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MedTech, founded in 2002, is an innovative company specialized in robot assisted surgery.

MedTech first product is a surgical robot called BRIGIT™ (an acronym for “Bone Resection Instrument Guidance by Intelligent Tool”) used in orthopedic surgery for knee reconstruction. During a knee arthoplasty surgical procedure, this voice-activated surgical robot provides the surgeon with the ability to accurately position instruments based upon patient-specific, pre-operative plans established through a software interface. The surgeon then makes surgical cuts at precise angles required for the patient’s specific anatomy and the robot arm assists the surgeons in maintaining the desired position.
Use of the BRIGIT system has the potential to reduce the number of instruments needed in knee surgery and is designed to shorten the transition between different steps in a surgical procedure. It also has the potential to benefit hospitals by reducing procedure times through minimizing the number of instruments used, which can also reduce requirements for cleaning and sterilization of instruments.
MedTech obtained regulatory clearance for European and North American markets (CE Marking and 510(k)). On March 22, 2006, Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE and SWX: ZMH), a world leader in the orthopaedics industry, acquired from MedTech all of the intellectual property for this intelligent surgical assistive robot.

MedTech continues to develop and market technologies matching surgeons’ needs. The Company currently focuses on Neurosurgical applications through its product ROSA and plans to further expand its technology to other fields of surgery.

ROSA™ is the first multi-application platform for Neurosurgery, offering valuable assistance in a variety of neurosurgical procedures (EEG, stereotactic brain biopsies, open-sky procedures, neuroendoscopy, etc.).
ROSA™ system includes preoperative planning software, navigation, 3D visualization and robotics capabilities.
ROSA™ features both conventional marker-based registration and an exclusive contactless automatic surface matching technique.

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Développement commercial


  • QANTEA Conseil - Secrétaire Générale

    maintenant QANTEA Conseil - Cabinet de conseils en stratégie et développement d’entreprise.

    - Activité Expert:

    Participation à la création d’un réseau de cabinets d’experts comptable :
    Audit des cabinets (audit interne, étude documentaire, enquête satisfaction clientèle)

    Stratégie RH (bilan de compétences, recrutements, mise en place des bilans annuels)

    Communication (site internet, plaquettes produits, dossier de presse…)

    Développement commercial (formations commerciales, supports de vente, enquête satisfaction)

    Développement du réseau (intégration de nouveaux cabinets, développement de partenariat)

    - Activité Conseil:

    Organisation, RH: Recrutement, gestion du changement, "motivation, performance et talents"

    Marketing vente: Etudes, stratégie marketing, gestion relation clients

    Finance: gestion patrimoniale, retraite prévoyance, optimisation de la rémunération, dossiers subventions.

    Stratégie: Plans d'orientation stratégiques, nouveaux marchés, audit d'acquisition, jeunes entreprises.
  • Medtech - Sales Manager

    2012 - maintenant 3 years experience selling capital equipment in the medical industry. Negociation and management of tendering and negotiated contracts.

    Create and develop the market in France for the ROSA robot.
    ROSA, the latest generation in robotics to work alongside neurosurgeons to provide guaranteed accuracy relative to a frame-based stereotactic system and is ergonomically superior to a standard navigation system.

    Promote minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery to a global audience of surgeons and hospitals.
    Create marketing tools to help sell, market, and promote ROSA robot.
    Establish PR contacts and write/distribute press releases.
  • QUEOVAL - Directrice commerciale

    2008 - 2009 Lancement de la commercialisation de solutions logicielles : Mise en place de la stratégie commerciale : politique tarifaire, mise en place de l’offre, prospection, commercialisation avec prise de rendez-vous et/ou en
    call conférence.

    Mise en place de partenariats avec des distributeurs et apporteurs d’affaires : rédaction des contrats,négociation des modalités des partenariats, mise en place en interne des process d’information pour gérer les affaires avec nos partenaires.

    Développement des outils de communication : plaquettes, site web (, présentation des solutions lors des salons, réunions thématiques…



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