En résumé

Dr. TATAH is an Anthropologist whose first language is English. He is bilingual and works perfectly in English and French. He has more than 22 years work experience in social issues relating to forestry, energy, mining, agricultural sectors, environmental and social impact assessments, environmental and social management plans auditing. His bilingual status has been an asset to JMN Consultant as he has been translating the cabinet’s strategic documents and especially all ESIA carried out by JMN Consultant. As an excellent team manager, he interacts easily with people from diverse backgrounds and integrates easily in all socio-cultural areas.

Mes compétences :
 Community Mobilisation and sensitisation
 Gender Perspectives.
 Food Security Assessment
 Environmental and Social Management Plans monito
 Vulnerability Assessment
 Monitoring and Evaluation
 Rapid Assessment Procedures for Health Issues
 Development of Assessment Protocols and Tools
 Socio-Economic Assessments
 Accompanying measure in development projects
 Environmental And Social Impact Assessments and
 TND expert (epilepsy, onchocerciasis, loaloa), e
 HIV/AIDS expert in raising awareness in communit
 Facilitation of community consent in development
 Disability/disease burden assessment
 Project coordination and supervision
 Group training in micro-project development
 Training in community communication


  • JMN Consultant Sarl Yaoundé - In charge of Social studies in health and environment

    2007 - maintenant Holder of a PhD in Medical Anthropology with a work record of 22 years in health, environment, forestry, mining and energy sectors in Cameroon as a socio-economist. Trainer in data collection techniques and assessment tools, gender issues, HIV/AIDS, community participation and mobilization. Responsible for auditing companies’ Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP), analysis of indigenous people’s livelihood sources etc.


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