Thomas-Charles HAUDRY-ZUILI


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Visual Basic
Microsoft Windows CE
Systems integration
Responsible for business expansion
Portofolio management
Team Management
Software development
Project Management
Programs development
Personnel management
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft C-SHARP
C Programming Language
Business Management
Amadeus GDS management
Manage my team
Scrum Methodology
Python Programming
Personal Home Page
Oracle PL/SQL
Microsoft Windows
3D Studio Max
Mid-Back Office (open Backends)
Express 2


  • Crédit Agricole CIB - Consultant MOA Compliance IT : business analyst / Chef de projet

    Montrouge 2016 - maintenant Actuellement en mission à CACIB : référent sécurité financière.
    Business Analyst / Chef de projet AML (LAB/FT).
    Backup team leader du centre de service en régie
  • ANEO - Consultant confirmé

    Boulogne Billancourt 2016 - maintenant Actuellement en mission à CACIB : référent sécurité financière. Business Analyst / Chef de projet AML. Backup team leader du centre de service en régie.
  • VIZUH - Fondateur

    2015 - maintenant Conseil et développement d'ERP léger basé sur des besoins client spécifiques.
    Développement de logiciels de gestion informatisés
    Solutionner les problématiques de PME à l'aide de la veille technologique.
  • AKKA Technologies IS - Business Manager

    2015 - 2015 responsible for business expansion (Offers, Clients) with team management.
    * Develop my client portfolio key accounts (Airbus D&S, CNES, CNRS, Pierre-Fabre, ...)
    * Recruit and manage my team of consultants. ;
    * Provide career development of each member of my Business Unit in a real perspective of human resource
    * Set up trust relationship with my clients by monitoring projects entrusted to me ;
    * Manage and control the margin and profitability of my business unit in synergy with other departments, to maintain
    the Group's growth
  • Amadeus IT Antwerp - Software Engineer

    2012 - 2015 Amadeus Antwerp : Consultant & developer in Amadeus technologies : Teams systems integration, configurations
    management, MID & BACK office development, Amadeus GDS management, Scrumwise, Open Back Ends, SQL...
    Finalist of Innovation Contest (Internal Tournament in Amadeus) - based on Android project

    Description: I worked in a team of 10 software engineers. We worked on back end software development for Mid & Back
    office software called AIMO for the travel industry. My day to day job involved working closely with Product
    definition/Business analysts, getting the specifications for a system, designing the technical aspects of the system
    according to the company standards, and working closely with Front end UI developers. We followed the SCRUM
    methodology and Agile practices.
    The technologies/languages I used for development were C++, Oracle SQL, XML, Python etc.
  • Rockwell Collins France - Engineer Security-Software

    BLAGNAC 2012 - 2012 Securing OS Android and Linux kernel for military use. I used SELinux to define a good
    security policy in order to manage the access control. The project is classified as confidential...
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën – DRD Velizy - Engineer internship (study)

    Rueil Malmaison 2011 - 2011 Energy saving study on body-in-white line production Missions: Research and reporting on energy savings for body-in-white industrial lines production Report analysis. Programs development for robots stop. Software development for simulations
  • GCF & CIDES, Paris - International consultant

    2010 - 2010 GCF & CIDES, Paris : International consultant in tax audit management
    Missions: IT park management, writing and study of files synthesis for lawyers.
  • MZ Finances SA - Administrative Assistant

    2008 - 2008 Missions : Trainee in portofolio management under supervision, individualy and in meetings.


  • University Of California, Irvine (Irvine)

    Irvine 2011 - 2011 Master 2

    : Summer school at UCI (university of California, Irvine); Business, Management.
    Master 2: Major Expert Embedded Systems; Minor International, Design & Innovation.
  • Ecole Centrale Electronique (ECE) Paris

    Paris 2009 - 2012 Embedded systems expert - Computer science

    Engineer Generalist high tech (Embedded systems expert)
    Master 2 : Major Expert Embedded Systems; Minor International, Design & Innovation.

    Projects achieved at l’ECE, Building and programming of a Google Earth controler card using proximity sensors. Conception, building and programming of a phone application driven quadricopter drone. End of study project: work on augmented reality.
  • Lycée Gay Lussac

    Limoges 2007 - 2009 Prépa CPGE

    Prépa Math Sup/Spé PC*, main domain Physics-Chemistry.