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Over the 10 last years working as an IT consultant, I learnt a lot thanks to amazing people I worked with and I worked for.
Customer relationship management, workforce management solutions, e-tendering, Sales representative, Projects manager, people coaching and support, solution maintenance, proposal, business development, technical integration... these are key words to summarize last ten years I went through.
I'm now taking another role, on the client side this time: I'll use all these previous experiences to make that new challenge as successful as possible.

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Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Ingenieur conseil
Manager IT
Microsoft Project
Product manager
Project manager
Information Technology
Gestion de produit


  • Gaz Métro - IT Analyst - Gas Procurement

    2014 - maintenant In charge of Gaz Métro's Gas Procurement solution, I'll be the key interface between Business Users and IT department.
    Waiting for the new solution to be fully operational, I'll be part of the implementation project starting now.
  • Accenture - Project manager - Sales Force Implementation

    Paris 2014 - 2014 Launch in January 2014, the project is supposed to go live in March 2015. This project over 5000 days aims to implement, a CRM Cloud solution at Sales & Marketing Department of a Transportation company.

    First six months were dedicated to scope and estimate the following parts of the project. I had to gain credibility in Client’s eyes as I was one of the most junior Project manager they had to deal with.
    During that Analyze phase, I had to manage a 5 members Accenture on-shore team. A very short time frame forced us to follow a very challenging schedule: I had to constantly adjust it, manage client expectation and support the team in difficult times. I also had to understand the rest of the scoping activities as this project involves a lot of integration with legacy systems. To support business process reengineering, I brought a lot of expertise to the client related to Business to Business CRM best practices. In parallel to that exercise, I drove the estimating exercise, leveraging both internal methodology, tools, and relevant SMEs, in North America, India and Philippines. I built the business case, the staffing plan and helped in the writing of the Statement of Work.

    Between June and October 2014, I co-managed with my client counterpart the Design and Build phases. I built all detailed resources/activities plan, for local team (5 FTE) and off-shore team (5 FTE). I was involved in all area, from administrative item, to functional decision and technical architecture follow-up. I played a key role in scope management to ensure business needs are properly fulfilled, without extending project budget.
    Over October, before leaving my position, I planned all the test phase and closely monitor the first weeks of test scripting to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Accenture - Delivery lead - Workforce management

    Paris 2012 - 2014 Click Schedule Implementation to optimize scheduling (mid term) and dispatch (Short term) of maintenance activities.
    - Project management
    - Functional Lead
    - Solutioning
    - SAP PM integration

    Launch in November 2012, the project went live in November 2013: this above 3500 days project aims to implement Click Schedule, a workforce and workload management solution for a Utility client.
    First weeks were dedicated to get up to speed on workforce management challenges (business perspective and certification on solution).
    Early February 2013 – begin of design phase – I took responsibility of the whole project (15 FTE). I then managed the project from end to end, coordinating a mixed team including Client and Accenture team members as well as contractors. We successfully integrated with two other projects delivered in parallel.
    We faced many challenges as the solution, designed for short single-man activities has to be adjusted to fit with multi-days tasks performed by complex teams: Both processes and solution had to be challenged continuously to get a suitable solution.
  • Accenture - Manager - Parental Leave

    Paris 2012 - 2012 On parental leave, I spent 2 months taking care of my family.
  • Accenture - Team Lead - Assets Management Optimization tool study

    Paris 2012 - 2012 5 months study in order to help a client to better understand softwares available to help him reduce maintenance and replacement costs for its technical assets.

    Customer needs identification
    In collaboration with internal expert and local team (1+2 people), I drove workshops to capitalize on client expertise to build a comprehensive list of business needs, challenged using market best practices.

    Solution benchmark
    Analysis of current solutions available followed by workshops with editors to finalize fit-gap analysis

    Preparation of final recommendation
  • Accenture - SAP Consultant (CRM / IS-U)

    Paris 2010 - 2012 SAP Customer service solution upgrade project for major Canadian Utility (Electricity)

    Competitive proposal (9 months)
    Acting as a SAP CRM expert to shape the to-be solution, I also used my previous experiences to help the team (6 people) deliver a high quality commercial offer. We focused on the process analysis to ensure a big picture analysis including every SAP modules impacted.

    Plan, Design, Build phases (9 months)
    Member of the CRM team, I took responsiblity of one functional field of the CRM solution (Client interactions) assuming client workshops and development team follow-up. I quickly extended my scope to other key subjects (Change management support, Go live plan design, Quality management, Documentation). I also drived deep interactions with other teams (Business Intelligence, Billing, etc.) to ensure smooth integration.

