Philippe MENARD

Rueil Malmaison

Résultats examens 2023

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Mes compétences :
Commercial international
Microsoft Project
Project Director
Web Strategy


  • Schneider-electric - Directeur

    Rueil Malmaison 2002 - 2008 Through various positions, I always keep in mind 2 major objectives :

    1 / How to improve customer intimacy: Based experiences in commercial and marketing fields, in 2001, I oriented my professional activity to the E-Business. Convinced that it is a new channel for business, but also a new way for employees’ relations, I explored most of functionalities (transactional, content management, knowledge management, etc…) managing teams and projects at Schneider-electric corporate level.
    My main concern was to find the most efficient way for customers and employees to use the web as easily as possible to improve efficiency in their daily job.
    I addressed some major questions and proposed recommendations on :
    - How to reduce transportation cost with collaboration tools?
    - How to improve diffuse market understanding?
    - How to improve sales through distribution network?
    - How to grow company visibility on the WEB?
    - What should be company strategy on B2B, B2C, B2-communities?

    I also tried to create my own company in 2001, providing Web-documentation portal for OEM segment. This was not successful, mainly because early adopters stopped investigation in 2002, when the product was ready for sale.

    2 / Be customer oriented instead of product oriented: Passionate by automation from engineering school, I learned the job through software design, project offers, commissioning, after sale support. As mechanical engineer, my approach was not the electrical equipment itself, but the automation process. It is a reason why I developed skills in Application & solution marketing, writing methodology and documents for:
    - marketing product engineer: how to be driven by user needs instead of technology capability?
    - commercial engineers: apply most efficient way to attract customer interest. Be more customer needs focused instead of product offer presentation
    - communication department: adapt promotion campaigns to customer segment instead of product range launch opportunities


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