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  • LafargeHolcim - Training Coordinator & Coach Consultant (EIA)

    Rapperswil-Jona 2015 - maintenant Reponsabilities
    • In charge of developing, scheduling, designing and facilitating technical training classes as well as creating training manuals and materials to accompany these sessions.
    • Map out training plans, design and develop training programs (outsourced or in-house)
    • Choose appropriate training methods per case (simulations, mentoring, on the job training, professional development classes etc)
    • Market available training opportunities to employees and provide necessary information
    • Conduct organisation wide needs assessment and identify skills or knowledge gaps that need to be addressed
    • Use accepted education principles and track new training methods and techniques
    • Design and prepare educational aids and materials
    • Assess instructional effectiveness and summarize evaluation reports determining the impact of training on employee skills and how it affects KPIs
    • Partner with internal stakeholders and liaise with matter experts regarding instructional design
    • Maintain updated curriculum database and training records
    • Provide train-the-trainer sessions for internal subject matter experts
    • Manage and maintain in-house training facilities and equipment
  • Lafarge - Electrical Coach Consultant

    Paris 2014 - 2015 Responsibilities:
    • Effectively trouble shoot electrical problem by reducing troubleshooting time by 50%
    • Participation and support of investigation into any HSSE incidents or accidents.
    • Support of major electrical maintenance and commissioning tasks.
    • To include both corrective and preventative maintenance.
    • Review / improve existing maintenance programs for instruments.
    • Review / improve spares availability for Electrical.
    • Resolution of warranty issues and implementation of modifications.
    • Input to commissioning activities where requested.
    • Performing Authority responsibilities.
    • Coaching of local Maintenance Electrical Engineers and Electrical Technicians to develop competency and wider engineering skills.
    • Through on-the-job training and coaching.
    • Specific projects aligned at development.
    • Application of Continuous Improvement to identify opportunities for improvement and work to resolve them.
    • To be done in close co-ordination with Maintenance Electrical Engineers.
    • Areas for improvement may include:
    • HSE, Reliability or Quality improvements.
    • Performance monitoring.
    • Guidance information and procedures.
    • Maintenance systems and processes (including Maximo reporting).
    • Input into maintenance planning process.
  • Wärtsilä - Maintenance Electrical Supervisor & Engine Automation specialist

    2011 - 2014 Plant Job Responsibilities:
    In charge of Electrical, PLC/IT, engine automation, control command and instrumentation engines and auxiliary equipment
    • Plan and schedule projects, estimate time and materials, supervise subordinates, maintain records and files and prepare reports.
    • Plan and supervise the work of electricians.
    • Plan and estimate electrical jobs.
    • Maintain records on electrical jobs and assign to appropriate personnel. Assist in coordinating job assignments with the other trades, e.g., plumbers, carpenters, etc.
    • Assist contractors on jobs.
    • Maintain knowledge of electrical materials in warehouse.
    • Advice Contract and Maintenance manager of technical problems concerned with installation, modification and repair of electrical assignments.
    • Recommend procedure revisions when necessary to fully utilize assigned personnel and equipment.
    • Determine procedures for maintenance, installation, modification and repair of electrical assignments.
    • Inspect work to ensure compliance with standard procedures and electrical assignments.
    • Examine electrical services for proper working procedures.
    • Perform related work as required.
    • Preparation of Daily & Monthly reports

    Field Service Job responsibilities
     Inspection of assembled equipment, to ensure proper installation.
     Inspection of all operating parts to ensure proper operation within expected tolerances.
     Tune and troubleshoot equipment for proper operation.
     Interact with internal and external project managers during field projects.
     Clearly and professionally interact with customer, regarding status of commissioning, on a daily basis.
  • Wärtsilä - Field Service Electrical Engineer

    2009 - 2011 Plant job Responsibilities:
    In charge of Electrical, automation, control command and instrumentation engines and auxiliary equipment
    Handle all electrical repairs pertaining to plant equipment electrical supply systems
    Responsible for analyzing, troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning machines and systems as well as recommend corrective actions Responsible for maintenance inspections

    Field Service Job responsibilities
    • Engines overhauls (G4&G5)18000 & 24000hrs WÄRTSILÄ 18V50DF Owendo Power Plant Libreville/Gabon
    • Engines overhauls 12000, 24000, 36000hrs SULZER ZAS40 Owendo Power Plant Libreville (Gabon)
    • Engines Maintenance 18000 hrs WÄRTSILÄ 9L26 Shipyard Douala (Cameroon)
    • Engines overhauls 24000 hrs 3xW18V32 Farcha I Power Plant N’Djamena (Chad)
  • Wärtsilä - Service Electrical Engineer

    2006 - 2008 Plant Job Responsibilities:

    Automation, control command and instrumentation engines and auxiliary.
    • Perform corrective and preventative maintenance of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
    • Install, test and calibrate new equipment.
    • Ensure equipment uptime by keeping adequate spare parts inventories.
    • Maintain database for upgrade and repair of equipment.
    • Accurately document all maintenance tasks and generate weekly report on key maintenance metrics.
    • Promote safety culture and perform all duties according to company HSE policies and procedures.

    Field Service Job responsibilities:

    Engine overhauls 12000, 24000, 36000hrs SULZER ZAS40 Owendo Power Plant Libreville/Gabon
    Engine Maintenance 12000 hrs WÄRTSILÄ 18V32L Kirene Power Plant Thies/Senegal
  • Wärtsilä - Junior Electrical Technician

    2001 - 2006 Expertly performed preventative maintenance and calibration of equipment and systems, earning outstanding reputation for proficiency and quality
    —Performed general electromechanical repairs on client systems and equipment, ensuring adherence to code requirements.
  • Entreprise BERNARD - Team Coordinator

    2001 - 2001 Management workshop and teams.
    • Construction of TOTAL filling Station Bata (Equatorial Guinea)
    • Metallic Construction of canopy with UV panel of Michel DIRAT College in Libreville/Gabon.
    • Repair and Restoration of the offshore woods Barge at ELOMBET in Libreville /Gabon
  • Entreprises Electriques et Industrielles - Apprentice Electrical Technician

    1999 - 1999 Installation and connect MV cables. Installation and wiring cabinets
    During the project construction of the Owendo Power Plant for engines SULZER ZAS 40 (3X11MW) Libreville/Gabon
  • Wärtsilä - Electrical Technician

    1999 - 2000 Maintaining and servicing all machinery; equipment including mechanical and electrical aspects
    Troubleshoot faults with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems in a wide variety of situations.


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