En résumé

Je suis Sales Manager pour la France et l Afrique du Nord chez GE Energy Services
Je suis base a Paris(France)
Je parle couramment anglais, italien et espagnol et je possede des bases solides en Allemand.

Mes compétences :


  • General Electric - Sales Manager Contractual Services South Europe

    Paris 2009 - maintenant I am sales manager for Contractual Services in France and North Africa mainly.
    I am responsible in this role for the sales of Long Term Services Agreements in this region, driving growth of sales and orders
  • General Electric Energy - Commercial manager

    Paris 2007 - maintenant I am working as a Commercial Manager, leading the preparation and the negotiation of maintenance contract for New Gas Power Plants, making the internal link between the financial, the legal and the technical teams in order to satisfy customers needs and to control GE’s risk and profitability. I am specially focused on the South of Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece), our clients being the main electricity producers in these countries.
  • General Electric Energy - Leadreship Program

    Paris 2005 - 2006 Contractual Services Leadership Program for General Electric Energy

    This program is a 2 years program within the business of Energy Services of GE. This program consists of four 6 months rotation in different roles from the selling to the execution of Maintenance contract for gas turbines for the main European Electricity producers.

    November 2006 up to February 2007 I was participating in the mobilization phase for the Operation and Maintenance contract of Plana del Vent (Spain) between GE and Gas Natural; specially working with the commissioning team on one part and taking care of the choice of the different suppliers needed to fulfill GE’s obligations for the operation and maintenance of the plant as per contract

    February to October 2007 I was acting as a commercial manager biding Operation and Maintenance contract for key customers in Europe and Middle East.
    I was based in Milan, Italy. I have developed pricing tools helping to accelerate the bidding process. I have also taken part in negotiations with EDF and Gas Natural.

    November 2005 to April 2006 I was working as a risk manager for the commercial team. I was preparing performances guarantees for the different maintenance contract, assessing the risk of GE in any of these contracts. I was based in Milan, Italy.



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