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Working as expatriate on different worksites, countries and companies provided me with useful international experiences and knowledge. I possess abilities to easily integrate myself within a group and become a proactive member of the team. I am looking for news challenges with responsibilities.

Mes compétences :
risk assessment
immediate engineering assistance & support
Offshore Oil & Gas
National Security
ISO 14001 Standard


  • PREZIOSO-Technilor

    Vienne maintenant
  • Technip - Mechanical LOTO Superintendant

    Paris 2017 - maintenant contracted thru PLCB

    Project of gas liquefaction where 150 modules (3 trains of gas in parallel) are connected in a very short deadline and construction, pre-com and commissioning are done in parallel. 20 000 pers involved on this project located in an extreme geographical area.

    - Contribution of a HSE support for all Commissioning supervisors upstream of their intervention
    - Check and validation of the Commissioning PTW
    - Audit and follow-up of all the energization operations of equipment, whether hydraulic, MOM, mechanical or electrical.
    - Follow-up of all LOTO procedures and solving problems that can be met (SIMOPS).
  • Total - HSE Superintendant Onshore & Offshore

    COURBEVOIE 2013 - 2016 Contracted thru Nova Subsea

    Company : GirRI (Project Brown Fields – PBF) - Total EP Angola (thru Nova Subsea)

    Strengthening structures of the FPSO, installation of pumps control modul on Girassol (1000 T) + installation of IPC transformer on Girassol and Dalia, connecting of subsea equipments to the top side equipments, phase of pre-commissioning, commissioning and finally star up.

    Subcontractor : Saipem, Technip, Subsea 7, Friedlander, Sonadiets, Apave, ...

    - Coordinate HSE aspect of 3 packages (SURF, FPSO and MPP) on 2 FPSO (Girassol and Dalia)
    - Work on direct link with SIMOPS supervisor in order to optimize all operations : production and 3 projects in same time on the FPSO.
    - Coordinate HSE aspect of 3 packages (SURF, FPSO and MPP) on 2 FPSO (Girassol and Dalia)
    - Work on direct link with SIMOPS supervisor in order to optimize all operations : production and 3 projects in same time on the FPSO.
    - Management of 2 HSE Supervisors
    - Ensuring that all compulsory documents of Company and Contractors are up to date and available.
    - Carrying out scheduled audits of the Contractor's HSE policies, procedures, and performance.
    - Support the HSE Manager in ensuring HSE compliance and perform regular HSE audits in the areas of business and operations.
    - Perform risk assessments (HIRA) and preparation of method statements for construction activities, pre-commissioning, - commissioning. Investigate all accidents, incidents, and near misses; maintains a log of these investigations, ensures that all pertinent information is recorded and reports are issued internally (SYNERGI Database).
    - Ensure training, tool box meetings, and drills are implemented as part of the Company’s training and HSE program, i.e. emergency response systems, etc.
    - Perform mandatory training & site induction to all new comers
    - To advise and offer HSE solution to other team members and managers during construction phases, of pre-commissioning and during commissioning.
  • Total - HSE Coordinator Onshore & Offshore

    COURBEVOIE 2010 - 2012 contracted thru Naurex
    Company : PAZFLOR Project (SURF Package) - Total EP Angola (thru Naurex)
    Subcontractor : Technip, Acergy, Sonamet, Angoflex, FMC, Halliburton, Friedlander,

    - Ensure that all accidents and incidents arising from PPG activities are reported and investigated in accordance with Project procedures.
    - Support and implement the Project HSE management system (plans, procedures and specifications).
    - Monitoring and Co-ordination of all Offshore Installation HAZID activities.
    - Undertake and participate in technical and site HSE audits, reviews and investigations.
    - Coordination of all HSE aspects related to the Offshore Installation activities (Angola) in support of Luanda Project Representative.
    - Angola duty Officer of the project.
    - Provide immediate engineering assistance & support to the Luanda representative.
    - Assist with the implementation of SURF, FPSO & OLS related HSE audits, reviews and investigation.
  • Total - HSE Supervisor Offshore

    COURBEVOIE 2009 - 2010 contrated thru kappa belleme consulting factory

    Company : Libondo Project - Total EP Congo ( thru kappa belleme)

    Construction on boscongo's yard of a jacket (114m), transfer it on cargo boat barge, positioning, installation of the top side, pre-commissioning and commissioning of the top side.

