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Adil zourkani
Letrina maroc office manager 00212(0)674264585
QA/QC Engineer Tangier Morocco
Marine & cargo surveyor
Kindly accept this application from a talented who wishes to apply for role in your company
confident when engaging with people at senior management level. I can bring to the table my ability to develop quality/quantity control systems and procedures that will meet the highest standards of any company. I have a track record of delivering a consistently high quality of service against a backdrop of change, and am able to ensure that products meet brand and customer specifications, codes of practice and safety requirements.
I had the pleasure to manage the activities of LETRINA SA IN TANGERMED PORT TANGIER MOROCCO, I am in charge of making recommendations based on inspections. These experiences have taught me how to provide clear vision, direction and drive to staff so that they can continually raise standards set within the scope of their roles. I would also like to mention that with my current employer I have an excellent record of maintaining regular attendance and of being at work on time, every time.

My career to date has been one giant learning curve in which I have learnt how to follow documented procedures, ensure continuous improvement, confront non-conformances detected during inspections and carry out the physical testing of units from a production line.

I believe that be able to be easy to communicate with , is the key of the success and it’s the principal way allowing to provide the knowledge and to receive an excellent result
Aside from my technical competencies I possess superb communication skills and am able to expresses my ideas and thoughts effectively in both verbal and written form.
I greatly appreciate you taking the time to review my application and expectantly look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
adil zourkani

Mes compétences :
Siemens Hardware
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Oil Tankers


  • LETRINA SA - Office Manager ----Qa/Qc Engineer----Marine &Cargo Surveyor

    2009 - maintenant Advising company managers on how to correct any procedures or production
    Negotiating the terms of a sales contract
    Projects management to optimize workflows

    Establishing performance metrics for the Quality Assurance department.
    Interpreting corporate Quality Policy.
    Arranging for outside independent assessors to assess the company’s QA processes.
    Verifying that all products conform to documented requirements and standards.
    Complying with all statutory requirements connected with the implementation of a
    Maintaining a safe working environment for all.
    Writing high level policy papers or strategic reports.
    Ensuring that activities are performed according to the QA plan.
    Determining the training needs of staff.
    Testing batches of products.
    Chairing QA related meetings, committees and working groups.
    Undertaking subcontractor audits.
    Reviewing subcontractor Quality Assurance controls.
    Formalising quality control processes and procedures.
    Interacting with regulatory teams.
    Looking for inconsistencies in a production process.
    Writing up Quality Control reports.
    Leading diverse and cross functional teams.
    Making sure that shop floor personnel remain connected with the QA team and report a
    any issues of concerns they may have
    Developing internal controls.
    Ensuring the correct and proper use of Quality Control measuring equipment and tools.
    Organising and carrying out internal audits.
    Selecting the inspection tools to be used by a QA team.
    Improving work processes.
    Guiding quality team members to a long term quality assurance vision.
    Supervising technical or laboratory staff so that the company can guarantee product

  • Saybolt sa - Qa/Qc Inspector------Marine& Cargo Surveyor

    2005 - 2009 Qa/Qc control for petroleum product
    Draft survey for steam coal and phosphate
    oil tanker loading
    reservoir managing for xustomers


    Visually inspecting parts for defects or damage.
    Determining the minimal requirements and procedures needed for a process to pass a
    Qa inspection
    Carrying out final QA inspections.
    Ensuring that adequate corrective measures are implemented in cases of
    Advising technicians on technical or regulatory concerns.
    Working from technical drawings.
    Ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the Quality Control plan and approve of it.
    Oversee the proper identification for all parts and components used in the production p
    Carrying out audits and inspections.
    Conducting visual mechanical inspection of components.
    Inspecting various maintenance actions.
    Maintaining traceable records that can be used in audits.
    Following all safety procedures.

    Measuring defective parts using templates, rulers, or callipers.
    Ensuring that inspection records and maintenance reports are filled in accurately and
    followed correctly
    Using precision tools and statistical software to identify defective parts.
    Coordinating Quality Control concerns between multiple company departments.
    Resolving all product non-conformances that occur during the manufacturing process.
    Ensuring that there is a clean and safe work environment for staff to work in.
    Completing all work in accordance with the production schedule.
    Taking corrective action to rectify any production shortcomings.
    Check listing all manufactured products.
    Advising Production Managers regarding early and effective deficiency resolution.
    Ensuring that all plant equipment is kept in top operating condition.

  • SIEMENS SA - Supervisor

    Saint-Denis 2001 - 2005 Qa/Qc Supervising cable pulling and connecting in power plant and industrial area
    assembly of istrimentation machines
    electrical & pressure measurements

    Carrying out QA inspections.
    corrective measures are performed in cases of unconcistencies regitred
    using technical drawings. to perform the required tasks
    visual mechanical inspection of components.
    respect of all safety procedures.
    precision tools and statistical softwareare used to identify defective parts.
    Coordinating Quality Control concerns between multiple company departments.
    Completing all work in accordance with the production schedule.
    Taking corrective action to rectify any production shortcomings.
    Check listing all manufactured products.


  • Faculté Des Sciences Et Techniques Mohammedia (FSTM) (Mohammedia)

    Mohammedia 1996 - 1998 master 1

    Chemical Engineering
  • Faculté Des Sciences Et Techniques Mohammedia (FSTM) (Mohammedia)

    Mohammedia 1993 - 1996 DEUG

    Chemical Engineering
  • Lycée Oued Ed-Dahab (Casablanca)

    Casablanca 1990 - 1993 BACCALAUREAT SCIENCE


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