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  • Quantic Dream - Lead 3D Engine Programmer

    Paris 2013 - maintenant Port of Beyond: Two Souls on PS4.
    Development of the new 3D engine for Detroit: Become Human.
  • Quantic Dream - Lead Engine Programmer on Beyond: Two Souls

    Paris 2010 - 2013 Responsible for management of the engine team.
    The game has been release on October 2013.
    The team have developped a new iteration of the Playstation 3 Engine (Deferred Shading, Global Illumination, Skin and hair shading, Physically based shaders, Decals, SPU Post-Processing in HDR, Texture streaming, heavy optimizations).
    We have also developped, as a proof of concept for the new engine, a tech demo : "Kara".
  • Quantic Dream - Lead Engine Programmer on Heavy Rain

    Paris 2005 - 2010 Responsible for management of the engine team (8 members including me).
    The game has been released on February 2010 and has been a huge success (2.2 Millions sold).
    The game was a Playstation 3 exclusive title.
    The team was responsable of the following components :
    - Engine (memory, loading system, rendering system, scene graph; PS3 optimisation)
    - Maya tools (WYSIWYG editor, shader edition, export of graphic data, etc.)
    I personnally contributed to :
    - Shader and lighting system
    - Shadow system
  • Quantic Dream - Lead PC Programmer on Fahrenheit

    Paris 2004 - 2005 Responsible for the PC version of Fahrenheit.
    The game has been released in September 2005 on both PC, PS2 and X-Box.
    - Worked on compatibility issues with graphic cards
    - Worked on game controller implementation
    - Worked on upgraded graphics for PC
    - Worked on code optimization
    - First management experience (1 person on Maya tools)
  • Quantic Dream - Engine Programmer on Fahrenheit

    Paris 2000 - 2004 - Worked on PC Engine technology
    - Worked on DirectX8 renderer
    - Worked on scene graph and game structure
    - Worked on Prelighting tools with lightmap generation
    - Worked on Maya 5.0 Exporter