En résumé

Youssef, 24 years old, Curious and Ambitious, I have held numerous positions of leadership throughout my trainings and my involvement in different fields, which I feel demonstrate my good-humored personality and ability to communicate my ideas and positions to others. This conception I made of the professional world allowed me to get the position of head of internal audit in a bank of Crédit Agricole Group. Locam is one of the leading banks in the field of sales financing. With a double-digit growth for nearly a decade, it has allowed me to discover two worlds: the world of auditing and consulting as well as the world of finance applied to the financing of products and services. The peculiarity of the model "Locam" is an approach by business partners, which adds an extra dimension to classical risk and commercial approach. What I like the most about this experience I'm living today is that I have access to the highest managerial levels, particularly through my reporting line (General Manager) and my participation in various strategic and steering committees . In this sense, this position allows me to have a global and cross-sectional view on the process of decision making. However, to ensure a sufficient level of independence and avoid conflicts of interest, an internal audit manager of a bank may not be operational. That is why I would go further in the decision-making process to be an operational actor in the completion of strategic projects and why I'm seeking today a challenging and rewarding position in the strategic finance field.

Mes compétences :
Corporate finance
Stratégie de communication
Analyse financière
Modélisation financière


  • Locam , Crédit Agricole - Responsable contrôle périodique - Audit Interne

    2013 - maintenant
  • Locam, Crédit Agricole - Analyste financier

    2013 - 2013



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