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15 Years Experience in Automotive, Aeronautical, Defences and Shipyard industries. With strong management and engineering background and broad technical knowledge. I thrive in high tech industry, managing complex and innovative environments and projects. Passionate about leading, partnering with others and coaching teams. I strive to get the best out of people and allow them to grow and thrive.

Motivation factors and environments:
- Manage and develop people and team
- Innovative products and technologies
- Engineering and design environment
- Customers’ needs and satisfactions
- Business strategy and market view
- Being part of creative, challenging and talented teams
- Working in cross-functional teams (Marketing, commercial, project and engineering teams)
- Being part of great and new challenges!

Personal strength
- Manage, develop and support people and team
- Leadership and ability to inspire and motivate individuals and teams
- Communication and presentation skills
- Synthesis and strategic vision
- Excellent analytical skills and problems solving
- Collaborative approach and Team-worker
- Innovation and thinking out of the box
- Able to learn and adapt quickly when faced with new and challenging issues

Key competencies
- Team management
- Products and systems development
- System Engineering
- Lead and drive cross-functionnal activities and teams
- Architecture development
- Innovation and Advanced Engineering
- Project Engineering Management
- Process Optimisation and definition (New or existing processes to new target operating model)
- Products Management and Strategy
- Change management,

Mes compétences :
Pilotage projet
Esprit d'équipe
Contrôle de gestion
Ingénierie système
Management opérationnel
Conduite du changement
Offres commerciales
Gestion de l'innovation
Lean management
Lean Engineering
Lean development
Amélioration continue
Analyse de risque
Gestion du risque
Organisation industrielle
Gestion de la qualité


  • Chantiers de l'Atlantique - Head of Industrial performance and Products optimisation

    Saint-Nazaire 2017 - maintenant Led the company’s performance plan: defined the overall performance strategy, organizations and management system at all levels of the organization to increase productivity by 10%

    •Significantly contribute to programs profitability by 10% to 15%, by leading performance projects in a cross-organizational collaboration, based on two axis:
    o REPEAT project – leveraging serial effect and the building series of “similar ships” (4 to 6) decreasing cost by 10%
    o Design to Cost - optimising product and equipment’s design and the purchase strategies , reducing the costs of procurement by 5%
    • Worked closely with the department heads, Program Managers and executive management in defining and spearheading the roadmap and actions plan across the overall organization and our subcontractors

    • Substantially increased the efficiency of operational and industrial performance :
    o Decreased manufacturing and outfitting damages, non-qualities and reworks by 50% by implementing a systematic feedback to track performance and share analysis of activities efficiency (Pareto analysis of non-qualities, costs breakdown, industrial organization)
    o Reduced the outfitting timeline by 10% by optimizing works sequence and its supply planning and a better forecasting of preparedness and kitting
    o Worked closely with key subcontractors to improve operational performance and industrial activities by sharing return of experiences, major causes of disruptions and best practices

    • Notably improved products cost efficiency by more than 5%
    o Defined and implemented systematic methods of value engineering and reengineering during the design activities
    o Established a dedicated design unit to support outfitting teams and ensure an continuous design optimisation along the manufacturing phases
    o worked closely with main suppliers to improve cost of major equipment’s and integrate new technologies
    o Optimised the industrial policy and purchase strategy
  • Naval Group - Engineering Project Manager - Innovative power plant (Renewable Marine Energy)

    Paris 2014 - 2017 Deputy project manager for an innovative power plant (Renewable Marine Energy)
    - Program structuration and organisation
    - Program and engineering teams leader

    Mains activities :
    • Led and orchestrated engineering program activities - Budget 300M€/ Staff 100 peoples (on 5 locations)
    • Led and managed 20 members team in conducting day-to-day operational project management, ensuring schedule, deliveries, overall compliancy (requirements, technical choices, schedule and budget) and risks management
    • Defined and deployed new methods of integrated planning for engineering coordination (LEAN Engineering) allowing 95% crossed successfully milestones (+50%)
    • Optimized product synthesis, implemented and challenged technical, industrial and economic feasibility decreasing cost by 15% and schedule by 20%
    • Designed and implemented TRL methods for new Renewable Marine Energy programs with emphasised on risk analysis and Innovations management, ensuring smooth development of the new products and an effective control of investment path and technical risks
    • In absence of project manager, led NH3 heat exchangers specific development and qualification as key innovation and technology to ensure power plant performance
    • Worked closely with the executive management and board of Customer on product development, schedule and financing
  • Naval Group - Engineering Department Manager - Mechanical Systems and Equipments (naval propulsion and energy)

    Paris 2011 - 2015 Lead and manage a product Line, responsible for developing and bringing mechanical systems and equipments in naval propulsion market.

    Products: Product range for all kind of vessels and Submarines
    - Mechanical propulsion systems fully integrated
    - Powertrain & equipments (Gearbox, Shaftline, Propeller,...)

