Résultats examens 2023

En résumé

• 15-year experience across Biotech (Eisai) and Big Pharma (BMS, Novartis)
• Strong CPO leadership & operational experience in Specialty e.g. Marketing, Sales, FLM
• Emerging market experience developing a portfolio of 7 brands in Rheumatology
• Region Europe launch experience of 2 blockbusters (Gilenya, Cosentyx)
• Global strategy lead for rare diseases across 6 indications including 4 launches (Ilaris)
• Executive MBA (HEC)

Mes compétences :
Blockbuster launch and management-Aricept, Gilenya
Region Europe launch
Key stakeholder management
Sales Management
Global strategy
Rare Diseases
Change Management


  • NOVARTIS - Global Associate Brand Director

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2015 - maintenant Global Associate Brand Director Rare Diseases, Basel

    Main duties:
    * Developed Ilaris short and long term commercial strategy to deliver profitable and sustainable growth ;
    * Lead global commercial activities on Ilaris across orphan diseases (CAPS, SJIA, HPF, AOSD)
    * Maximize brand value and enable patient access through cross-collaboration with GPA
    * Support the countries to develop and share targeted approaches to customers

    Skills developed:
    * Negotiation skills, leadership
    * Patient Advocacy and Access skills
    Main accomplishments:
    * 29% growth of Ilaris turnover in 2015 with $259 Mn, and 73% profit worldwide ;
    * Launched 4 new indications in 2016 leading to 6 indications WW for Ilaris ;
    * Provided the strategic direction to reinforce value proposition across indications
    * Led the development of an innovative digital and social media strategy with 2,4 million people reached after 6 months
    * Launched a new centralized commercial model for rare diseases in collaboration with RE
    * Negotiated budget increase (+66%) with senior management in a cost contained environment ;
  • NOVARTIS - Region Europe Cosentyx Brand Director

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2014 - 2015 Region Europe Cosentyx Brand Director, Basel

    Main duties:
    * Prepare and Launch Cosentyx in Dermatology and Rheumatology in RE
    * Develop commercial strategy collaborating closely with Market Access, Medical, Patient Advocacy
    * Leverage best practices across RE expanding patient access and physician experience

    Skills developed:
    * Strategic vision

    * Senior Management Exposure ;
    * Business acumen in Dermatology, Rheumatology
    Main accomplishments:
    * Successful 2015 RE Launch of Cosentyx in Psoriasis with $47Mn, +39% vs 2015 Budget ;
    * Developed RE strategy to shape the market and change treatment paradigm
    * Shifted the internal (160 pax) and external mind-set through change management program ;
  • NOVARTIS - Region Europe Neuroscience Project lead

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2014 - 2014 Region Europe Neuroscience Project lead, Basel

    Main duties:
    * Follow up performance of Gilenya across European countries
    * Coordinate the roll out of the new Value proposition for Gilenya across European countries
    * Coordinate Exelon's counter filing strategy vs generics

    Skills developed:

    * Key stakeholder management
    * Digital skills
    Main accomplishments:
    * Gilenya as #2 Sales driver for Novartis Pharma end 2014 with $2,477Bn worldwide (~50% from RE) and 28% growth, Exelon achieving $1,009Bn worldwide with stable performance despite generics taping the Alzheimer market
    * Successfully rolled out the One Voice Campaign in RE, differentiating Gilenya on efficacy
    * Co-Developed a social media campaign with 11 countries, to raise awareness on Brain Volume Loss
    * Delivered a patient-centric internal challenge inspiring NS teams to change the course of MS
    * Implemented Train the Trainer program to Novartis Customer Solution Model for Gilenya
    * Created a RE Marketing Team, introduced new digital way of working to improve productivity ;
  • NOVARTIS - Strategic Transformation Project Lead

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2012 - 2013 Strategic Transformation Project Lead, Paris

    Main duties:
    * Lead a transformation project for 800 Customer Facing roles by 2015 (Sales, Medical, Access) ;
    * Communicate Vision and engage key stakeholders across the organization
    * Facilitate 4 work streams on Strategy, HR-Training, Finance, Communication (30 people)
    * Revamp role profiles, assess competencies, develop and roll put customized training programs
    * Interface on a regular basis with Union Labours, French leadership team, Customer Facing leads on Primary Care, Specialty care and Oncology, Global Sales Excellence organization

    Skills developed:
    * Strategic vision, Negotiation, Leadership, political savvy ;
    * Human Resource and Training skills, Change Management

    Main accomplishments:
    * 3 competency grids describing 2015 Business model requirements for Customer Facing Roles ;
    * 3 assessments of customer facing team competencies (Sales, Medical, Access)
    * 31 job descriptions for Market Access, Sales and Medical Affairs
    * 74 pathways describing potential moves from one function to another
    * 40 Training programs for Sales, Market Access and Medical Affairs

  • Novartis - Respiratory First Line Manager

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2009 - 2011 Main Duties:
    * Define the Regional Strategy for Hypertension (Tareg, Exforge), Diabetes (Galvus/Eucréas), COPD (Onbrez), Osteoporosis (Aclasta) and tactical follow up
    * Launch Rasilez, Rasilez HCT, Galvus/Eucréas, Onbrez in Retail and Hospital markets
    * Coach and Develop 11 rep's in a changing environment (Organizational changes and PF expansion)

    Skills developed:
    * Leadership skills
    * KOL Management ;
  • NOVARTIS - Transplantation Brand Manager

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2007 - 2008 Main Duties:
  • BMS - Emerging Markets Rheumatology Group Manager

    2005 - 2007 Middle East, Turkey, Russia, Africa, French Overseas Territories

    Main duties:
    * Pre-Launch Orencia in Rheumatoid Arthritis ;
    * Launch Perfalgan in Africa and lead other emerging markets launch
    * Develop Efferalgan, Dafalgan, Skenan, Actiskenan and Sophidone in Rheumatology, Oncology

    Skills developed:
    * Ability to address different political, cultural, and economic frameworks
    * Management of new and maturing brands within Europe or Emerging markets
    * Market Access vision: Pre-Launch pharmaco-economic data, Regulatory deadlines per market

    Main accomplishments:
    * Launched Perfalgan in Africa reaching $30 Mn after 1 year, and becoming Perfalgan Lead for emerging markets first and then for Region Europe
    * Pre-Launched Orencia in Rheumatoid Arthritis in French Overseas Territories and North Africa
  • EISAI - Aricept Brand Manager

    CHAMPAGNEY 2002 - 2005 Sales Rep, Paris

    Main duties:
    * Elaborate and follow Aricept Brand Plans for Geriatricians and GP's in collaboration with Pfizer ;


  • Arizona W. P. Carey School Of Business (Phoenix)

    Phoenix 2014 - 2014 Certificate in Services
  • HEC

    Paris 2013 - 2015 Executive MBA
  • Goizueta School Of Business (Atlanta)

    Atlanta 2000 - 2000
  • ESC Rouen

    Rouen 1997 - 2001 Business Degree
  • Classes Préparatoires Lycée Hoche

    Versailles 1995 - 1997 HOCHE Preparatory Classes for Business PARIS Predominantly Mathematics


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