En résumé

I have been working in technical department for over 2 years with a variety of duties and responsbilities in various jobs and companies.

the heart of my expertise is based on three pillars:

- Technical Pillar : I master the technical side, the tools for managing and resolving technical problems such as SMED, 8D, KAIZEN; FMEA, PPAP, APQP ; 7 Tools; SPC; TPM; 5M; 5S...,

- Management Pillar : I manage and coach teams attached to department quality, maintenance, production and process (technical department).

- Pillar 3 Versatility: I'm versatile in technical department and I have an experience of over 2 years in differents areas : plastics (injection and molding ), wood, cement, Food ( Processing, Freezing, and Export of pelagic fish. )

Engineering :
- Setting up and managing performance indicators;
- Ensuring the creation and continuous updating of all technical data necessary to produce products in accordance with all specifications,
- Ensuring consideration of all impacts of changes products / processes,
- Managing and being the guarantor of the output data (File manufacturing, time, tools);

Production :
- Liaising among Developer, Production Responsible, Head office and factories to solve technical issues;
- Monitoring revision of development sample
- Controlling and reducing the occurrence of incidence;
- Checking all manufacturing steps before starting the production;

Quality :
- Contribution to achieving the level of quality of service expected by customers and defined objectives,
- Monitoring results in service quality, treatment of non-conformities and complaints
- Informe and follow the quality indicators;

- Following maintenance indicatros ( TRG, TRS, MTBF; MTTR);
- Praparing maintenance schedules To improve the equipment's yield;

Mes compétences :
Lean IT
Six Sigma
Méthode SMED
Gestion de la production
Outils de la qualité
Brc, Ifs


  • KBA Holding (DAKORO) - Quality Manager

    2014 - maintenant - Managing and implementing the System of Management of Quality;
    - Establishing plannings, syntheses of audit and treating the non conformities;
    - Adapting the tools for analyses and the indicators of performance;
    - Ensuring the good performance of the productive process of frozen fish (SEECB, MECB, CHECB and SAEEECB)
    - Managing the stock of raw materiels and finished products;
    - System HACCP, IFS and BRC V6
    - Traceability of products;
    - Managing the materials of the laboratory;
  • Solavone - Quality Manager

    2012 - 2014 - Control the quality of the products received from the suppliers;
    - Treat the internal non-conformities;
    - Implementation and monitoring of quality control in the various departments of the company.
    - Develop the necessary tools to track results (dashboards , indicators)
    - Ensure that procedures and safety precautions are followed.
  • Brosserie du sahel - Technical Manager (Project Graduation)

    2011 - 2011 -Implement maintenance and optimization tools for performance parameters of injection and extrusion plastic machines ;
    -Plan, organize and supervise activities of curative and preventive maintenance;
    -Elaborate maintenance documents, production and processes ;
  • CFAO - Product Manager (Internship)

    Sèvres 2010 - 2010 Improve productivity of assembly plant wooden pallets with quality tools
    -Analyze of the existing,
    -Choice of performance indicators,
    -Propose improvement solutions,
  • Dimatit - Maintenance Manager (Internship)

    Mohammadia 2009 - 2009 Project : Improve availability of the machine KONOS 63 with method ' FMEA for Machinery and Equipment '
    Mission :
    -Review the process
    -Brainstorm potential failure modes
    -List potential effects of failure
    Assign Severity,Occurrence,Detection and RPN's rankings
    Develop the action plan
    Implement the improvements identified by PFMEA team.
    Calculate the resulting RPN
  • Ciments du maroc - Technical Product Manager (Internship)

    Casablanca 2008 - 2008 Project : Optimization and improvement of Maintenance Service.
    -Choice of performance indicators,
    -Implement dashboard,
    -Analyze of the existing,
    -Propose improvement solutions,
    -Select and implement optimal solutions :
    -Improve availability,
    -Improve ergonomic and working methods.


  • Ecole Nationale D'Ingénieurs De Metz (ENIM)

    Metz 2011 - 2012 Master M2

    Propriété industrielle
    Ordonnancement et gestion industrielle
    Techniques d'amélioration continue
    Conduite de projets
    Organisation et logistique
    Gestion de projet
  • Université Internationale D'Agadir - Universiapolis, Technopôle D'Agadir (Agadir)

    Agadir 2006 - 2011 Productique


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