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  • SEED - Chief Strategy Officer

    2015 - maintenant For over 2 decades I have been involving in digital leading edge technology. Recently, as a successful business visionary, I took the initiative to bring together 3 start-up companies to create the perfect new breed of agency.
    Clients are looking for absolutely the best in unprecedented and fresh services and practices with digital products that are ready to go. The objective of this NEW, DIGITAL AGENCY MODEL is to bring to clients the most proactive, agile and flexible experts who combine marketing and technologies skills ideally. The New Innovative technology division at BMCG is the home of this model.
    My role at BMCG is to create and run the New Innovative Technology Division while leveraging BMCG’s brand & retail promotion solutions.
    We will implement the vision by developing a strong and comprehensive strategy.
    designing new avant-garde service-product offers, ensuring that each client gets the unique digital solution that enables them to meet the goals of their marketing initiative or campaign along with optimum market/category differentiation: LABELSNAPS, AR teaser campaign, new VR demo events
    By integrating and, if necessary augmenting, the service offering of individual members to create turnkey solutions … one for all…. all for one … to the client’s advantage.
    Responsible for forecast, P&L, and margins

    SEED Interactive is a Marketing Experience Agency embracing Digital Leading edge technology.
    AR - VR - 3D Content - Interactive Content - Experiential - Gamification -

    TUKU: Gives shoppers a powerful reason to visit brick-and-mortar retailers. We put showrooming in its place and converts mobile technology from a threat into an opportunity. We maximize sales as well as margins by aligning shopper needs and on-shelf products.

    GREENFIELD. Provides clever mapping, clever geo location, and clever search engine. Bring intuitive to the next level.

  • MDC GROUP / KENNA - SVP Strategic development

    2014 - maintenant ♣ Develop and ensure strategic product/market conception across all digital channels.
    ♣ Lead & Align global corporate digital strategy with B2B & B2C business and communication strategies.
    ♣ Create strong corporate and services overall brand, using current/future media channels and potential strategic acquisition to re-enforce internal and external technology infrastructure
    ♣ Create an appealing digital identity with intuitive digital.
    ♣ Lead domestic and international market acquisition
    ♣ Ensure full collaboration between MDC Group & Kenna for new Global client acquisition
    ♣ Assess and Define market niche, new technology offer/division, client retention & acquisition, client relationship/service, brand positioning
    ♣ Open new markets, new industries and luxury sector
    ♣ Ensure complete synergy between MDC Group and Kenna internal digital marketing strategy
    ♣ Design tactical marketing strategy & implantation
  • Lyoness - VP Key Accounts North America

    Graz 2012 - 2014  Responsible for all negotiations and closing for all large key accounts in North America: Wal-Mart, Sears/K-Mart, Home Depot, Walgreens, BP, CVS Pharmacy, Office Max, Marcy’s, Pizza Pizza, Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, Canadian Tire, Petro Can …
     Maintain and Nurture existing and new customer relationships by understanding clients global corporate strategies
     Increase retention revenues by implementing new services/products and global marketing-communication strategies
     Leading new industries negotiations and potential closing contracts: Adidas, Cineplex, Belk, Rona, Rogers, Aldo, Walgreens, Target…
     Ensure that all shopper marketing and loyalty programs initiatives are align
     Currently I have generated $200M revenue within the first 6 month. 2013 Forecast $250M
     Reorganise entire North American and European Sales pipeline
     Redesign all sales tools and material
  • SVM (Path of Purchase / Shopper Marketing Expert) - VP Strategic Business Development

    2011 - 2012 - Responsible for developing the Ontarian Division
    - In charge to implement a full sales process including performance tracking and measurement.
    - Assess account management team process and tools
    - Leading of all the prospects/client sales process (7 steps including closing and fees negotiation) at executive level VP+ by understanding full needs scope of their Sales & Marketing/ Marketing Mix Modeling/DM/social/CRM strategies
    -Finding proper potential acquisition to expand rapidly market shares
  • KNEEBONE - VP sales & Marketing

    2008 - 2011  Responsible for implementing a new Sales and marketing strategy for the organization (national/international)
     Develop/implement an entire Business Development Process Program based on Solution Selling Methodology
     Leading of all the prospects/client sales process (7 steps including closing and fees negotiation) at executive level VP+ by understanding full needs scope of their sales/marketing/DM/social/CRM strategies
     Implement PR/Marketing campaign including master presentation for tradeshow/seminars/promotional events
     In charge of the national and international sales team
     Supervise and strategize VAR sales process
     Current results: 196 positive prospects in the sales pipeline. Finalize with Bacardi, Molson, OLG. In final negotiation with National Bank, Sunlife, Labatt, LCBO, HSBC< Aeroplan (which will quadruple the company size)

    Asnières sur Seine 2007 - 2008  Responsible for implementing a new sales and marketing strategy for the group in Canada
     Over the entire Sales and Marketing strategy (budget, planning, forecasting)
     Create new ROI models to support sales and marketing strategy (reduce attrition, increase brand recognition, positioning, collaterals, sales materials, events, incentives programs, implement lead generation campaign, direct marketing, CRM, etc.)
     In Charge to hire 2 new director of sales and 3 new marketing employees.
     Represent the Canadian group to all internal international events.
     Be the principal link between our headquarter in France and our Canadian group.
     Leading the Quebec market penetration and negotiation
     Opened doors at senior executive level in the fortune 500 in the particular sectors such as: Telecommunications, CRM/BO, Automotive, Banking, Insurance, Energy, Government, Packaged & Consumer Goods, retailers (Big Box),
     Current Proposals Status: Major Bank, $20M to $30M potential revenue, Wal-mart Building strategic BP, PC financial, GE, GM, Great West Life, Amex, HBC, CIBC, Scotia Bank, 3M, Staples, Home Depot, SNC Lavalin, Alcan, etc.


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