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  • Orbeo

  • Feedly - Business Development

    2013 - maintenant
  • Fab2Rem SAS - Co-Founder

    2012 - maintenant Fab2Rem is the corporate vehicle for new ventures and projects by Fabrice Navrez and Remi Trang.

    With a great diversity in our personal interests, and plenty of common background as well as significant shared experiences in entrepreneurship, we have established Fab2Rem as a tool for the continuous development of new projects.

    Current areas of development include :
    • personal fitness & wellness
    • eSports
    • other web ventures

    Our project development framework is based on a few core principles : quick prototyping, feedback oriented beta-testing, proving demand before launching products.
  • Bento Factory - Co-Founder, Managing Director

    2010 - 2012 Bento Factory was my first business venture as an entrepreneur. After 3 years of doing Business Development work in Carbon Finance and Emissions Reductions projects, I wanted to take my shot at product development and building a brand.

    That challenge took the form of Bento Factory. Following a trip to Japan, my business partner and I decided to bring Japanese Bentos (traditional lunchboxes) to the French market and launched the 1st bento delivery service catered towards various business districts of Paris.

    Over 8 months of activities, we produced and delivered nearly 2,000 lunch-boxes, serving over 1,000 customers. We proved that we could challenge a number of industry practices: sub-letting our production facility, voluntarily limiting our production, and only taking orders from our website.

    In May 2012, we paused to review our sales results and prospects for long-term development. Based on that analysis as well as several focus groups with our main clients and discussions with fellow entrepreneurs, we decided to shut down Bento Factory.

    As an entrepreneur, my responsibilities included pretty much everything.
    My most notable lessons learned are in the areas of :
    • Product Design & Product Launch
    • Creating a Brand
    • E Commerce (web design, product management, SE)
    • Community Management
    • Business Review & Decision making
  • Orbeo SAS - Business Developper

    2009 - 2010 Orbeo is a joint-venture equally owned by Rhodia and Société Générale. Through the acquisition of OneCarbon, Orbeo grew its team and portfolio, extending its service offer from mostly financial players to emission reduction project developers and owners.

    As I was coming from the OneCarbon side of the merger (acquired company), but my academic and cultural background were very much in line with the Orbeo culture (acquiring company), I naturally joined the Integration taskforce, and the Business Development team.

    My responsibilities included:
    • Focus on the integration process of the merger
    • Responsible for new business activities
    • Support development of strategic activities
  • Le MoHo - Co-Founder

    2008 - 2008 Le Moho was a study-trip in the Silicon Valley that brought 33 students (Essec, Centrale Paris), 10 Social entrepreneurs, 10 artists, and 17 corporate partners (Schneider Electric, Europ Assistance, etc.) together for a week-long trip centered around innovation and thinking outside the box.

    As co-founder of Le Moho, my missions included:
    • Project Design and preparation for the trip
    • Practical organization of visits and meetings (particular focus on the Energy Group, working on green tech and new business models)
    • Production of reports on innovative opportunities for partner companies
    • Driving a full-size RV in the Bay Area
  • OneCarbon BV - an Econcern Company - Business Development & Innovation (BDI)

    2008 - 2009 As OneCarbon evolved into a larger company with broader scope and capabilities, a Business Development Department was set-up, with the responsibility to assess and report on medium-term strategies in terms of technologies, regions and partnerships. As part of the BDI team, I fully supported those functions.

    Within the context of evolving carbon markets, and as OneCarbon's holding company Econcern filed for suspension of payments (May 2009) and bankruptcy (June 2009), the roles and responsibility of BDI quickly reshaped into that of a Mergers & Acquisition unit directly supporting the top management.

    As a key member of that core team of 4 persons, and with the assistance of our external advisors, I was directly responsible for:
    • Set-up and maintenance of the OneCarbon data-room
    • Personal interface with potential buyers for OneCarbon (Q&A process, 1st round, 2nd round)
    • Full due diligence

    These most-intense efforts led to the acquisition of OneCarbon by Orbeo in June 2009. All of the OneCarbon staff was offered a position in the merger.
  • OneCarbon BV - an Econcern Company - Carbon Finance & Markets - Analyst, Consultant

    2007 - 2008 As part of the Econcern group, OneCarbon was set up in 2007 to deal with all things carbon credits related for Econcern, including project origination (initiating, (co-)developing or financing emissions projects globally) and carbon trading.

    As part of the newly formed Carbon Finance & Markets (CFM) team, I was responsible for:
    • Support and Development of the CFM Department
    • Commercial Pitch
    • Collaboration with Governmental buyers for Certified Emissions Reductions purchase programs


  • ESSEC Formation Continue (6 semaines)

    Cergy Pontoise maintenant
  • Essec (Cergy)

    Cergy 2006 - 2008 • European Chair For Excellence in Food Chains (corporate partners: Groupe Danone, Groupe Carrefour)
    • Member of the Institute for Service Innovation & Strategy (ISIS)
  • University Of Virginia The Comm School (Charlottesville, Va)

    Charlottesville, Va 2004 - 2006 Finance, Management

    ICE Program 2004-2005
    | Block 7 (Procter & Gamble)
  • Northern Virginia Community College Virginia Community College System (VCCS) (Annandale)

    Annandale 2002 - 2004 Business Administration

    Annandale Campus


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