Biberach an der Riss

En résumé

Je suis de nature plutôt curieuse et marque un point d'honneur à comprendre les mécanismes que j'utilise en régle générale. Je dispose de capacité en gestion d'équipe et en maintenance informatique. J'ai toujours eu une certaine ambition, et montré des investissements importants de ce en quoi je crois.

Mes compétences :
Développement durable
Management projet
Supply chain


  • Liebherr - Program Manager

    Biberach an der Riss 2013 - maintenant Co-leader of the ITD Systems in Clean Sky 2
    - High TRL Demonstrators
    - Work issued from different Companies, Research Centers and Universities all over Europe
    - Connection of the activities with internal portfolio, national funded program and other EU projects (Actuation 2015)

    Project Leader at Liebherr on Clean Sky 2 and Actuation 2015
    - Activities definition
    - Co-workers management towards Objectives
    - Budget and Planning Management
    - Coordination of Work Package Leaders
  • Airbus Operations GmbH - Project Management Officer - Research & Technology

    2011 - 2013 I am co-pilot with project leaders on 5 different projects within the Research and Technology Plateau in Germany. I set up reporting processes and make them run, like visual management. I control the budget and manage the risks for the projects. I also organise meetings, and manage the milestones to be respected.
  • Airbus Operations GmbH - Internship - Deployment of Visual management in Industrialisition of Major Structure Tests for A350

    2011 - 2011 I was part of the Project Management Officers (PMO) team on the major structural tests for the A350 XWB: I created a reporting dashboard for the program management: I looked for information flow in the department, I defined information we could use as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), I developed a tool with partial automatic fill-in based on databases on the Airbus network, I wrote a User Guide to allow other people to use this tool, and to adapt the tool in case of new needs. I also worked deeper on industrialization topics on some of the major tests, and kept planning updated.
  • Total - Internship - Environment Engineer

    COURBEVOIE 2010 - 2010 I had the mission to test new software to calculate the Volatile Organic Compounds losses: TANKS. As the software was developed by the EPA (US), I developed software running on MS Excel that collect the data on refinery databases and prepare it to fill in. At the same time, I filled in missing data working with every sectors of the refinery. At the end, I wrote a light manual for environment departments of 2 sites, and I prepared a training day for people that may use the software.
  • SNECMA - Internship - Procurement Technical assistant

    Courcouronnes 2009 - 2009 I prepared the retrofit of a US-CND facility. I made a complete retro engineering of the facility. Then I scheduled the project, contacted the suppliers and asked for quotes. I had to present the investments plans (from € 35 000 to € 250 000) to the hierarchy to find with them the best option. I did the CNC updated for only € 35,000 with a life extension of 10 years.
  • Association Gala EIGSI - President

    2008 - 2009 One year as president of the association “Gala EIGSI”, a prestigious event welcoming more than 2000 people at the graduation: managing a team (15 people) and accounts (approximately € 100 000), negotiations and administrative processes.
  • TERRAL Les Mureaux - Internship - Blue Collar

    2007 - 2007 I was a line worker. I had maintenance missions. I learned the basics of industrial production.
  • Association Recyclique - IT trainer

    2005 - 2005 humanitarian mission a month in Madagascar with the association Recyclique in order to allow access to information technology to developing countries (Installation of equipments, training of the teachers and the students)