En résumé

I work for Aerys a french software designer.

Aerys starts building innovative technologies to tackle new aspects of digital communication as a side project. 4 years later, Aerys was launched and now prides itself on having a privileged connection with its clients and an awesome team of engineers and designers.

Our business is to bring to the world the digital innovation of tomorrow. You have an ambitious project? We have the technologies and the expertise to realize it.

Let’s innovate together!

Orbit is a technology to create digital environments connected in real time. It makes possible the communication between computers, smartphones, tablets, Web sites, robots and even cars!

Thanks to Orbit, objects interact: your digital environment takes life.

You can see a few demos :

Orbit - Eristoff "Black Up" Cocktail

Orbit - Harry Potter "L'Ultime Combat"

Minko is an open source technology to create 3D applications for the web, mobile platforms and tablets. It allows the visualization of an object or an environment in real time animated and interactive 3D.

This technology has many fields of application thanks to its unique tools.
Such as video games (social games, serious games), interactive shop windows, data visualization, augmented reality and much more.

You can see a few demos :

Minko - Mercedes E500

Minko - Black Sun Teaser

Please feel free to contact me at any time if further information is needed ^^

Mes compétences :
Real Time


  • Aerys - Sales Manager

    2011 - maintenant


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