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  • Microsoft - Program Manager (~project manager)

    Issy-les-Moulineaux. 2008 - maintenant 2013
    - Build royalty reports to music partners (labels, publishers, charts)
    - Build BI (Business Intellingence) reports

    Build APIs on back-end service to be used by xbox music console, PC and phone clients to download files and be used for limitations and reporting purposes

    February 2011 - February 2012
    - Move to the cloud: Azure
    Delivery to CDNs (Akamai, Limelight) is made from an scaled and reactive origin stored in Azure
    - Prepare Canada and Australia Zune launches on a CDN perspective

    February 2010 – February 2011
    - Move encoded files ingestion from music labels, to lossless files ingestion + automated internal encoding, quality check, and DRM
    - Cache synchronization with Akamai, Limelight (Content Delivery Networks) to fasten content delivery to end-user and off-load origin servers

    January 2009 – February 2010 (1 year 2 months)
    - Editorial content integration from music labels + AMG
    - Hand over Zune back-end platform from MediaNet to Musiwave
    => Specifications + follow up on matching databases content based on text (artist, title,label name,...), IDs from music industry (UPC, ISRC, GRID)

    July 2008 – January 2009 (7 months)
    Program manager
    - Editorial content integration (artists biographies, concerts events, albums reviews … from MusicStory, Que Pasa, …)
    - Internal back office requirements definition
    - MP3 format migration from standard license to a proprietary license

    Scrum master
    - with teams working on content topics (OLAP cubes for reporting to labels and publishers, back office, media encoding ingestion,...)
  • Musiwave, Openwave - Chef de produit senior

    2003 - 2008 > Chef de produit senior (depuis sept. 05) :
    Management des équipes de production de sonnerie/image/video pour mobile, suivi des projets, suivi du budget.

    > Chef de produit (janv.05-sept.05) : Management d’une équipe de 8 personnes, responsable de la production de plusieurs produits. Croissance de l’équipe : de 5 à 8 personnes, de 2 à 4 produits.

    > Technicien du son (2003 à janv. 05) : Arrangement musical, création, et production de sonneries de téléphones mobiles. Tests de terminaux. Spécifications des formats audio à produire.
  • Radio Classique - Technicien du son, Ingénieur du son

    2003 - 2003 Enregistrements de concerts, préparation des concerts et publicités pour diffusion à l’antenne. Festival d’Ambronay, Théâtres (Mogador, Abbesses, Champs Elysées), églises.


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