En résumé

Graduate of EM Lyon (Campus of St- Etienne), I decided to focus my career in real estate, starting with residential property management, to specialize in business and services real estate sectors. Positions held to Casino & Intermarché Group allowed me to refine my legal, financial, technical and managerial knowledge. Today, I aspire to evolve into related functions including more financial and strategic dimension to master the skills of a real estate director.

Mes compétences :
Administration de biens
Family Office
Property Management
Asset Management
Real Estate


  • S.F.I.P. - Associate Director

    2013 - maintenant Within that family office from the oil industry, my mission is threefold:
    - Take in charge property and asset management (25,000 m²),
    - Create and populate the conciliation & investment services,
    - Managing financial assets,
    - Coordinate project change,
    *Shunt connection:
    - Reporting heritage, commercial and tax,
    - Coordinate internal and external services relations,
    - Related Services: CEO, CFO,
    - Management: 10 people
  • IMMO MOUSQUETAIRES - Head of Property Management

    Vert-le-Grand 2011 - 2013 Create, organize and structure the Property Management Service (1314 attractions - 2611 leases) and ensure its rise through the various landholding trust - Manage aspects of tenant relationship (billing & collection of rents, property taxes and charges, delinquency management, negotiations and renewals of commercial leases) - Managing the complexity of the owner / tenant relationship.
    *Shunt connection:
    - Member of the Chief Executive Committee - Commercial and tax Reporting,
    - Related services: Marketing and External Marketing Signs, Asset Management,
    - Management: 8 people
  • Groupe Casino - Head of Property Management

    Saint-Étienne 2008 - 2011 Oversight administrative, legal, commercial and financial real estate assets of the Group CASINO
    On a national scope- 1,296,000 m2 - € 1.8 Billion of capital flows:
    - Hypermarket (110 sites),
    - Supermarket (587 sites),
    - Warehouses (32 sites),
    - Cafeterias-RIE (187 site),
    - Offices (57),
    Referent of support functions: the Executive Committee, Operational Management, Conciliation, Development, Legal and Financial.
    *Shunt connection:
    - Establishment of budget forecasts, dashboards, control frames and closings,
    - Managing & negotiating commercial leases with owners for renewals (particular and institutional)
    - Direct Management: 6 people (2 engineers) - Indirect: 15 people (accounting)
  • Nexity - Head of Private Property Management

    PARIS cedex 08 2005 - 2008 Create private property management service, apply Nexity group procedures’, provide administrative, sales, accounting, tax and legal portfolio monitoring, recruiting employees, developing business in the region of Lyon.
    *Shunt connection:
    - Relationship: Maintain relationships with institutional investors (AXA, DTZ, RFF)
    - Development: Getting property management of the International City of Lyon - Design and validation studies and rental forecast for the subsidiaries of the Group's (Georges V, Apolonia)
    - Management: 6 people. (2 managers, 1 commercial, 2 assistants, 1 accountant)
  • Alliade Habitat - Management Agent

    Lyon 2003 - 2005 Ensure administrative, legal, commercial and accounting management for a portfolio of 36 new residential (1450 units) and 76 old buildings housing (1500 units) in "stand-by" Entertainment general assembly and pre-general assembly meeting,
    Manage loss fields.

    2002 - 2003 1 / Cross missions analysis of existing process and implementation of appropriate new process (conversion ) + monitoring developments,
    2 / Discovery trades property administration (management, trustee , marketing),