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En résumé

Asia-Pacific Middle East Acumen:

A self starter and management board member with 18 years of success in B to B and technical products mostly over Asia-Pacific.

Geography: Burma, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka...

Management: Selecting, appointing & animating networks, agents & distributors. Management of international sales force.

Marketing: Developing & adapting brand image to local markets. Structuring offer. Surveying competition. Harmonizing pricings. Improving terms and collections.

Environment: International. B to B. Trade & industrial involvement. Focus on developing relation of proximity, long term partnership and relations of trust.

Business unit: Developing profit centers. Monitoring sales. Harmonization, implementation of business planning-reporting, forecasting, budgeting.

Product: Designing & launching of new products & business solutions. Development of new market segments.

Corporate: Linking R&D, production & service centers. Developing market corporate relations.

HR: Talent acquisition. Reward and incentive policy. Team building & Employee retention.

Mes compétences :
Team building
19 years asia pacific in B to B
Develop sales, key account, Network


  • Troy Siam ltd. - Managing Director & Director of Sales

    2004 - 2014 Core business: US based global market leader in additives for industrial applications. Coatings, construction chemicals, metal working fluids, households, cosmetics... (

    Responsibility: Supervised operation & drive sales - profitability. Collaborate with production, logistic, technical managers. Drive key accounts appoint & monitored distribution channels. Reports monthly. supervise laboratories. Lobbied national standards. Recruit, motivate, and manage staff. Devise marketing policy, events & communication. Devise & launch new products.

    Results: Smoothly took over Asia Pacific with turnover of USD 9M. Selected and cut
    non profitable businesses. Modified distribution channels to cope with market growth. Increased turnover to USD 38M. Increased profitability from USD 500K to USD 10 Million +. Increased production capacity, diversified product lines, launched new products. Designed and inaugurated training & RD center. Secured market shares of 40 to 70% SEA region.
  • Coloris GCC - Rhodia PPMC - Middle and Far-East Regional Manager

    1999 - 2004 Core business : French market leader. Pigment dispersions: customized automation, dispensing process & systems. Applications in the manufacture and distribution of coatings (

    Responsibility: Establish distribution channels: start up operations. Open new markets. Develop sales. Motivate, trained & follow up distributors. Create brand awareness. Analyze demand & devised offer.

    Results: Have built up from scratch a network of 15 distributors with their own storage facilities within 10 months. First orders taken on a niche market within 8 months time. Directly managed 30 sales rep over 25 countries (Time sharing). Have locally secured up to 60% market shares against world leaders.
  • Encres Dubuit - Asia Pacific Manager

    MITRY MORY 1996 - 1999 French market leader: UV screen printing inks. Applications on production lines of CD, Credit Card, Advertising, Labeling & Packaging industries (
    Responsibility: Managed and expanded a network of distributors in the Asia Pacific area with full responsibility during the Asian crisis. Trained a team of professional and created a laboratory for QC and testing in Thailand. Hands on technical assistance on production line of key accounts.

    Results: Overtook & expanded the Thai office.