En résumé

Professionnel dans le domaine des systèmes informatique depuis plus de 15 ans dans des environnements à envergure internationale et multidisciplinaire, j'ai occupé successivement les fonctions d’ingénieur support, de projet manager, de responsable infrastructure IT et de directeur de département...

Capacité à manager des équipes opérationnelles ainsi que de développer une vision et une stratégie. Bonne communication vers les équipes de terrain ainsi que le business.

Expertise dans la dimension managériale et la stratégique d'un poste d'encadrement, dans la définition et la mise en place d’une organisation et d’un plan de transformation, dans le suivi des opérations et le coaching, dans la gestion de programme en gardant de solide compétence technique.

IT teams management and organization.
Organization setup and transformation.
Auditing IT infrastructure and processes.
In depth Knowledge of IT Architecture.
In depth knowledge of modern infrastructure concepts.
IT governance

Mes compétences :
Business Intelligence
Program Management
Data Center
IT Management


  • Teteo Group (RESA, VOO, Btv, Canal +) - Director IT Infrastructure and Opération

    2010 - maintenant Manage all Infrastructure resources and capacities (internal employees and external providers).
    Responsible for teams (40 people) to manage Network, Internal Telephony, Desktop, Support, Datacenters, infrastructure server and Storage;
    Day-to-day operations. Work together with key leaders in the organization to assess infrastructure needs and deliver Infrastructure projects.
    Provide consistency in infrastructure choices in partnership with the teams.
    - Setting up the Infrastructure team organisation.
    - Running within the infrastructure a change management project; Integration of team providing from 5 different Company (different sectors) in order to work together.
    - Data centre consolidation: Setting up a private and Hybrid cloud.
  • From 03 / 2008 Orchestra, France, (CDD). - Infrastructure and IT international operational Manager for 11 people – Assistant director –

    2008 - 2009 Infrastructure and IT international operational Manager for 11 people – Assistant director –

    Coordination of IT activities, management of the teams regarding both internal IT and international customer support, 4 countries.
    Audit and proposal of a strategic IT plan, in order to meet both IT infrastructure and organization needs.
    - Setting up the service desk, call centre for both internal and external customers (350shops), providing reports.
    - Data centre consolidation: Server, database, storage and backup. (VMware virtualization, new backup policy…), MS exchange implementation.
    - Redesign the network WAN architecture, 350 shops connected to the head office. Optimisation, improving performances and SLA, Setting up processes and procedures.
    - Elaboration of a global contract with Microsoft. Review of several contracts and maintenance.
    - Outsourcing of the configuration and maintenance for cash register hardware.
  • Erasme Hospital Brussels, Belgium, - Infrastructure Manager of the IT department for 18 people – IT director (12 months) -

    2004 - 2008 Infrastructure Manager of the IT department for 18 people – Assistant director – IT director (12 months) -

    Management of IT teams. (System, Network, Operation, Help-desk). Organisation of priorities.
    Responsible for coordination and day to day management of the IT systems (2 data centres, 2500 simultaneous network connection).
    Preparation of a strategic IT plan taking into account the company objective and constraints, developing the IT systems in the health care sector. - Execution of the strategic plan. – Definition and proposal of a 3 year strategic plan –
    Design recommendation of IT solution, supervision of their integration within the IT architecture. (Network, servers, storage, backup, application, software configuration…)
    Define and manage the IT budget.
    Teams’ organization:
    - Set-up of an adequate organisational team structure, definition of the working process, the objectives and responsibilities.
    - Creation and implementation of a help desk following ITIL standard improving performances and customer satisfaction.
    Relationship management:
    - Coordination with management and other services in need of new IT solution. Translating the medicals IT needs into projects
    - Reporting to the general management: Awareness on the existing situation, Proposition of new axes to be considered.
    - Dealing with suppliers, partners, consultants, operators and customers; Collaboration with other teams.
    Data centre consolidation (both):
    - Review and standardize architecture to optimize availability and maintenance efforts.
    - Server Consolidation with VMware ESX: Optimization of servers’ utilization improving the flexibility and security. Reduce hardware cost while improving business continuity.
    - Disaster recovery and security plan: Implementation of a new storage infrastructure, SAN, backup system, cluster, library and backup policy. Archiving solution (Information life cycle management (ILM)) to face the increasing load of data. Project management for PACS system.
    - Sizing: Design of the global infrastructure… Drawing of the ERP (SAP) infrastructure…
    - Upgrade to Win 2003 Active Directory including mail servers, Network VLAN consolidation, securities… (2400 Pcs).
    Project Manager:
    - Project leader and technical expert regarding decision making, Definition, planning, execution and follow-up of projects
    - Part of the Piloting Committee on the ERP project: (SAP, Infohos, Oasys).
    Organisation – Quality - Methods:
    - Improvement of monitoring and existing procedures in order to optimize availability & maintenance effort, improving the quality of service for users. Improving change management process.
    - Define and set-up of SLA with both internal customers and external suppliers.
    - Implementation of an outsourcing network monitoring with resolution and SLA.
  • Fournier Pharma, à Dijon, France - Project Manager, System Administrator France/International

    2002 - 2004 Project Manager, System Administrator France/International

    Part of the team developing and integrating the adequate architecture of the IT systems regarding both subsidiaries and headquarters.

    Participated in the strategic planning of the IT departments, dealing with projects decided on, making sure they are carried out as planned. Dealing with suppliers, consultant and customer.

    Setting up the IT infrastructure including: network, servers, software configuration and backup systems.

    On site intervention, writing of knowledge bases, white papers,
    procedures and intervention reports.

    Insuring the continuous well functioning of the IT systems, their security, maintenance and any necessary evolution and update. In depth knowledge of administration on both Windows and Unix platform.

    For Subsidiary: Managing the subsidiary team, Analyses of the local needs, security audits and disaster recovery plans, Technical contact point between the subsidiary responsible, headquarters and intervention, Selecting and dealing with suppliers, placing orders, validation of estimates.

    Upgrade NT / Windows 2000 active directory,
    Windows 2000 security plan, Disaster recovery plans for subsidiaries.
    New backup infrastructure.
  • BUSINESS OBJECTS, European support, Maidenhead, England. - Senior Support Engineer / Team leader within Server team.

    2000 - 2002 Senior Support Engineer / Team leader within Server team.

    Account management experience, Resolving customer problems bug reproduction, testing and escalation,

    Onsite intervention, writing of knowledge bases, white papers and intervention reports.

    In depth knowledge of Business Objects Server Products, knowledge of BO Reporter & Supervisor, module.

    General activities concerning the overall leadership of the team. These include: weekly analysis of reports, creation of statistics

    showing the final results and acting out on them. Responsible for the knowledge transfer within the team.

    Setting-up induction training for new employees and advanced training in case required.

    Outstanding Customer Service Award. (By Business Objects).
    Outstanding Dream team (Atlanta “Team exchange”)


  • Lycée Saint Joseph

    Dijon maintenant
  • Institut Supérieur International En Informatique Et Réseaux

    Dijon 1998 - 2000 Informatique Réseau Industrielle et culture International

    Postgraduate Diploma, characterized by a high level of computing and network knowledge; (Option International). Saint Joseph University of Dijon, France.
    Title of International project engineer in computing and networking.
  • Lycée Saint Joseph

    Dijon 1996 - 1998 Brevet de Technicien Supérieur Mécaniques et Automatismes Industriels. (BTS MAI)
  • Lycée Saint Joseph

    Dijon 1995 - 1998 Baccalauréat Sciences et Techniques Industrielles Génie Electrotechnique (BAC STI)


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