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  • Alphabet X (Google X) - Software Engineer in Test Self Driving Car

    2016 - maintenant Working in the hardware team of Alphabet X's self driving car. Specifically working on developing automation testing. Testing localization solutions. Python test, C++ firmware.
  • Google - Software Engineer in Test - Chrome Media

    Paris 2015 - maintenant I am part of the Chrome Media team, working on WebRTC projects, focus is on the audio/video side of things. Developing tests for Chrome, Chrome OS and Android related to WebRTC. Coding in Python, Javascript, and sometimes Java and C++.
  • Google - Network Test Engineer - Google Fiber Mountain View

    Paris 2013 - 2015 During my time at Google Fiber I worked on performance testing for the Google Fiber solution, that is to say 1Gpbs symetric traffic for users. The other side of my work was automation test design where I designed and built test suites, this also involved training the rest of the automation designers and mentoring them.
  • Google - Platforms Test Engineer - Google Technical Infrastructure

    Paris 2011 - 2013 I am a test lead in New Product Introduction projects at Google Platforms. I perform QA for new Network Interface Cards and large scale testing of network performance.
  • Alcatel-Lucent - Software and Test Engineer

    Paris 2009 - 2011 Designed new feature code for IGMP on the IP DSLAMs in C++ using scrum methodology.
    Implemented user interfaces in CLI and TL1. Became in house IGMP expert. On the test side, designed new automation infrastructure in PYTHON (server side) and TCL (client side) to access Telebyte noise generators and line simulators, integrated the new functionality into the current Rate/Reach testing platform
  • Alcatel-Lucent - Test Automation Prime for mobile backhaul

    Paris 2008 - 2009 Responsible for the test automation system and the different test reporting tools. Mentored and trained junior test designers and was responsible for the overall test automation strategy. Designed automation test suites in TCL, server side applications in javascript, perl. Deployed automation servers as virtual machines using VMware workstation allowing us to use the cpu cycles more effectively. Designed a power backup solution for the automation servers.
  • Alcatel-Lucent - Test tools Design Lead

    Paris 2007 - 2008 In charge of the Rate Reach Automation project. Performed the conversion of the C++ DataTool for DSL Loop Perfomance into a new test suite written in TCL : the RateReachTest engine. This involves Database design, socket programming in tcl, object oriented design in TCL. Trained Test Engineers and mentored/lead new software designers added to the project. Provided architecture design, project estimates and risk evaluation to stakeholders
  • Alcatel Canada - Worlwide Test Automation Architect

    2005 - 2007 Overseer of worldwide test automation, this involves weekly worldwide meetings with automation architects in Europe, USA and ASIA, providing guidance on test automation issues. Transformed the way automation was done worldwide by performing technology transfer from IPD division to my current AND division. I had to adapt IPD's APME system to work on top of AND's ARIES system in a transparent way to the user. This allowed us to gain on average 200% of test automation execution time (for SNMP tests the result is more like 1000%). Developped recently a new and powerful test automation system for manual testers and customers.
    More recently I have undertaken the rate/reach framework conversion project for DSL equipments. This involves re-engineering C/C++ code into a TCL code base with new functionality, this also entails the engineering of a new test automation system for DSL rate/reach.
  • Alcatel - Software Designer - Build Management

    Paris 2004 - 2005 Responsible for build management of Alcatel Canada's ASAM line cards. Performed builds, Clearcase management of software, test, and release of software to Alcatel worldwide community.
  • Alcatel Canada - Senior Automation Designer

    2000 - 2004 Performed test script execution and design. Test suites planning pre and post release. Mentored new employees and provided training in test automation. Defined the testware code inspection procedures and metrics. Daily testing of ATM, IP, SNMP, SONET, GigE networks on multiservice routers. Extensive coding in C and TCL plus other unix scripting languages
  • AMEP Martinique - Algorithmics/Network Teacher

    1998 - 1999 Taught undergrads : Algorithmics, Javascript, Networking, SQL and relational databases
    Help them design their own web pages in HTML/Javascript
  • Cap Gemini - Software/Network designer

    SURESNES 1998 - 1998 In charge of backend communication solution in the Federation Nationale de la Chasse project. This involved coding in Visual Basic on the client side and C/C++ on the server side. Responsible for designing a communication solution between the regional Federation's offices and the head office. Installed and configured a CISCO ISDN gateway at the head office and ISDN Eicon cards at the regional branches, enabling realtime databases updates between the different sites. This Involed SQL Server programming, Visual Basic programming, FTP protocol pluggin in VB, C/C++ with Visual C++ on the server side



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