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Like challenges and have as a personal target to learn as much as possible up to 35-40 years.

At 35-40 years old, my personal ambition is to become CEO of a global company.

Currently having expertise in maritime customer service import and export, Intermodal and Process Excellence. Still need within coming years to pass via Sales, Finance, Human Ressources, Operations and Maersk Logistics.

As at a cluster management position, always seeking for challenging positions and expatriation.

Mes compétences :
Supply Chain management
Bonne maitrise des régimes économiques
De facturation des prestations fournis aux navires
marchandise et l´exploitation du domaine portuaire
Maitrise des procédures: Importation et Exportatio


  • EDLS Services SARL - Founder and Managing Director at EDLS Services SARL

    2016 - maintenant
  • DHL Global Forwarding - Key account & Hinterland & Tradelane Manager

    La Plaine-Saint-Denis 2015 - 2016 Ensure high quality plans are in place for the key accounts drive white Spot Opportunities, actively review customer service performance, visit all customers are leat monthly, Breathe the Tradelane way forward, own volume density development on selected lanes, Focus on High Value Targets for TradeLane.
  • NECOTRANS - Hinterland Manager

    Paris 2013 - 2015 Responsable du developement et de la profitabilite hinterland du groupe Necotrans pour clients en transit et transport pour Tchad, Centrafrique, Congo en passant par le cameroun
  • 2SS Sarl - Partner and associate at 2SCL

    2012 - 2013 In charge of overal results of the company. This includes;
    - Success of logistics, trading operations within CEMAC
    - Realising budgeted financial figures
    - Overal health of the company
  • DAMCO - Sales & Operations and Business Development Manager

    Villeurbanne 2009 - 2012 Have gone trough several leadership/management positions within a management training programme;
    - In Charge of sales and business development of logistics, freight fowarding for Cameroon, Chad, CAR
    - In charge of overal results of the company. This includes;
    - Success of logistics, trading operations within CEMAC
    - Realising budgeted financial figures
    - Overal health of the company

    Lead the assigned customer service team focusing on excellence in Customer Service delivery and Country profitability as well as securing a stable and first class supplier base able to execute the business and deliver Damco service levels.

    As of today, Cameroon customer service includes mainly 12 services, but same subject to development depending on evolution of the business.

    - Carrier Haulage CMR
    - Merchant Haulage CMR
    - Conventional
    - Groupage / Ungroupage (LCL services)
    - Ocean IMPORT
    - Air Import (Supply included)

    - Merchant Haulage CMR
    - Transshipment
    - Dressing (cocoa/coffee)
    - Stuffing/Unstuffing (wood mainly)
    - Ocean Export
    - Air Export
  • Maersk - Cluster Process Excellence Manager

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2008 - 2009 Within Cameroon, Gabon, Sao Tome, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Central African Republic:
    -Facilitate and lead on County/Cluster Process Improvement projects
    -Act the focal point in the Cluster/Country for coaching and training in Process Excellence tools and techniques
    -Conduct country/cluster process analysis using Process Excellence tools and techniques to assess the quality of the services and products we deliver versus the commitment we have given (both external and internal customers)
    -Ensuring our mindset and processes always include the customer perspective (both external and internal)
  • Maersk - Customer service import / export / documentation / intermodal coordinator

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2005 - 2008 Being part of the LEADEM (Maersk Shipping management program), was rotated accross several positions within customer service and intermodal in order to practice the theories learnt at courses online and by consultants within South Africa / Ghana / Denmark.

    During the rotation, the occupied duties were mainly;
    - Maintain awareness of changes in export procedures and customer's requirements
    - Communicate closely and proactively with customers and supporting parties internally and externally
    - Handle end to end documentation and pricing
    - Handle Export customer enquiries
    - Follow up on shipment on route

    - Global Customer Service System Implementation manager within Import in Cameroon cluster (Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon):
    - No customs fines
    - No under collection
    - Business as usual for customers
    - Ensure timely customs manifest validation; 24 hours prior vessel arrival latest
    - Ensure timely invoicing on import side; the day of vessel arrival latest
    - Ensure timely sending of manifests to Equatorial Guinea, 48hours prior vessel arrival latest


  • Maersk Training Center (Cape Town)

    Cape Town 2008 - 2008 Maersk LEADEM

    LEADEM - Learning and Education in Africa for Emerging Managers
  • Lycée IUT (Douala)

    Douala 2006 - 2007 Bachelor in Industrial Logistics
  • Institut Univestitaire De Technologies De Douala (Douala)

    Douala 2004 - 2007 Licence en Logistique Industrielle



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