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EAI specialist on IBM products (Websphere MQ, Websphere Message Broker, Websphere Business Integration Adapters), my international experience on both Application Development side (4 years) and Infrastructure side (2 years) in various domains give me the opportunity to bring expertise at every level: development, integration, proof of concept, technical design and architecture, high level support, infrastructure tuning and maintenance, etc...

Mes compétences :
Websphere Message Broker
WebSphere MQ


  • Hortis

  • Banking Company - EAI Technical Analyst

    2012 - maintenant
  • Volvo IT - Vénissieux - EAI engineer / Middleware specialist

    2009 - 2012 In the "Infrastructure Services" department of Volvo IT (Business Unit of Renault Trucks SAS and more generally IT department of Volvo AB group), as an EAI engineer, my role is to:

    * Design and validate integration architecture relying on Websphere MQ and Message Broker
    * Coordinate integration architecture deployment across the different involved systems
    * Support level 3 for integration domain
    * Ensure reliability and availability of integration components according to service level agreement with the customers
    * Study and advocate improvements and “tuning” of the operational components
    * Design, develop, maintain and support roll out of a MQ based file transfer solution (similar to MQ File Transfer Edition from IBM)
    * Provide internal trainings on Websphere MQ

    IBM Websphere MQ, IBM Websphere Message Broker

    Significant achievments:
    * Design, development and roll-out of a Websphere MQ based file transfer tool, to replace existing file transfer solutions withing the Volvo groupe (CFT mainly), roll-out of the solution worldwide (France, Suède, USA)
    * Websphere MQ migration from V6 to V7 (Unix Solaris and z/OS)
    * Websphere Message Broker migration from V6 to V7
    * Websphere Business Integration Adapter migration from V6 to V7
    * Internal trainer on Websphere MQ, Websphere Message Broker and MQ File Transfer

    Side activities:
    * Development of MQ and Broker utilities and tools in C# in Visual Studio using XMS, or Java in Eclipse using JMS or ConfigManagerProxy.
  • Volvo IT - Vénissieux - Broker technical analyst

    2005 - 2009 In the "Application development" department of Volvo IT (Business Unit of Renault Trucks SAS and more generally IT department of Volvo AB group), as an Broker specialist, my role is to:

    * Design and write technical specifications of Message Broker flows according to the customer requirements
    * Design and develop “Proof Of Concept” Message Broker flows
    * Responsible for development methods on Message Broker
    * Support Message Broker developers, worldwide
    * Provide internal trainings on Message Broker to developers
    * Ensure Message Broker developments match with the Volvo policies and methods (code reviews)
    * Develop complex Message Broker flows relying on Oracle Databases, SOAP web services, publish/subscribe, SAP communication

    IBM Websphere MQ, IBM Websphere Message Broker

    Side activities:
    * Design & development of a CRM web application in C# with Visual Studio
    * Support and improvments on CA Endevor product, a Configuration Management tool on Mainframe system



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