
  • Bertin Technologies - Solution & Project Manager - Information and Contents Processing Dept.

    Montigny-le-Bretonneux 2008 - 2013 As Solution Manager, I provide presale supports including bidding, system design, technical proposal, price quote, presentations, presale testing and others.

    I lead planning and design of several solutions for intelligence purposes :

    - MediaCentric® : Middleware & Data Exchange Architecture to provide scalable and cutting edge solutions based on the latest advances in open software design and integration,

    - MediaView® : Multimodal Interfaces for ease accessing multimedia information.

    As Senior Project Manager, I'm in charge of advanced Research and Development programs and projects around multimodal & multilingual analysis :

    - Advanced study programs for French MoD / Direction Générale de l'Armement (PEAs) :
    > Large scale platform dedicated to the processing of audio flows of all kinds, from open sources (radio, television, podcast, etc...) to informal conversation, for monitoring and alert purposes ;

    > HERISSON a platform for assessment and experimentation of information processing technologies where Bertin provides processing services for video, audio and text translation : Data Acquisition (SAT & OTA), Video Summarization, Face Recognition, OCR, Spoken Language Identification, Speaker Identification, Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine Translation. In charge of software assessment and benchmarking according to technical factors ( > 50 COTS & Open Sources).

    - QUAERO (European R&D program / OSEO Innovation). Innovative developments with laboratories (RWTH, LIMSI/CNRS, KIT, ...) in particular for the translation of vocal data. Provider of processing services for video, audio and text :
    > Multimedia Data Acquisition (Web Mining),
    > Face Detection & Recognition,
    > Automatic Speech Recognition,
    > Machine Translation.

    - VIRTUOSO (European Union FP7 Security project). Provider of processing services for video, audio and text for an OSINT platform :
    > Multimedia Data Acquisition Systems (Web & SAT),
    > Automatic Speech Recognition,
    > Machine Translation.
  • Hologram Industries - IT Project Manager - Digital Media Dept.

    Bussy-Saint-Georges 2007 - 2008 In charge of all factors that govern projects success to ensure delivery within time, cost, quality and risk parameters.

    Collaborative work with R&D laboratories to improve AdvestiSEARCH™ features :
    - monitor and control circulation of a copyrighted video without consent on UGC platforms
    - detect plagiarism of a copyrighted text without consent over the web

    Involved into R&D projects around multimedia processing :
    - ANR PIITHIE (plagiarism detection),
    - ANR RAFFUT (Automatic detection of infringing files on UGC sites),...
  • Hologram Industries - Software Engineer / Developer - Data Loss Prevention Dept.

    Bussy-Saint-Georges 2005 - 2007 Design & development of system to detect and prevent the unauthorized use and transmission of sensitive and confidential information in several fields such as :
    - Payment accreditation / Credit card numbers : Visa, American Express, MasterCard, IBAN, SWIFT-ABA routing,
    - Health : Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Medical result,
    - Privacy information (PII, NPI) : Social Security Number, National identification number, Passport number,

    Improvement of techniques for identifying confidential or sensitive information ranging from keywords, dictionaries, regular expressions and fingerprinting.

    New features of AdvestiGUARD™ DLP system which allows :
    - to protect intellectual and industrial property through the application of internal security measures,
    - to conform with government security standards, whether international (Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 17799) or national (Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, Financial Security Law), PCI DSS (GIE Credit Card), Bale II, Directive UE 95/46/CE, CNIL,...