Ndouba Alain RAKIDJON


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  • Glencore - Import/Export Customs Clearance Officer

    2015 - maintenant • Tracking of incoming/outgoing freight via Bolloré Transport Logistics and Geodis Project Chad;
    • Screening of Customs Detail Note related to Customs duty Calculation for quittances payment;
    • Interface between Company, Customs Administration(Government) and Freight Forwarders and Well site Contractors to solve unexpected contentious;
    • Get daily touch with all contractors in particular freight Forwarders to be informed on their Customs Clearance documentations status ;
    • Discharges and stamp all Directs Releases (DR), Franchises, Temporary Importation or definitive ;
    • Liaise with Chad Ministry of Petroleum to get all Temporary Importation or definitive to be approved ;
    • Checking Import/Export documentations held by Freight Forwarders in order to avoid fake document;
    • Submission of Freight Forwarder Request For Payment to Logistics & Procurement Manager to be approved ;
    • Follow up closely with all freight forwarders that Customs procedure to be complied ;
    • Endorse and verify Freight Forwarder amount on invoices related to each Import/export are correct ;
    • Liaise with Finances to ensure customs duties and other governmental taxes are paid ;
    • Scan, copy all customs documentation via Xerox Printer;
    • Archive and file all Import/Export Customs Clearance paperwork in hard and soft copies.
  • MATERIAL ACCOUNTANT (Inventory Control) - Material Accountant (Inventory Controle)

    2013 - 2015 - Ensures accurate, up-to-date records of warehouse transactions into NAVA System;
    - Ensure that the required paperwork for both cost recovery and internal controls audit are generated;
    - Input data of all Warehouse transactions as MRR(Material Receiving Report),MTR(Material Transfer), MIR(Material Issue Requisition) into the electronic system;
    - Assist for receiving or expediting of Materials from vendors to clients vice versa;
    - Compare, identifying information and verify against bills of lading, air waybills, invoices, orders or other records;
    - Oversee and perform physical inventory such as-but not limited to: Spot Check for reconciliation, Semi-annual and annual inventory for drilling Materials;
    - Scanned, attached to NAVA system all documentation after input into the electronic system and maintain full records for audit purposes.
    - Analyse AFEs and deduct them related to Items issuance (consumption).

    2012 - 2012 • Management of Petty Cash related to expenses;
    • Monitoring, updating and perform data entry of all invoices into account Journal System;
    • Reception or creation of Purchase Requisition (PR) sent by End Users for purchase subject;
    • Submission of Purchase Orders (PO) to Managing Director for approval;
    • Tender evaluation to retain a cheapest suppliers proposals;
    • Managed and expedite PO to suppliers and updated in SAGE SAARI System;
    • Receiving of Delivery Note (DN), final Invoices issued by vendor or warehouse provider Finance for payment;
    • Issuances of Items to the End Users;
    • Filing and archiving of all documents as Invoices, POs, PRs, Bid or Tender related to Vendors or End Users;
    • Liaise with Human Resource Department to pay Socials allowances for employees under terminated contract.
  • United Nation Mission in Central African Republic and Chad - MOVCON ASSISTANT, CARGO & PASSENGERS DEPARTMENT

    2009 - 2011 1-Description of Passenger booking Unit Duties:
    • Passenger booking duties:
    • Receives customer requests, through Movement of Personnel (MOP) and Cargo Movement Request (CMR) Forms, for transportation of passengers and cargo (including dangerous goods requiring special handling) within and/or outside of the mission;
    • Assists in planning and scheduling the movement of passengers and cargo from military and police units provided by Troop/Police Contributing Countries;
    • Assists in determining the most efficient and cost-effective modes of transportation for passengers and cargo (including dangerous goods requiring special handling) within and/or outside the mission;
    • Coordinates required transportation activities with the Aviation, Transport and Riverine Units/Sections and/or commercial transportation service providers;
    • Liaises with other UN units/sections, non-government and government organizations and intergovernmental agencies on immigration and customs matters;
    • Assists in analyzing projected passenger and cargo flows in order to estimate required resources;
    • Records statistical data on the movement of passengers and cargo (including dangerous goods requiring special handling) within and/or outside of the mission;
    • Monitors contracts for the provision of transportation support and participates in the evaluation of vendor's performance in coordination with the Contracts Management and/or the
    • Procurement Unit/Section.
    2- Description of Cargo Unit Duties:
    • Cargo Warehouse duties:
    • Supervises the activities of the Cargo Warehouse;
    • Monitors the process of excess personal luggage and cargo receipt and registration (including dangerous goods requiring special handling);
    • Monitors the preparation of luggage and cargo for transportation and ensures that weighting, plastic wrapping and labelling are conducted in accordance with the established procedures;
    • Ensures that luggage and cargo are labelled in accordance with required destinations;
    • Coordinates the transportation arrangements to the embarkation facility.
    • Coordinates the movement control assistants, passenger clerks and cargo handlers tasks;
    • Participates into passenger and cargo handling services (including dangerous goods requiring special handling) in support of a field mission from the established movement control facility and monitors that all activities are carried out in accordance with the UN rules, regulations and applicable safety procedures;
    • Compiles passenger and cargo manifests and communicates them to the aircrew, surface transport and riverine personnel;
    • Monitors to ensure that aircraft are vehicles are loaded in accordance with passenger and cargo manifests;
    • Briefs passengers on schedules, routes, timing and safety requirements;
    • Monitors check-in and check-out activities for outgoing and incoming passengers and cargo; Participates in the integrated search and rescue operations for the UN assets and other assets upon request and coordinates the availability and operational readiness of the required personnel;
    • Maintains the electronic databases in accordance with the established procedures and deadlines;
    • Monitors that appropriate reference documents are current, readily available and accessible to all relevant personnel;
    • Participates in the development of the standard operating procedures for the related movement control processes;
    • Participates in the development of budget proposals for the mission's movement control operations;
    • Participates in the preparation of operational plans, performance reports, and responses to internal and external audit observations;
    • Participates in the development of technical specifications for goods and services, provides inputs to the responses to bids and technical evaluations to ensure that vendor’s proposals meet technical requirements;
    • Conducts inventories and physical annual checks of relevant facilities and equipment;
    • Performs other related duties as requiredHolding of MINURCAT Daily Flight Schedule (DFS) to follow the flight departure or arrival.
    • Coordination of field work practice;
    • Using and management of office supplies: scanner, copier, phone etec...
  • Ecole Africaine de la meteorologie et l'Aviation Civile (EAMAC) - Accountant Trainee at Finance: Payment Division

    2006 - 2006 Finance department: Payment Division
    -Assistant of weekly payment of labourers;
    -Receiving of purchasing requesition from various End Users;
    -Making Purchase Order, sending to the suppliers;
    -Receiving of suppliers invoice related to items request;
    -Recording invoices in the folder;
    -Sending invoices to the manager for payment order;
    -Checking of invoice for payment ordering by manager;
    -Payment of invoice via chef account.


  • ESG (Ecole Superieure Gestion): Niamey-Niger (Niamey)

    Niamey 2005 - 2007 BAC+3