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More than eleven (11) years of successful work experience in a military/civil aviation environment and aeronautics industry, including Training Management of Pilots, Engineers and Technicians, Maintenance Management of fixed wing Aircraft, Helicopters and Machineries in Aeronautic Industry, Safety and Quality Management in Flight Training School.
Very experimented in Theoretical Knowledge Instruction : Radionavigation, Avionics Systems, Electrical Aircraft Systems for pilots, engineers and technicians according to the JAR-FCL standard in Aviation School (Borj elAmri Aviation School and Airline Flight Academy). Tutor of more than 12 final projects for Engineers and Higher Technicians.
Skills: Ability of Personnel Management (Leadership), rigor, reactivity, adaptability, ability to problem-solving, flexibility, organizational skills to meet deadlines, initiative, analysis and pedagogy.

Mes compétences :
Aviation Maintenance Management
Quality and Safety Management
Training Management
Maintenance industrielle


  • Défense Conseil International - Teacher at "Qatar Emiri Air Force" Air Academy

    2014 - maintenant Teaching Physics, Electricity and Maths for Helicopters pilots cadets.
  • IMMA - Lecturer (Temporary)

    Paris 2014 - 2014 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians:
    Module 5: Numerical Techniques/Electronics Instrumentations Systems
    Module 11: Avionics/Instrumentations and Electrical Power.
  • Airline Flight Academy - Head of Training & Director of Safety

    2012 - 2014 & Quality Management (Tunisian Civil Aviation Authority Post Holder)
    (Management of more than 225 students, 5 executives, 10 FI, 3 SFI, 22 GI)
    Ensure satisfactory integration of training, theoretical knowledge instruction, flying instruction, synthetic flight instruction and supervise the progress of students.
    Ensure the upkeep of adequate professional standards of the instructors in coordination with the CFI, CSFI & CGI.
    Responsible of the Training, testing, monitoring and maintaining the proficiency standards of all ground and flight instructors in coordination with the CFI, CSFI and CGI.
    Propose the establish training syllabi and check forms for all required training and checks.
    Responsible for the management of the Quality & Safety System, monitoring function and requesting corrective actions.
    Responsible of the development, administration and maintenance of the effective SQMS.
    Analyzing management performance and providing an overview,
    Design, distribution, control and revision of the OM, QM, TM, SMS Manual and MOE Manual.
    Manage and coordinate a team of internal auditors.
    Motivate all the staff to adhere to Safety & Quality Management System.
    Ensure the implementation and compliance with the SQMS .
    Train technicians and managers in Safety Management System.
  • Zodiac Aerospace - Maintenance Manager

    Plaisir 2012 - 2012 Ensure the preventive maintenance of the equipments (5 axis CNC machines, Laser cutting machine, 12 axis Bending Machine, High pressure Injection machines, thermoforming machines...).
    Ensure the curative and corrective maintenance of the machines (repair in workshop, emergency reaction to the breakdowns...).
    Manage and follow the contracts of subcontracting (Coordinate the interventions of the external companies).
    Ensure the validation and the application of the maintenance contracts
    Provide coaching and facilitation of maintenance teams.
    Ensure the preparation and the follow-up of the budget
    Optimize the costs of maintenance
    Guarantee the management of maintenance (indicators, dashboard...)
    Ensure the installation of the management tools of maintenance
  • Military Aviation School / Tunisian Air Force - Company Commander

    2010 - 2012 (Management of more than 200 technicians' and 6 executives)
    Under guidelines issued by the School commander, I implement the broader initiative to direct the action of the Company under my command.
    Ensure that my subordinates know their duties and enjoy their rights without abusing it.
    Manage the company,
    Control the learning of students,
    Supervise the establishment of the curricula,
    Provide coaching and facilitation of the company teams.
  • Borj elAmri Aviation School / Tunisian Air Force - Training Quality and ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Course Manager

    2008 - 2010 (Management of 150 cadets + 3 Executives + 15 Instructors)
    Responsible for the supervision of all theoretical knowledge instructors
    Standardization of all theoretical knowledge instruction
    Ensuring that each student accomplishes the required learning achieved coordinately to the regulations,
    Maintaining Theoretical training techniques, procedures, and the ground phase syllabus up to date and in accordance to the requirement of TCAA.
    Enforcing standardization of theoretical knowledge instructional techniques and methods used by the ground instructors as per the set Syllabus. Coordinate with TCAA and air force headquarters. Control the quality of the courses.
  • Borj elAmri Aviation School / Tunisian Air Force - Maintenance Base Manager

    2003 - 2008 Responsible of three workshops (Avionics shop, instrumentation shop and Electrical generation shop)
    Manage the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities including first, second and third level of aeronautical maintenance on fixed wing Aircraft (avionics, electrical installation, instruments of PIPER Aircraft: Tomahawk, Arrow, Seneca V, Aztec, Cessna and SOCATA: TB9, TB20 et TB 20 GT, more than 20 technicians' under my supervision).
    Responsible for all Tunisian CAR requirements to Airworthiness Directives compliance, Service Bulletin analysis and aircrafts modification related to electrical installation and avionics systems.
    Ensure functionality, reliability and availability of the specified and installed equipments.
  • Helicopter Air Unit / Tunisian Air Force - Maintenance Line Manager

    2002 - 2003 Manage the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance including first and second level on Helicopters (BHT, AB205, Alouette 2, Alouette 3, UH-1N)
    Ensure the planning and use of resources associated with the work necessary to meet the line maintenance and guarantee acceptable working conditions.
    Ensure compliance with specific requirements of safety.


  • National Engineering School Of Tunis ENIT (Tunis)

    Tunis 2006 - 2011 Doctor of Philosophy

    Ph.D in Telecommunications
  • Higher National School Of Aeronautical Engineers

    Toulouse 2005 - 2006 Master Degree

    Master degree in Helicopter Engineering
  • National Engineering School Of Tunis ENIT (Tunis)

    Tunis 2003 - 2005 Masters Degree

    MSc degree in Communication Systems
  • Borj ElAmri Aviation School (Borj El Amri)

    Borj El Amri 1999 - 2002 Engineering Degree

    Telemechanical Engineer
  • Preparatory School For Militaries Academies (Sousse)

    Sousse 1997 - 1999 DUEL Pyhsics

    Physical Sciences


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