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After a revelation for a marketing domain passion, my following process was oriented to this domain. Also, my entire professional experiences concerned rapidly the retail domain with an internship as merchandiser assistant in a Levi’s Store, and an other one as commercial coordinator assistant, but also as a clerk for a student job in Brioche Dorée a French bakery chain. Those three experiences allow me to appreciate and become aware of the commercial space and what it could offer in term of shopping experience to the customer.

During my gap year I would like to discover the part of the product marketing for both reason. The first one is to confirm my choice to work in the retail domain and the second one because the product is an integral part of the retailing. Therefore, I made an internship as product manager assistant at Arteum a retailer and editor of licensed product. Then, I made an internship as project manager assistant at Saguez & Partners, an agency specialized in commercial architecture and brand identity. Beyond to learn about retail domain, those experiences allow me to improve my skills to manage projects but also budget and invoicing. The project transversality I met gave me competences in management and how to manage team from several services.

From an academic point of view, I based my research on the retail management and its capacity to develop the brand equity of a company. I also study about the contribution of the digital on the physical store. All of that allow me to develop the theme of my end-study report, which is to understand the new stakes of physical stores and what are their new roles in an omni-channel context.

That is why today I am looking for a end-study internship in retail or digital marketing management in a company with a strong brand image which evolve in an omni-channel context. This internship could help me to use it as a case study to make my report. And to begin my career with a significant experience in this domain.

Mes compétences :
Marketing opérationnel
Marketing produit
Organisation du travail
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Access
Microsoft PowerPoint
Gestion de projet
Retail design
Retail marketing


  • Brioche Dorée - Sales Clerk

    Rennes 2014 - 2014 Sales / Customers care
    Service and cashing
    Handling and storage of product in the vitrine
    Training of new co-worker
  • Saguez & Partners - Project Manager Assistant

    Saint ouen 2014 - 2014 Strategic reflection and consulting: assistance in formulation of agency recommendations
    - Competitive watch
    - Benchmark
    - Brand diagnosis

    Client projects : assistance in projects organization and daily follow-up
    - Organization and assistance of client meetings
    - Briefing and supervision of creative team
    - Report writing
    - Taking over of daily client demands
    - Follow-up of suppliers

    Participation of daily tasks performed of the commercial team
    - Weekly review
    - Work scheduling
    - Business plan updating
    - Countability management support (Akuiteo software, before Billjobs software)
    - Invoicing
  • Arteum - Edition Products Manager Assistant

    2013 - 2014 Assistance in collection and range of products development with commercial and creative teams
    Benchmarks, edition product market analysis, sales analysis
    Supplier research, supervising of estimate requests
    Updating of management tool: retro-plannings, financial follow-up and product portfolio
    Manufacturing follow-up and supplier management
    Delivery follow-up and inventory management
    Successors and assigns management
  • Brioche Dorée - Sales Clerk

    Rennes 2013 - 2013 Sales / Customers care
    Service and cashing
    Handling and storage of product in the vitrine
    Training of new co-worker
  • Printemps - Retail and Commercial Coordination Assistant

    Paris 2012 - 2012 Generate and lead traffic builder in-store
    Setting-up sales events out and in-store
    Setting-up in-store sales events schedule and process for the house department
    Integration of new brand in the store
  • Brioche Dorée - Sales Clerk

    Rennes 2011 - 2012 Sales / Customers care
    Service and cashing
    Handling and storage of product in the vitrine
    Training of new co-worker
  • Levi Strauss & Co. - Merchandising and Sales Manager Assistant

    San Francisco 2010 - 2010 Setting up and follow-up of merchandising campaign
    Academic report: "Merchandising impact on sales evolution study"
    Sales clerk
  • Student Society - Gala Hermés (Graduation Ball) - Treasurer

    2009 - 2010 Event planner for the graduation ball / 1200 guests
    Sponsor research and follow-up
    Supplier research
    Supplier management
    Fifteen volunteers team management
  • VFC Relations Publiques - Press Relations Manager Assistant

    2009 - 2009 Follow-up of press relations projects (Comtesse du Barry and Danone)
    Made press reviews
    Contacted journalists
    Increased the number of press articles
    Wrote reminder e-mail


  • Universidad De Monterrey (UDEM) (Monterrey)

    Monterrey 2015 - 2015 Courses taken:
    - Retailing
    - Service Marketing
    - Leadership and Change Management
    - Brand Management
    - Integrated Marketing of Communication
  • ESC Rennes School Of Business

    Rennes 2012 - maintenant Master

    Courses taken:
    - Services Marketing Management
    - New Product and Brand Management
    - Online Consumer Behavior
    - Principle E-Commerce
    - Implementation of Business Information
    - Management of Information System
    - Database for Direct Marketing and E-CRM
    - Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines (UVSQ)

    Guyancourt 2011 - 2012 Licence Sciences de Gestion

    Courses taken:
    - Organizational Strategy
    - Organizational Management
    - Marketing
    - Distribution
    - Human Resources Management
    - Company Law
    - Statistics
  • Coventry University (Coventry)

    Coventry 2010 - 2011 Bachelor of European Engineeering Business Management

    Courses taken:
    - Marketing Communication
    - Industrial Marketing
    - Industrial Business Project
    - Project Management
    - Manufacturing Business Organisations
  • IUT Techniques De Commercialisation Université Montesquieu Bordeaux 4

    Bordeaux 2008 - 2010 DUT Techniques de Commercialisation


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