Oussama DERBEL


En résumé

Dynamic, organized and with good interpersonal skills, I want to join a company, with people committed and open, to prove my self with my technical and solf skills

Mes compétences :


  • LASSENA - Research assistant

    2014 - maintenant - Driver behaviour recognition
    - Risk modelling
  • Department of Control and Transport Automation, BME - Researcher

    2012 - 2012 Macroscopic traffic modeling with Matlab
  • MIPS - PhD

    2010 - 2014 Goals: Macroscopic and microscopic traffic modelling and development – Driver safety analysis in mixed traffic road – Function development (Modified Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)
    Programming languages: Matlab, C
    Steps: Mixed traffic modelling – Development of new traffic scenarios and the related indicators to study the impact of automated vehicles on driver safety –Simulation – Data analysis.
  • INRIA - Internship

    Le Chesnay 2009 - 2010 Goal : Prediction of the vehicle motion when approaching an intersection
    Programming language: C++ (object oriented programming), Matlab
    Steps: Vehicle modelling – Test and comparison of prediction algorithms (Unscented Kalman filter, Extended Kalman filter) – Function development (Modified Unscented Kalman filter) – Real time test planning and preparation (Citroen C3 car, GPS, auto box…) – Test with real time constraints – Data analysis
  • CIEL - Internship

    Marly 2009 - 2009 Design and assembly of electrical cabinets
  • Qundis GmbH - Test engineer internship

    2009 - 2009 Goals: Design, implementation and test of wireless sensors networks (ZigBee and SIEMECA AMR)- Function development with ZigBee based development board – Diagnosis - Failure analysis
    Programming language: C
  • Electromechanical Laboratory ENIS - Internship

    2008 - 2008
  • TPS - Internship

    2007 - 2007


  • UHA Université De Haute Alsace (Mulhouse)

    Mulhouse 2010 - 2013 Automatic
  • National School Of Engineers Of Sfax (ENIS) (Sfax)

    Sfax 2008 - 2010 Master degree in Automatic and Industrial computer science)

    Automatic and Industrial computer science
  • National School Of Engineers Of Sfax (ENIS) (Sfax)

    Sfax 2006 - 2009 Electrical Engineer

    Electrical -Automatic and Industrial computer science
  • Sfax Preparatory Engineering Institute (IPEIS) (Sfax)

    Sfax 2003 - 2006 Math-Physics