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  • Domaine Lion SF-Agri Sarl - Directeur exécutif

    2015 - maintenant Our mission is to help in the development of the Kingdom of Morocco. By starting our Farm Domaine Lion Agriculture (DLA) in which for Morocco a relatively new product will be grown. The product is a very healthy and competitive product. The possibilities are not limited to food use only. In our Research and development center we will create products related to cosmetics and health.

    DLA will contribute to the “Moroccan Plan Vert 2020”,
    by turning derelict lands into agricultural lands
    by producing agricultural products,
    by stimulating Moroccans economy through investing in the company and exporting products and creating new products through research & development,
    by creating jobs,
    by contributing to a better environment and to a solution for growing food shortage problem
    to grow in an Organic way and apply Fairtrade only ( environmental and also business wise, this is more interesting ),
    by implementing better ways of working related to e.g. usage of energy (solar) and water.

    In year 1 we forecast to pay on wages 1 USD 1,060 million. The local Moroccan people will benefit of this. The principle of sustainability is our way of working. We want to be a good employer based on European standards. Meaning that people employed by us will be paid at a fare rate and be insured in the proper way.

    We will create a foundation financed by a part of DLA her profits. The funds will be spent in consultation with the local authorities.
  • Mogador Home Resort Sarl - Directeur exécutif

    2012 - maintenant We accompany our clients in the full buying process of their new HOUSE or BUSINESS and possible renovation in Morocco .
    Customization is our key element in business. For this we gladly submit you an offer.


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