    Team Lead (9 months)
    I took responsibility for the team, in order to drive the test phase, the go-live phase and the post go-live support phase. (2-10 people under my responsibility)
  • ATEXO - Manager - Directeur de projet

    PARIS 2007 - 2009 Jan. 2007 to Jan. 2009 : Head of the Business Unit LT MPE (E-Tendering) – ATEXO – (Paris)
    This department is in charge of the software LT MPE, a secured service dealing with dematerialization of public works contracts. This software was the first one ATEXO developed and is still the main revenue generator (ATEXO - Consultancy and engineering - 50 employees).

    Commercial Manager responsible for product development
    - Developed the strategic plan for the product with executives
    - Managed and developed the product portfolio, identifying new opportunities
    - Managed customer relationships and negotiation, producing quotes and proposals

    Responsible for a portfolio of greater than 100 clients
    - In charge of main accounts, managing and following-up others
    - Customer Relationship management (evaluations, solving major crisis, applying correctives measures)
    - Head of the technical support: supervision of operators, technicians and necessary corrections

    Project Director
    - Supervision of major projects (development, deployment, operating, change management)
    - Outsourcing follow-up : offshore entity in Rabat (Morocco) – 10 programmers
    - Technology manager assistance (technical follow-up, set up priorities)

    Project Head
    - Functional expertise : organization of workshops, requirements analysis and production of specifications
    - Development follow-up
    - Change management, and training

    Other Management responsibilities
    - Improvement of internal quality processes
    - Recruitment and interviewing
    - Quality assurance reviews (commercial proposal, project organization)
  • Accenture - Analyst consultant

    Paris 2006 - 2006 May 2006 to December 2006 : Analyst consultant for the company RTE – French Electrical Network
    Head of team in charge of application maintenance :
    - Leading of the team in charge of Customer Relationship Management ERP (SAP CRM – 2 persons)
    - Client assistance (functional expertise), meetings, change management, job aid development
    - Production of functional requirements, detailed requirements, errors correction, customizing
  • Accenture - Analyst consultant

    Paris 2005 - 2006 May 2005 to May 2006 : Analyst consultant for the company RTE – French Electrical Network
    Head Project in charge of customer interaction – data migration
    - Member of project team (3 persons) in charge of implementation of CRM ERP (SAP CRM)
    - Functional and detailed requirement (meetings, functional analysis), leading of deployment phases
    - Customizing of SAP CRM and development team follow-up
  • REGIONAL CAE - Trainee – Maintenance Unit

    2004 - 2004 April to August 2004 : Trainee – Maintenance Unit – Airline REGIONAL CAE – (Clermont-Ferrand)
    Re-engineering of processes in collaboration with both quality management and engineering departments for compliance with regulations (JAR 145) for a forthcoming audit (17 people)
    - Training of the staff to use technical documentation and to be in compliance with JAR 145
    - Re-engineering of maintenance processes (Check A, Check C)

    {Edit : I'm glad the maintenance Unit was certified successfully only two month after I was gone}
  • Accenture - Analyst consultant

    Paris 2004 - 2005 September 2004 to May 2005 : Analyst consultant for the company RTE – French Electrical Network
    Consultant helping client leading the maintenance team :
    - Supervision of 2 technicians in charge of maintenance of CRM software (Siebel Sales)
    - Creation of new functional requirements
    - Meetings, change management, job aid development
  • Various - Trainee

    2000 - 2004 April to August 2002 : Trainee – Research & Development – APPIA Gerland Routes – (Lyon)
    - Development of two new processes for testing bituminous mixes and validation of these processes

    June to July 2001 : Trainee – Research & Development on carbon fabrics – HEXCEL FABRICS – (Lyon)
    - Development of a new mechanism to improve the quality of the fabrics using EPOXY

    November 2000 to May 2001 : Trainee – Research laboratories CREMHYG and LEGI – (Grenoble)
    - Development of software to analyze cavitation phenomena in Vulcan Engine (Ariane - French space rocket).
  • Various - Temp

    1997 - 2000 August 1997 to September 2000 : Various jobs as a temp (Student jobs)

    - Duration from 1 week to 1 year – Details on demand


  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure De L'Aéronautique Et De L'Espace SUPAERO

    Toulouse 2002 - 2004 Master of Engineering from the top French engineering school of Aeronautics and Space

    Aeronautics, Engineering and System management / Project lead and Logistics

    "Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace" (SUPAERO) - Admitted on record in second year
  • Université Grenoble 1 Joseph Fourier (St Martin D'Heres)

    St Martin D'Heres 2000 - 2002 Master of mechanics and hydrodynamics (With high honors)

    Four years training about flow mechanics, structures, materials and numerical analysis
  • Université Lyon 1 Claude Bernard

    Villeurbanne 1998 - 2000 "Magistère de Mécanique" (With high honors)

    High-level training in Mechanical Sciences (industrial processes, etc.)

    Double diploma in research and engineering including several courses in laboratories