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  • Airbus - Aircraft Stress Engineer - A330-700L New Beluga Metallic Fuselage Sizing

    Blagnac 2014 - maintenant Global Finite Elements Modelling and Stress: Sizing for Metallic Fuselage
  • Airbus - Aircraft Stress Engineer - A350XWB-1000 Composite Fuselage Sizing

    Blagnac 2012 - 2014 ✓ Sensitivity studies (on one sizing parameter, generic geometry, internal loads)

    ✓ Participation to meetings with Fuselage sections teams and partners for implementation of weight saving opportunities solutions

    ✓ Assess harmonization of ways of sizing and design solutions

    ✓ Evaluate Fuselage sections teams’ results during sizing phase and before update of GFEMs (Global Finite Elements Models )

    ✓ Define and Coordinate subcontracting sizing studies on typical areas of the fuselage
  • AIRBUS CIMPA - Stress Engineer, Expert in Composite structures

    2011 - 2012 As a stress engineer:
    - I develop new methods and tools for pre-sizing and sizing of bonded repairs for composite fuselage
    -I validate these methods through tests supported by Finite Elements analyses
    -I participate to support the client on the substantiation of bonded repairs through the set up of bonded repairs test pyramid for certification
  • AIRBUS CIMPA - Project Leader

    2011 - 2012 As a Project leader:
    - I am the technical focal point for Airbus for all the projects I am in charge of and the people working on these projects
    - I have to guarantee that the deliveries are in line with Airbus expectations for my projects
    - I have to follow-up all aspects concerning the budget and the profitability of my projects
  • Alliance Servies Plus (AS+) - Composite Stress engineer

    2008 - 2010 As a composite stress engineer, my contributions are to:

    1) Implement new calculation methods for composite bonded repairs tools (Parametric Finite Elements Models)
    2) Be responsible for the validation of the methods developed above
    3) Participate in the implementation of new design allowables consistent with the new calculation methods developed in the frame of composite bonded repairs.
  • AIRBUS SAS - Project Managment trainee

    2007 - 2007 I performed a 6 months internship at AIRBUS Central Entity/Toulouse in the Multi-Programme Projects (MPP) department on “Analysis of Multi-Programme Projects: experience & Proposals for how to reduce Time to Market”, from March 12th 2007 to September 14th 2007.

    In the MPP department, I had to:
    1) Set up plannings for both their feasibility studies and their projects in development with MS Project by using reference documents used within Airbus
    2) Run a feedback analysis on their projects in development to reduce their Time to Market. The study consisted in using lot of different sources (business plan, plannings, reports, etc) to set up a feedback analysis file which can help reducing the development duration by avoiding delays, detecting the main risks early, and by a clear definition of all the actors implicated, their role and their ad value at each step.
  • AIRBUS France - Composite Stress trainee

    2005 - 2006 I did a one year internship at AIRBUS France/Toulouse in the Composite Fuselage Research department, on design and sizing of open holes in composite fuselage areas, from September 19th 2005 to July 28th 2006.

    My tasks were to:
    1) Run a state of art on open holes in metallic fuselage for all Airbus aircraft families
    2) Design new concepts of large open holes for composite fuselage in accordance with composite design rules, using CATIA V5
    2) Validate these concepts by running a pre-sizing and a sizing studies using SAMCEF V10 and PATRAN/NASTRAN by developing a parametric Finite Elements model.



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