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  • Powerex Morocco - Logistics & Purchasing Manager

    2011 - maintenant Logistic:
    Analyze forecasts and customer requests.
    Plan and create work orders to organize production.
    Study the needs in terms of raw material based on the forecast.
    Find providers and contact them to ensure the availability of raw material in case of breakage.
    Ensure minimum stock of raw material in the warehouse.
    Study the dimensioning of the warehouse for the storage of all material in need.
    Optimize tools to facilitate and improve work.
    Organize receptions and shipments and track them to meet the granted dates.
    Satisfy customers by improving services and delivery time.
    Participation in daily conference calls with Powerex Inc. to monitor production.
    Audit Preparation Siemens 8-9 August.
    Pre-Audit preparation of 'GAP Analysis' 29-30 September.
    Audit preparation for ISO Certification November 30 to December 1.
    Audit preparation Semikron France on December 19.
    Contact suppliers and ensure the triangle Time - Cost – Quality.
    Meeting with suppliers
    Create purchase orders for material needed.
    Track orders.
    Certify suppliers.
  • Delphi Packard Tanger - Planner

    Villepinte 2009 - 2011 Analyze customer requirements and validate the predictions.
    Plan and organize the production according to customer requests and
    Study the plant capacity based on forecasts of long-term needs of the customer.
    Adapt demands to the plant production.
    Negotiate claims with the customer in case of an internal problem.
    Prepare master production plan.
    Develop and implement the optimal conditions for performance of work and monitor progress.
    Ensure and monitor exports to each destination.
    Satisfy the customer while reducing costs and delays.


  • Ecole Nationale Des Sciences Appliquées (Tanger)

    Tanger 2004 - 2009 Ingenieur
  • Ecole Nationale Des Sciences Appliquées De Safi ENSAS (Safi)

    Safi 2004 - 2007


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