En résumé

I have been studying aeronautical systems in both the Tunisian Air Force and French Air Force Academies before I was sent to an operational aircraft maintenance unit. I have been working in this field for almost four years and the hands on work has built a good foundation on aircraft technical manuals, maintenance of operational aircraft, scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, and safety standards. With this foundation I would like to grow, and gain more knowledge in the field of aeronautics, and aviation safety.

I am qualified to perform maintenance on Tunisian Air Force C-130 B/H and C-130J-30. I have received training in C-130 inspections, scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, maintenance control, maintenance plans & scheduling, and maintenance & deployment of the mobile aircraft fire fighting system. During these four years of being assigned to an operational aircraft maintenance unit I have graduated from trainee to the Maintenance Operations Officer where I am responsible for the management of maintenance operations, communicating the aircraft status to Flight Operations, and communicating the maintenance status to the Commander of C-130J-30 Maintenance Unit.

To complete my initial training, to acquire specialized knowledge on pyrotechnics and propulsion, and deepen my culture in these areas that fascinate me, I'm currently enrolled in Advanced Master in ENSTA Bretagne and in Research Master ‘Air and Ground Transportation’ in ISAE-ENSMA. Since March 2015, I am working in PRISME, a french laboratory,where I am in charge of the development and the management of industrial projects for different industries such asMBDA and DAHER.

Mes compétences :
secondary school preparation
presentation skills
manage multiple tasks
chamber design
assembly experience
Turbo Pascal
Signal processing
Responsible for testing aircraft systems
Responsible for installation
Quality Control
Project Team Skills
Project Management
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft Excel
Macromedia Flash
Heat Transfer
Health and Safety
Fluid Mechanics
Flight Dynamics
Fitness training
Continuous Improvement
C Programming Language
Aircraft Engines


  • PRISME Laboratory - Research Engineer/ Project Manager

    2015 - maintenant Aujourd'hui, la tenue au feu des aéronefs impose celle de chacune des pièces constituantes. La réglementation (FAA/EASA) impose le test par des dispositifs normés de type Burn-Through (normes AC20135, ISO2685).
    Dans le cadre d'une collaboration entre le laboratoire PRISME et un leader industriel aéronautique, un travail d'acquisition d'un tel système (NextGen) sera efféctué, grâce auxquels une étude complète de compotement au feu sera réalisée.
  • Air Force - Maintenance Operations Officer

    2010 - 2014 Fulfill all duties in line with operational and legislative requirements, and aircraft specific systems.
    -Responsible for developing repair procedures and techniques and managing maintenance schedules.
    -Responsible for testing aircraft systems and aviation.
    -Responsible for installation of instruments, engines, and other equipment.
    -Responsible for tracking down resources and scheduling staff.
    -Responsible for regular inspection, maintenance and servicing.
    -Preparation of all kinds of technical documentation.
    -Respect and imposition of health and safety legislation in the work environment.
    -Audit of internal processes and activities.
    -Assistance in the training of new engineers ;
    -Maintain tools and work environment


  • ISAE-ENSMA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Mécanique Et D'Aérotechnique)

    Poitiers 2014 - 2015 MASTER

    This postgraduate degree course aims to provide students with advanced knowledge in aerodynamics, energetics, heat transfer, and mechanics ofstructures and materials and the ability to analyse and resolve complex problems, whether they are experimental, analytical or numerical.
  • Research Institute Of ENSTA Bretagne

    Brest 2014 - 2015 Advanced Master Degree

    This advanced Master includes:
    * Advanced space lectures given by experts/professionals from companies working in the European Space sector such as: CNES, MBDA, SAFRAN, THALES and ESA.
    * Visits of their research centers/industries bringing: intercultural awareness, heightened professional knowledge.
    * Hands on experience of: rocket engine design, testing, industrial manufac
  • France Air Force Research Center (Salon De Provence)

    Salon De Provence 2010 - 2010 Six months of internship in the research center working on UAV'structures.
  • Postgraduate Engineering School (Ecole De L'Avation)

    Ecole De L'Avation 2007 - 2010 Academic Honors (First in class for 3 consecutive years).
    Program Highlights:
    * Computing for Engineers
    * Electronics
    * Mathematics
    * Manufacturing and Transport
    * Thermodynamics
    * Circuits & Electronics
    * Flight Dynamics
    * Signal processing ;