    Key achievements:
    • Organised and developed the product line and its engineering teams (R&D team, design office, methods section, Customer support & Project managers) – Staff 50 people (+60% in 3 years)
    • Led 5 teams in the successful of 15 projects, resulting in over 30 million € revenue per years
    • Empowered team and Provided managerial culture by coaching, defining career paths and skills development
    • Strengthened “customer first” culture by sharing market analysis, benchmark and customers insights and feedbacks
    • Developed clients relationships by working closely with customers and managing adapted portfolio of products (France and international)
    • Developed business export
  • Airbus - System Engineering Manager & Technical Product Manager Ariane 5

    Blagnac 2010 - 2011 Lead systems engineering and products developments for Ariane 5 launcher and its evolutions.
    - Upper stage systems and products
    - Structural parts (Payload interfaces, fairing,…)
    • Plan, drive and coordinate systems engineering activities to support new and existing products and systems developments, including requirements definition, architecture design, integration, process improvement, engineering study coordination
    • Provide leadership and technical direction for assigned program tasks and teams
    • Complete architecture development, decomposition and validation of requirements through the systems engineering
    • Lead systems process development, requirements definition, integration, verification and validation
    • Manage cost studies and ensure the schedule and its milestones
    • Support and lead key milestones (Preliminary and critical Design Reviews, acceptance testing,…)
    • Manage, lead and coordinate suppliers for products and parts development
    • Work closely with program management, customer, and manufacturing to ensure the delivery of a quality products in a timely and on-budget manner
    • Technical representative in front of the customer.
    • Focal point for other Subsystems
  • PSA Peugeot Citroen - Responsible for Car’s Structure Design and the Functional Performances Synthesis

    Rueil Malmaison 2009 - 2010 Project: Peugeot 2008
    -Drove and coordinated the convergences and synthesis between the car’s structure design and the functional objectives (Technical, Quality, Cost and delay)
    - Responsible of the vehicle’s structure overall physical validations (Budget: ~ 2millions €).
  • PSA Peugeot Citroen - System Engineering Manager - Safety Performance and Vehicle’s Architecture Synthesis

    Rueil Malmaison 2004 - 2009 Key achievements:
    - Designed and developed the new vehicle’s platform EMP2 and its international modular principles
    - Drove the vehicles projects pre-studies- - Functional synthesis, structure design in crash field and architecture development and synthesis (DS4, DS5, Peugeot 308, RCZ, Peugeot 3008, Citroen C4 Picasso, hybrid vehicles, C1/Aygo/107 with Toyota…)
    - Drove and implemented the Kaizen methods on the vehicle’s platform design process (cost and weight optimization)
    - Conceived the dashboard area design, enforcing the latest European regulations

    Main activities:
    - Drove and led System Engineering and Vehicle Architecture Synthesis for crash field
    - Translated business requirements and user needs into technical solutions in compliance with the design orientations
    - Analysed of main technical alternatives and balanced of requirements to prepare project start in a cross functional view
    - Drove the definition of systems solutions and guaranteed the functional performances
    - key driver in the architecture development with other system leaders, system architects and designers
    - Drove and coordinated engineering teams in crash field and safety domains
    - Planned, drove and coordinated systems engineering activities for new vehicles developments
    - Provide leadership and technical direction for teams and their assigned tasks
    - Complete architecture development, decomposition and validation of requirements through the systems engineering
    - Lead process development, requirements definition, integration, verification and validation
    - Work closely with project management, marketing, and designers teams
    - Technical interface with designers’ team to guarantee the convergence between style/design and technical solutions
  • PSA Peugeot Citroen - Innovation Project Manager

    Rueil Malmaison 2004 - 2005 Drive innovation projects for new vehicles programmes in cross-functional teams (customers analysts, commercial, engineering teams, purchase and partners)
    • Responsible to drive and develop innovative products and systems in safety and crash fields
    • Coordinate functions: purchasing, commercial and engineering teams within PSA
    • Secure innovations development and its milestones from idea generation to vehicle integration
    • Drive and collaborate with external partners and suppliers
    • Drive benchmarking of best practices and testing news products and systems
    • Interface with vehicle projects teams to guarantee the technical and economical integration and the schedule adherence
  • Airbus - Composite Design Engineer

    Blagnac 2004 - 2004 - Design, structure simulation and feasibility studies of a composite fuselage
    - Technical and financial comparative study for the feasibility and process of composite parts in partnership with Airbus plants and the EADS Innovation Works.
    (Design Office, Toulouse)
  • Airbus - Composite process Engineer

    Blagnac 2002 - 2003 In charge of the composite parts development and industrial feasibility with Resin Transfer Molding process for the A400M project (Methods Office, Nantes)
  • Airbus - Ingénieur Méthodes composites

    Blagnac 2002 - 2003 Pilotage des développements et faisabilités de pièces composites par le
    procédé RTM et Etude d’optimisation des procédés de réalisation de
    préformes en fibres sèches, dans le cadre du programme A400M:
    - Mise en place et suivi de prestation pour étude d’industrialisation.
    - Étude et rédaction de cahiers des charges.
    - Définition de Budgets de faisabilités.
    - Pilotage et suivis travaux fournisseurs.
    - Suivis des réalisations outillage.
    - Conception et optimisation de process de préformages.
    - Encadrement équipe techniciens / opérateurs dans la réalisation de prototypes.
    - Rédaction brevets sur les process développés.
    - Interface et collaboration Méthodes composites Nantes / BE
    Toulouse (orientations des évolutions de conception et spécifications).



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