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  • Toastate - Starting Toastate

    2017 - maintenant Toastate technology was first developed to make Fitnhotel's system more flexible. Serverless applications are about to move forward to the next step !
  • Fitnhotel - Co-founder

    NIEDERHAUSBERGEN 2016 - maintenant Fitn’Hotel enables hotels to earn more non-room revenue by opening their fitness center.

    Hotels’ fitness centers are mainly empty, while the classic city fitness centers are often overcrowded and congested. Moreover, Hotels don’t make profit out of these unexploited spaces, because they cannot sell subscriptions without disconcerting the usual room customers.

    Fitn’Hotel solution and main product is fitness hours for non-room customers. Why? Because it allows us to “uberize” fitness Center while making it easy for Hotels to manage their new customer flow. Hotels make their schedule on their own by allocating days or only hours with a limited number of seats per hour.

    Fitn’Hotel’s prototype was launched on April at

    Our customers will be geographically free, without Subscription and registration fees. Customer redirection to the Bar, the Restaurant and the Spa of our partners make a new lifestyle come true.
  • AXIMA Réfrigération GDF-SUEZ - Environmental Project Manager

    2011 - 2016 Axima Refrigeration offers innovative and competitive solutions, adapted to the customer requirements with reduction in the carbon footprint and energy saving.

    - Responsible for the implementation and management of a Microsoft Sharepoint website, in order to unify all departments' documents

    - Lead a team which aims to train our 70 intern agencies on renewable energy (CEE).



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