Sophie MERLE


En résumé

LEAD & CHALLENGE THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, INTERNATIONAL LEVEL (social media, content marketing, mobile, automation marketing, retention & engagement management, customer experience management)

• Lead Innovation ( Creative design thinking ) prototyping
• Brand awareness & Revenue & Profit optimization in 30 countries on and off-line.
• Rejuvenate audience and customers- Digital Mom chaser & scrutinizer (highest spender of the family for everyday goods !)
• Creator of Marketing Relevance & customer journey to improve business performance and customer retention
• Lead multi-cultural teams and projects
• Foster a culture of best practices sharing & constant improvement, provide case studies and best practices around the world.
Persona obsessed - Marketing & client passionate - product "augmented" creator -

Specialties: Innovation / Intrapreneur / Digital & Direct marketing/ International/Customer marketing/ e-mailing/ Acquisition / Retention / Integrated marketing /creative solutions /branding, CRM

Company The Reader’s Digest Association, a Direct Marketing Company (book, magazine, video, music publishers & Multi-channel company – Health, cooking, hiking, jewelry catalog) operating in 70 countries- 77 magazines - 50 locals, the most read magazine in the world. $2Mds revenues, 20 M Orders, 100 millions Readers.

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Marketing direct
Marketing relationnel
Marketing online
Marketing digital
Satisfaction client


  • Reader's Digest international, a direct mail company - Global Marketing & Digital Director

    2010 - maintenant "It's not the strongest of the species that survives ... but the one most responsive to change." — Charles Darwin

    - Innovate &supervise the digital transformation to become a multi-channel company - Digital & Mobile & phone (collect phone and e-mails- acquisition new customer through new channels to rejuvenate brand- responsive design - improve offers by test & learn process)

    - Innovate & design the new RD, tests to embrace the Mobile revolution.

    - Implement social network strategy following the best examples (internal & external)- Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest- Develop brand awareness & conversion

    - Recommend automation & triggers adapted to DM & Digital following the best in class of the group and industry best practices

    - Provide best practices for emails, triggers, upsell, abandonment (cart and pages) & web 2.0 and advise local implementation & optimization

    - Innovation & transformation for the DM communication- attract younger audience.
  • Reader's digest international, a direct mail company - Global promotion marketing Director

    2006 - 2010 $2billion revenue, 20 millions orders, 70 countries. (Health, cooking, history, entertainement, books, catalogs)

    - Supervise the international catalogs creation (improve communication, product placement, look & feel and ROI) with a strong marketing vision -Raise revenue per customers +21% volume yoy- contrib 130 MM USD

    -Supervise many innovative projects to improve ROI /customer centrics approach / savings & digital transformation- (achieved saving of 20%- +8% in volume when customer base decreased of -10 yoy)

    - Supervise creative workshops & brainstorming -100 winning tests, managing 350 per year

    - Manage test programs in DM & Digital & new approach (different tone & different channel & different mix)

    - Produce best practices for offers, digital, communication & promotion tools & advise.
  • Sélection du Reader's Digest, France - Responsable promotion France

    2001 - 2006 100 M€ Revenue, 1million orders

    - Responsible for the development of tests and mailing flow for France to improve acquisition and retention
    - Manage the acquisition program (promotion / test/ offers)- Acquisition +15%
    - Increase the number of successful tests under my supervision -90% vs 70%
    - Innovate & Create strong promotion tools - Reactivation/Retention +30%-
  • Mk2 groupe - Responsable Marketing, France

    1997 - 2001 15 M€ Revenue, 3 millions tickets, 9 theaters, 44 screens, 200 employees

    - Create the new brand- MK2 vs 14 Juillet
    - Improve the notoriety and satisfaction (+18% volume) - improve customer service approach, look & feel and service oriented approach in the theaters
    - Develop partnership to improve ROI, notoriety & positioning
    - Create retention program - (+160% volume)
    - Supervise all the food and beverage business for the movie theater chain (+32% contrib margin), price and size revision, assortment reduced, strong managerial incentive plan created.
    - Develop the BtoB business (+21% volume) -Renting & CE