    Subcontractor : Boscongo, Saipem, Rosetti, Prezioso

    - Supervise investigations, analysis and reporting of incidents / anomalies.
    - Participate in the risk assessment process for specific risk during construction pre-commissioning and commissioning (scaffolding, lifting, H2S atmosphere, hot work, painting, diving, commissioning ...).
    - Supervise and monitor HSE activities carried out by the contractor / subcontractors on board vessels and onshore & offshore construction sites.
    - Ensure all HSE risks are identified, assessed and controlled for all aspects of the construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.
    - Assist HSE manager with all HSE documents (Simops, Bridging, ERP, ...)
    - Ensure Emergency Response Plan, schedule drilling, contractor HSE training plan are implemented.
  • Prezioso - HSE Manager

    Vienne 2009 - 2009 Company : Prezioso-Technilor - Management of 4 yards and 3 major customers.
    Client : Total EP Congo, Boscongo, ENI, Perenco, …

    - Monitor the compliance of all equipments (certification, inventory, maintenance, ...)
    - Supervise staff training (specific painting, scaffolding, ...)
    - Audit sites and take actions to remedy the deficiencies identified.
    - Analysis incidents and accidents monitor and report monthly statistics.
    - Ensure relationship with customers, …
  • Subsea 7 - HSE Supervisor

    SURESNES 2008 - 2008 Company : Subsea 7 (thru Interdevelop)
    Area : Polaris during dry dock (Cape Town - South Africa).

    - Application of all safety rules (SIMOPS, PTW, tool box meeting, …).
    - Write different reports (on activities, accidents, etc.).
    - Audit on all companies for safety issues.
    - Implement all emergencies procedures
    - Perform drills to train crews and feed back for improvement
    - Inspect scaffolding, on worksite and propose solution to resolve safety problems identifies
  • Total - Assitant Sécurité Environnement

    COURBEVOIE 2008 - 2008 contracted thru GIS

    No accident (LTI, RWC or MTC) during this mission

    Company : Total EP Congo
    Area : Nkossa FPU

    - Ensure jobs done during down time of electrical generator
    - Audit : production plan and safety material (RIA, Life buoy, …)
    - Authorise to open all hot permits, performing tool box meeting,
    - Inform and train people concerning safety equipment and technical advice on work site
  • Pride International - Rig Safety Training Advisor

    Houston 2005 - 2008 the 2nd January 08 LTI = 2339 and Rec = 409

    Company : Ensco ( Drill-ships Pride Africa
    client : TOTAL on fields Dalia & Girasol (block 17 – Angola)

    - Audit: daily Permit to Work, quarterly inspection …
    - Stop card system and organizing Stop card training outside
    - Make up Risk analysis (job safety analysis) for all specific jobs.
    - Daily follow-up of ongoing operations, informing workers on site of any potential risks.
    - Train new employees and others on various Pride programs (STOP, JSA, PTW, …)
    - Prepare presentations and Chairman for all weekly safety meetings and management visit
    - Inspect of safety equipments and how they have been used on site.
    - Various studies (noise survey, rescue exercise for person falling with a safety harness, …)
    - Update of new projects to optimize rig security
    - Log and keep specific certificates and booking training updated for all personnel (250 pers)
    - Write-up different reports (on activities, accidents, etc.).
    - Update Monthly data for management.
  • Papeterie de Gascogne - Adjoint du responsable sécurité & Responsable du service Sécurité incendie

    2003 - 2005 Position : Assistant safety Advisor & Advisor of safety fire department

    - Write of the Internal Orientation Plan
    - Update of chemicals products’ expiration date
    - Setup of an internal policy for the integration of chemical products
    - Train employee in different fire intervention procedures
    - Manage and maintain upkeep of all fire fighting equipment
    - Identification all necessary information for factory fire fighters
  • SAF-ISIS - Assistant safety advisor

    Москва 2003 - 2003 Position : Assistant safety advisor (internship)
    Company : SAF-ISIS (enzyme and flavor production)

    Identification of predominant factory risks
    Write procedure concerning transportation of hazardous products.
    Write procedure for indoor traffic
    Work on fire fighting system on storage areas for flammable products



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