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  • SGS - Responsable SIRH EMEA

    Arcueil 2011 - maintenant
  • Talentys - Consultante RH

    Paris 2009 - 2011
  • DASSAULT SYSTEMES - (Leader 3D Editor Software / 7 200 employees) - SIRH Project Lead

    2006 - 2009 DASSAULT SYSTEMES - (Leader 3D Editor Software / 7 200 employees) – SIRH Project Lead

    Two objectives through a global ERP implementation (PeopleSoft):
    > World wide learning processus harmonization via ELM (Enterprise Learning Management)
    > Functional analyse, development and go live in production of the ELM (Enterprise Learning Management) module

    Mission : 4 majors steps
    > Design & Implement (Fev to May 2006): Engineered and formalized processes
    Functional Analyse (total immersion through all Training Departments), collect needs targetting global and local specitities, confrontation with the real tool’s capacity and decision making.
    Drafting, promotion and follow-up of specific developments (close collaboration with IT Team)
    Data Management: migration (xcl2ci) and data corrupted clean-up by messaging
    Setup: standard functionalities and security (management of profiles under PeopleTools)
    > Test & Deploy (June 06 to Feb 07): 13 deployed entities
    Test’s campaigns: elaboration of test’s scenarii end-to-end, carrying out and follow-up
    3 months of pilote in North America (350 users) confirmed by a WW ‘GO Live’ in production
    France deployement (2 535 users) for the annual training plan’s launch 2007
    Japon deployement (250 users) in september 2007
    > Training & Support (March 07 to March 08): 3 135 final users
    Creation of tools to support the change management process: user guides, troubleshootings and videos
    Carrying out and animation of training sessions for users
    Communication campaign sponsorised by Training Leaders: 3 waves of information for all and 4 «press meetings» for R&D Managers
    Daily follow-up and solving users issues (intern support site) - 82 cases done
    > Reporting: PeopleSoft queries & Business Object
    Reporting collect’s needs through all deployed entities
    Drafting of specifications
    Creation of ELM queries and reports under BO
    Communication and promotion of these reports towards the user’s community

    > Training classes followed-up: Oracle University (Overview PeopleTools 8.44 / Queries / ELM V.9), BO. Tools seen but not used in a confirmed way: Application Designer, Toad and MS Project
  • LYON INFOCITE (Association of professionals in the sector of the TIC / 250 members) - Press Relations and Global Communication Assistant

    2004 - 2005 Developed a global strategy for communication and press relations
    Carried out an audit on SI (Information Systems)
    Optimized press relations for a better visibility / Managed the virtual press room
    Used extensive tools for press relations (press kit/press release/...)
    Initiated a press conference and press partnerships
    Developed control measures (quantitative and qualitative analyses)
    > Results: more than 60 journalists contacts and 101 articles
  • ECO FESTIVAL (ECO EMBALLAGE) - Volunteer Business Project

    2004 - 2005 ECO FESTIVAL (ECO EMBALLAGE) - Volunteer Business Project
    Launched the Eco Festival Label (ecological partner of music festivals)
    Created business plan / Developed media plan for 2005


  • Lycée Saint Charles

    Vienne maintenant
  • Université Paris 4 Paris Sorbonne (Neuilly Sur Seine)

    Neuilly Sur Seine 2005 - 2006 RH & Communication
  • Ecole Supérieure De Commerce (Lyon)

    Lyon 2001 - 2004 Marketing et Gestion des Entreprises - Option Communication

    En alternance