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Development of strategic ecosystems, innovative businesses, products and services, early in the cycle, in phase of strong growth, for large companies.

Expertise developed:
• Good understanding of strategic business issues;
• Mastering of long and complex sales, in a multinational & cross-cultural environment;
• Very large network in IT consulting;
• Strong leadership to convert customers to innovative solutions;
• Starting new business units: recruitment and team management, development of distribution networks, strategic alliances management, P&L planning and execution, global activity supervision.

Lately created x3Fab - Startup Studio Excubator
x3Fab invents the new concept of startup studio excubator.
On behalf of corporate, we create and deliver digital startups with our team, in our offices, with our methods and our control over capital.
Corporate rises to the capital as it finances development phases and has the right to redeem the entirety of the capital at any time.
x3Fab has full autonomy and freedom to disrupt the market of corporates: corporate funds, x3Fab carries out.

We are specialized in the realization of intermediation platforms.

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Mes compétences :
Sales Operations
Sales Management
Open source
Social networking


  • x3Fab - Startup Studio Excubateur - CEO & Co-Founder

    Paris 2016 - maintenant x3Fab invente le nouveau concept de startup studio excubateur.
    Nous réalisons des projets de startups numériques pour le compte de grands groupes avec notre équipe, dans nos locaux, avec nos méthodes et notre maîtrise du capital.
    Le grand groupe monte au capital au fur et à mesure des financements des phases de développement et dispose du droit de racheter prioritairement l’intégralité du capital à tout moment.
    x3Fab a toute autonomie et liberté de disrupter le marché des grands groupes : le grand groupe finance, x3Fab réalise.

    Nous sommes spécialisés dans la réalisation de plateformes de mise en relation ou d’intermédiation.

    Pour plus d’informations sur notre approche, consultez notre site et contactez nous à
  • DojoGroup - Senior Partner

    2016 - 2016 - Mentoring for digital startups
    - Advise startup projects’ owners in strategic choices and outsourcing of IT expertise
    - Strategy, funds raising, grants, growth hacking, lean startup
  • Extrême Sensio /// SensioLabs - International Sales & Business Development Director

    Clichy 2012 - 2015 - Structure the Sales & "Business Development" forces in France and abroad
    - Build and manage the Business / Operational action plan: products, services, training, support
    - Manage / coordinate sales channels: direct / partner network / strategic partneship
    - Sales & "Business development" team management (objectives, reporting, ...)
    - Monitor budget, centralize reporting / dashboards
    - Coordinate business activities with Heads of Business Units
  • Vootik - CEO & Founder

    Yvelines 2010 - maintenant - Oversee the operations of the company
    - Establish new business contacts, interact with clients and recruit employees
    - Develop strategic marketing and sales plans to boost profits and efficiency
    - Coordinate the efforts to meet company goals
  • SAP - Consulting Sales Manager

    Paris 2006 - 2010 - Ensured the overall success of the sale and implementation of SAP services solutions and business
    - Industries: Banking, Insurance, Media, Oil & Gas
    - Focused sales effort to build a profitable service opportunity pipeline
    - Drove successful sales to create a continuous service revenue stream
    - Built strategic customer, stakeholder and partner relationship networks
    - Built, deploy and motivate a strong consulting network
    - Coordinated teams in pre-sales and delivery context
    - Facilitated and drove project delivery
  • Neo - Sales Director & New Business Development Manager

    2003 - 2005 - Developed business for companies wishing to expand internationally
    - Ignited expansion activities, drove the development of a customer base and established a cost effective sales and support model
    - Identified, selected and managed suitable partners (South Korea, Switzerland, South Africa)
    - Developed adequate pricing with the local markets, managed exploitation to ensure profitability and proper development with accurate P&L reporting
    - Organized and managed channel distribution networks to achieve sales goals and to develop consumer loyalty
    - Negotiated, purchased and finalized national franchise agreements
    - Recruited and managed sales team
  • SunGard Global Trading (GL Trade) - EMEA Global Alliance Manager

    1999 - 2003 - Developed alliances, partnerships and service offers to the financial community
    - Created the service selling ‘GL Professional Services’ Business Unit
    - Developed strategic partnerships with IT consulting companies
    - Negotiated and completed frame-contracts and SLA
    - Participated in pre-sale support
    - Participated in sale of products and services to partners
    - Created and managed partnerships in South Africa within the framework of the Johannesburg subsidiary company creation


  • HEC-Entrepreneurs

    Jouy En Josas 1997 - 1998
  • HEC

    Jouy En Josas 1997 - 1998
  • ESGI

    Paris 1993 - 1996 Ingénieur Système & Réseau
  • Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham)

    Nottingham 1992 - 1993
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