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  • Ubisoft - Editorial Creative Services

    Montreuil 2012 - maintenant Among the Headquarters based Editorial Creative Services, providing creative support for our development teams:

    Work hand in hand with creative teams in our studios to shape deep, coherent and outstanding game universes (conception, feedback, tools, asset production)
    o Guide game conception teams through the creative process : help them make the right creative choices along production to reach the product they envisioned
    o Develop tools to help creative directors mature their vision and convey it to the whole game conception team
    o Produce relevant in-game assets (videos, audio, art, scriptwriting etc) to enrich our game universes

    Expand our IPs beyond games towards movies, short movies, web, books and other channels
    o Working closely with Editorial and Production Directors, define brand development roadmaps alongside cross media initiatives
    o Act as interface with our Motion Pictures department to ensure consistency of our IPs in the upcoming movie adaptations (characters, universe, plot)
    o Create cross media assets to support brand development and marketing strategy (webseries, mods and short movies)

    Act as interface for external studios published by Ubisoft on the content side
    o Develop relationships with external game creators to seize publishing opportunities
    o Assess game proposals by external studios to ensure quality and fit with Ubisoft editorial policy (content, means and structure)
    o Guide external game conception teams through the creative process : help them make the right creative choices along production to reach the product they envisioned

    Announced projects supported include :
    - Far cry 3
    - Far cry 4
    - Watch Dogs
    - Flashback HD
    - Lumines Vita
  • Ubisoft - Production Internationale

    Montreuil 2010 - 2012 Among the Headquarters based Projects Coordination team:

    Line Producer : providing producing support for our development team to help ship high quality titles on time, on budget
    o Managing production planning, release and budget of a portfolio of game titles from conception to post market launch
    o Coordinating between headquarters and internal or external development teams on all game production processes including internal content validation, first-party certification, age rating certification, online services, anti-piracy, localization, QA/QC, etc.

    Cross Functional projects: acting as the right hand of the WW Projects Coordination Director to help on cross functional projects within the departement.
    o Creating tools to improve the follow-up of our games internally
    o Interfacing with our business direction to provide development status of our games
    o Coordinating cross-media initiatives linked to our games
    o Managing publishing contracts and deals with external studios
  • Ubisoft - Strategic Innovation Lab

    Montreuil 2009 - 2010 The Strategic Innovation Lab is at the heart of innovation at Ubisoft.
    Its role is to imagine tomorrow's ways of working, tools and ideas that will help Ubisoft stay on top of the competition.
    My mission includes tracking best practices put in place by innovation pioneers, such as Google, Pixar or IDEO, and casing their feasability at Ubisoft, but also coming up with ideas of my own.
    My role encompasses the R&D part, the business-casing and the implementation.

    Support processes and organization as well as production and creation processes are in the scope.
  • Air France - Fleet & New Aircrafts

    Roissy CDG 2005 - 2009 Fleet & New Aircrafts - Logistics engineering
    Responsible for the preparation and the roll out of the 777 Freighter aircraft in AF fleet in February 09.
  • Capgemini Consulting Services - Consultant en Management

    Paris 2004 - 2004 - Business Transformation Program Management at TNT
    - SIRH at Unedic


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