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My business is teaching English. I specialise in helping people who need English for their work and career. I also teach students who need intensive help to prepare for competitive examinations. I am well qualified – I have a Masters in Linguistics, although it’s experience that is most important. I am based in the UK and I mainly use Skype video to meet students. Skype costs nothing and the quality of sound and video is exceptional! Learning on line or virtually is different from learning in a traditional classroom. And it is becoming more and more popular with students and businesses. The first reason students give for choosing a virtual teacher is because they can work with an experienced, native speaker who lives in the UK. The second reason they give is about flexibility. In all businesses (and families?) there are periods which are especially busy or pressured. With an on line teacher, a student can plan their classes to fit their work and home life. The third advantage is that it’s a very economical and efficient way of studying. Students tell me that with the traditional classes their class time is fixed. It’s often at a time which doesn’t suit them. They work in a group and the group changes and the teacher is often young and they change – sometimes without notice. And if they have to travel to a language school, this can take a lot of time. With virtual we meet at their office or kitchen table – just a click and the class starts! As a teacher I love working this way. The most popular mode is a one hour session twice a week. This way of working is remarkably intensive and can produce really significant improvement in confidence and fluency week by week. And because it is so easy, a student can contact and meet for 10 or 20 minutes if they want to maintain consistency, when they are busy at work or, for example, to prepare an interview or presentation at short notice. Of course there is more to a course than just the face to face session too. A student receives a full set of notes after each class and as much home work as they want or can manage.

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  • - Je suis un professeur en ligne d'anglais

  • Garnet Publishing - Ecrivain

    2010 - 2011 Auteur d'un livre de cours sur l'agrobusiness et l'agriculture


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