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Graduated from PSB (Paris School Business) / ESG Paris (Ecole supérieur de gestion), I've acquired a double view of Financial management and Commercial support. This certification, ranked on the top 5 of the postgraduate studies, gives bases of reliable corporate performance, process control and accounting system.
Achiever and result Oriented, I’m interested in challenge and got appetite for innovation and continuous improvement. Hence during 10 years on the telecommunication industry, I was accountable of the financial modeling and performance, review of the pricing strategy where I used negotiation, influencing skills and open mind as communication instrument. My skills at Barry Callebaut Groupe, Orange CI and MTN CI provide me a significant expertise on area such as revenue analysis, finance, financial modeling, project management, organization, telecommunication, account management reporting


  • Mtn Côte D'ivoire - Senior manager business development and reporting

    2017 - maintenant
  • Mtn Côte D'ivoire - Senior manager commercial planning and reporting

    2015 - 2017 - Implementation and improvement of reporting process at commercial department ( Data review, Weekly report, automate report with daily sms flash, Engine room analysis, Margin channel analysis,...)
    - Review of the commission structure and re design work of strategic partners,
    - Participation of the unified identification process, redaction of board papers, and strategic session,
    - Credit control, stock analysis, budget control and implementation, provisioning process management;
    - Management and supervision of stock, sales administration, reporting and analysis team (24 people);
  • Mtn Côte D'ivoire - Interim of Senior Manager Finance & Planning

    2014 - 2014 - Year-end reporting management (Year-end reporting: Disclosure, Cash flow, IFRS; review with top management, local and group auditors, review with the group…);
    - Management and supervision of planning and reporting team (8 people);
    - Participation at the re design work of accounting system on 2 referential, local (syscoa) / group (IFRS) and implementation on ERP;
    - Budget Implementation on the ERP and optimization work (training of users, reports, business analyst);
    - Review and formalization of Planning/budgeting and reporting process;
    - 3G Project management with cross functional team and participation to the writing of scope of work;
    - Involvement to strategic financial projects (outsourcing, exemption from duty,…)
  • Mtn Côte D'ivoire - Manager Business Planning

    2011 - 2013 - Management of budgeting process and periodic revision (from target definition to system upload);
    - Punctual reporting works and supervision (entity consolidation, group submission) ;
    - Writing of financial reports (management report, internal or external activity report…);
    - Financial analysis of capital project (Analysis committee, ROI, validation decision…);
    - Specific financial studies (participation to the impairment test and covenant calculation…);
    - Participate to cost reduction project (ABC, cost killing and benchmark);
    - Revenue analysis (elasticity analysis, Modeling revenue tools, CLM/LMS project);
  • MTN - Business Analyst

    Roodepoort 2008 - 2011 - Elaboration et suivi de modèles financiers pour les offres commerciales, analyses du marché,
    - Travaux de reporting et remontées au groupe, rédaction de rapports financiers,
    - Construction du budget et suivi de son exécution,
    - Gestion de projets (Intégration d’une base des engagements, Activity Based Costing,…) ;
  • Orange - Contrôleur de gestion

    Paris 2005 - 2008 - Participate at the budget establishment and the monitoring of it execution;
    - Financial analysis of capital project (local /group committee, go/no go decision);
    - Specifics reporting, balance scoreboard on capital project;
    - Project management (Recasting of costing system, configuration of commitment database…);
    - Functional administrator of commitment database and participation at reports writing


  • Ecole Supérieure De Gestion (Paris)

    Paris 2004 - 2005 Masters en Audit et Contrôle de Gestion
  • ISIAM (Institut Supérieur D'Informatique Appliqués Et De Management) (Agadir)

    Agadir 1999 - 2003 Finance - Contrôle de gestion


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