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Currently in charge of BI Solution for major Accounts (Wal-Mart,Carrefour,Tesco) to support Sales, Category Managment, Supply Chain , CPFR and Demand Planning
The BI solution implemented is based on Microsoft Tools (SQL,Olap,Sharepoint).
The main realizations in place are :
POS (Point Of Sales) Reporting for Wal-Mart account (All countries) : All analysis regarding POS Information extracted from Retail Link
POS Cross country analysis for Carrefour (23 Countries)
ROI Reporting for external Sales Force information (US)
Extension to some major Local Customer which are providing POS Information: Canada Tires , Loblaw in Canada, Cencosud in Chile, Jumbo in Argentina, Tesco, CRV in China, Auchan in Romonia, Carrefour, ITm In France
Supply chain CPFR Model For Brazil, Argentina, Mexico , Chile,Costa Rica,PuertoRico , Canada , China
Demand Planning : BAsed on SAP information support Demand Planning forecast process (Forecast Accuracy calculation, ...)
Margin Customer Calculation (Merging Internal Shipment information, Nielsen information and trade agreement information)
Demand review : Demand planning reports to support Demand review process (SnOp Process)
CMI Information : Co-Managment inventory information
Forecast Accuracy Reporting (Demand Planning and Sales)

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Mes compétences :
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft office
Microsoft BI
Sap bw
Reporting Systems
Supply Chain
Gestion de projet
Administration de bases de données


  • SC Johnson - Business Intelligence Sales Domain Manager

    CERGY PONTOISE CEDEX 2014 - maintenant Manages Sales and Marketing partner relationship , focused on reporting & analytics needs.
  • SC Johnson - Senior IT Consultant BI

    CERGY PONTOISE CEDEX 2007 - 2014 • Design and implement BI Solution for Wal-Mart and all major acounts (Carrefour, Tesco, Auchan, Loblaw, Canadian Tire, LA Amonia,...) for Category management and Sales using Point of Sales information (Retail Link, Nielsen, ...)
    • Design and implement Global BI Solution to support SnOP process using internal SAP Demand Planning information
    • Design and Implement BI Solution for CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment) model in South Americas , Canada and China
    • Design and Implement BI Solution for Margin calculation using internal and retail information (Nielsen,POS data ;SAP )
  • SC Johnson - IT Global Consultant

    CERGY PONTOISE CEDEX 1993 - 2007 • Technical Manager (4 UK/Italian Employees) - Implementation of European SAP manufacturing Reporting System Domain
    • BW management/migration for sales reporting system for non SAP source system Portugal, Benelux, Spain, Poland, France, Hungary, Germany and Italy (Management : 2 Contractors)
    • Team management : European Sales Support Team (Management : 3 Contractors)
    • Global Integrated Account Planning realization for Wal*mart
    • Net Net Price European Solution (Risk Analysis)



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