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Build on the ISP relationships.
Maintain feedback loop programs and white listing.
Resolve email filtering and blocking issues.
Monitor black lists and sender reputation.
Keep delivery-related data analytics for retention and aquisition clients.
Work with account managers to prevent, communicate and resolve deliverability issues.
Keep abreast of industry best practices, trends and legal changes and share this knowledge with team members and resellers.
Participate actively in the email marketing and anti-spam communities. (MAAWG, SignalSpam, SNCD, CSA)
Aid resellers in adopting best practices for content, creative, timing, data and trust-building.
Propose inventive ways to improve deliverability.

Mes compétences :


  • ExactTarget - Senior Deliverability Manager

    2013 - maintenant
  • Teradata eCircle - Head of Deliverability

    Massy 2010 - 2013 - Building and managing a team of 4 Deliverability Managers.
    - Working with Deliverability Operations and admins to define product priorities and enhancements related to deliverability.
    - Maintaining and updating all internal Deliverability tools for helping analysis issues.
    - Improving internal processes and communication across all services.
    - Establish best practices and solutions for superior email deliverability on a wide scale.
    - Maintain relationship with industry groups such as MAAWG (US), CSA (DE), SignalSpam (FR).
    - Teach, train and work with clients to promote email best practices.
    - Providing strategic consultation to clients for optimizing email marketing campaigns.
    - Validating and checking news clients by monitoring their email marketing practicies to ensure the good quality of cient's sendout and IP reputation.
  • FashionShopping - Responsable Emailing & Informatique

    2009 - 2010 Responsable Emailing :

    * Management d'une équipe de 3 personnes.
    * Gestion de l'acquisition et de la fidélisation des clients.
    * Gestion de la deliverabilité et de la relation FAI.
    * Mise en place d'outils de monitoring automatisés.

    Responsable Informatique :

    * Restructuration du réseau (serveurs, firewall, proxy).
    * Mise en place et gestion de la sécurité et des backup.
    * Responsable équipe développement de 2 personnes.
    * Responsable d'un administrateur réseau et système.
    * Développement d'un nouveau site :
  • APTUS - Ingénieur d'étude

    2008 - 2009 Mission Orange Business Services :
    * Analyse des études MOA.
    * Architect SOA.
    * Priorisation des besoins.
    * Rédaction des documents techniques.
    * Validation des livrables.
    * Pilotage et suivi des phases de tests.
  • Emailvision - Senior Deliverability Manager

    Clichy 2006 - 2008 * Management de l’équipe technique "Delivery and Deliverability".(UK/BE/DE/FR).
    * Formation "Deliverability" des filiales du groupe. (UK/BE/FR/DE).
    * Formation clientèle "Deliverability". (LVMH, Lagardere).
    * Négociation et Relation avec les ISPs. (MAAWG).

    * Administration des serveurs MTA (Port25 et Ironport).
    * Développements d’outils de monitoring. (PHP/PERL)
    * Conception et réalisation d’un site web d’audit en deliverability.(PHP/PERL)
    * Développement sous Oracle. (SQL)
    * Responsable du dernier niveau de support interne. (UK/BE/FR/DE)
  • Centrapel / free - Téléconseiller

    2005 - 2006
  • SASI / CEGI - Développeur Web

    2004 - 2005



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